’37 Web: Equipping the Canadian Soldier
Finally, a complete review of Canadian-made Pattern 1937 Web Equipment. Written by one of Canada's most knowledgeable and respected collectors. All models are shown with both front and rear photos as well as the accessories carried in the web. 80 pages, 120 illustrations.
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A Scarlet Coat: Uniforms, Flags and Equipment of the British in the War of 1812
Service Publications is very pleased to be associated with Canada's leading uniformologist, René Chartrand. René is the author of countless articles and over 30 Osprey titles on world uniforms. René specializes in the early 19th century, be it Napoleonic garb as worn in the Peninsular Wars or the dress of the War of 1812. This book is a companion volume to "Uniforms and Equipment of the United States Forces in the War of 1812".
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A Source of Pride: Badges of the Canadian Expeditionary Force 1914-1919
This fascinating book examines the use and approval of cap, collar and brass shoulder titles of the CEF. Based almost exclusively on archival sources, this book brings to light new information on identifying official badges from unofficial ones, and war-time issues from post-war manufacture.
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Assault Vests
A book detailing the development of the British and Canadian Assault Vests .
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Capital Soldiers: The History of the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa
Capital Soldiers is a story 150 years in the making – the history of the national capital’s Highland regiment. In 2006 the regiment celebrated its 125th anniversary, but one of its rifle companies dates back a generation before that. This book recounts the regiment’s story from 1856 to the early part of the Afghan campaign, beginning with local rifle and infantry companies formed in the mid-19th century and the life and death of the original 43rd Battalion, the “Carleton Blazers.” The rebirth of the regiment in 1881 follows, including service during the North-West Rebellion of 1885 and the South African War. Ken Reynolds recounts the stories of the 38th and 207th Battalions of the Canadian Expeditionary Force during the First World War, the interwar Highland transformation of the regiment, and the three battalions the Camerons contributed in the Second World War. One of the latter fought in Northwest Europe in 1944-45 and was the only Ottawa regiment to land on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. Finally, the book details the postwar years, the ups and downs typical of every Canadian reserve regiment, leading up to the campaign in Afghanistan, where reservists played such an important role. Capital Soldiers is also the story of a relationship, the connection of the Cameron Highlanders with the city of Ottawa and the unit’s status as Ottawa’s Regiment. The cap badge worn by current Camerons prominently bears the word “ADVANCE” – the motto of the regiment as well as the city of Ottawa – which has been part of the regimental cap badge design since 1882. This handsome volume contains numerous photographs, drawings, paintings and maps. Many of the archival images have rarely been published. The appendices include the Roll of Honour, Battle Honours, wartime honours and awards, individual regimental appointments and the service of Camerons on United Nations and NATO duties. Although the goal of the book is to tell the story of one regiment, this history is told within the context of the development of the Canadian Army from the mid-19th century – with its accomplishments, its sacrifices and its soldiers being part of that narrative. Camerons… Advance!
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Dressed to Kill: Battledress of WWII
An in-depth examination of the Battle Dress, Service Dress and Khaki Drill uniforms issued to Canadian Other Ranks in World War Two.
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Encyclopaedia of Modern Aircraft Armament
Lists all aircraft in current military use with the weapons they carry, their capabilities, and the combinations of weapon load that can be carried in bomb bays or on hardpoints.
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Into the Maelstrom: The 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion – History, Insignia, Uniforms
An excellent and thorough summary of uniforms, equipment and insignia researched from primary sources, backed by a great selection of photographs, many from private collections. Ken Joyce's work on the battalion has been unrivaled, and the book is an excellent reference.
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Jump Wings: History of Canadian Airborne Qualification Badges, 1942-2012
Canadian parachute-related 'wings'. Included are the first styles of wings introduced during the Second World War and continued to the present. Other sections address Para Rigger, Search and Rescue, Pathfinder/Scout and Army Pilot wings.
