Desert Airforce: Davis Monthan A.F.B. Arizona
Presents hundreds of color photographs of old aircraft currently in store at Tucson's Davis Monthan Air Force Base, with accompanying descriptive captions.
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Desert Sailor: A War of Mine
Derived from the author's diary written while in the Gulf War, as well his recollection of conversations with the members of the Multinational Mine Counter Measures Group, Desert Sailor is an entertaining and highly informative first-hand account of a little known yet extremely hazardous aspect of the Coalition effort during the Gulf War: the finding and clearance of Iraqi naval mines and the aerial laying of mines by the Coalition. Complete with several pictures and maps, as well as appendices on the development of mine warfare and a glossary of terms. Desert Sailor is a personal recollection that is sure to be enjoyed by both the interested public and the military professional.
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Desert Warpaint
An illustrated study of the special markings and highly stylized nose art which featured prominently on aircraft in the Gulf War. The book combines both close-up detail shots and air-to-air action footage.
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Dive Bombers in Action

Peter C. Smith Hardcover 160 pages Out