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Scarlet to Green: The Colours, Uniforms, and Insignia of the Grey and Simcoe Foresters
This is a photographic history of American military aircraft. Contents cover: Superfort Bomber force Hot pursuits Top trainers Cargo classics
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The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Aircraft Armament
Today's generation of high-performance combat aircraft is among the most potent and awe-inspiring of man's technological creations. The millions of people who flock to airshows, build model kits, and buy aviation books and magazines testify to the enduring fascination. It should not be forgotten, however, that all this glamorous hardware exists to flight--most combat aircraft are weapons platforms, and their mission is to carry and deliver ordnance to a specific target. However simplistic it may sound, it is worth stressing that without aircraft armament, the fighting aircraft would not exist. This book provides the reader with a fully illustrated directory of all the airborne weapon systems that are currently in service, or being actively developed, worldwide. It falls into 2 distinct sections. The first 50 pages are devoted to examining the evolution of aircraft armament from the earliest days to the present. This historical survey is split into 3 segments: pre-1920, pre-1950, and post-1950. It takes the reader from the dawn of fighting in the air and the initial problems of fitting weapons onto aircraft, through World War II and the proliferation of guns, turrets, rockets, and bombs, to the conflicts in Korea, Israel, Vietnam, and Afghanistan, a period that has witnessed very rapid development of a wide range of guided missiles, torpedoes, "smart" bombs, mines, and so on. The 2nd and largest part of the book consists of the directory of weapons currently in the military arsenal that can be fitted either to fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters. This again is divided according to weapon type, with separate sections devoted to air-to-air missiles, unguided ordnance; air-to-surface missiles and torpedoes, and guns and installations. The text provides comprehensive specification and data for each entry, while the narrative text describes the weapon's design history, combat use, and in-service status. Illustrated with color and black and white photos.
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The Korean War 1950-53: Osprey Men-at-Arms
At 4am on Sunday 25 June 1950 powerful North Korean forces invaded South Korea, advancing down the Uijongbu Corridor towards the Southern Capital of Seoul. South Korean troops resisted bravely, but were crushed by overwhelming Northern superiority. Later that day the United Nations Security Council condemned the aggression, and on 7 July appointed US General of the Army Douglas MacArthur to command UN forces which would be sent to save South Korea. In The Korean War 1950--53, Nigel Thomas and Peter Abbott explore the history of this conflict, which pitted UN forces against the People's Republic of China in a resulting in hundreds of thousands of casualties. Packed with specially commissioned artwork, maps and diagrams, the Men-at-Arms series of books is an unrivalled illustrated reference on the history, organisation, uniforms and equipment of the world's military forces, past and present.
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Tin Lids: Canadian Combat Helmets (2nd Edition)
A detailed history of the acquisition and use of steel helmets in the Canadian Army. Includes British patterns as well as Canadian development. A complete description of Infantry, Tanker, DR and Airborne patterns. Covers all Canadian usage and Canadian designs. Concludes with the modern Canadian PASGT model.
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Tools of The Trade: Equipping the Canadian Army
A highly readable narrative that tells the story of equipping the Canadian Army Overseas during World War Two. All weapons are covered with much new information on Armoured Fighting Vehicles and artillery systems. Based on four official Wartime reports prepared by the Canadian Army Historical Section. The text provides numbers of vehicles issued, units involved, problems with supply and much more. Vehicles include those of US, British and Canadian manufacture - all of which were used by the Canadian Army in Europe.
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Without Warning: Canadian Sniper Equipment of the 20th Century
This long awaited book examines the many styles of sniper rifles and optics used by the Canadian Army. Starting with the Ross rifle of Great War fame, mated to the Warner & Swayze telescopic sight, the book examines issues and usage of a variety of sniper rifles. World War II saw a medley of equipment used in the early days. There is all new information on Small Arms Limited (Long Branch) and their experimental rifles as well as information on Research Enterprises Limited and the experimental scopes they developed for the Long Branch rifles. Post-war rifles used by the Canadian Army include Garand, Parker-Hale C3 and C3A1, The FN C1 and C2 (FAL) and the incredible MacMillan Bros Tac50. The entire text is based on original research at the Canadian National Archives and the Canadian Department of National Defence.
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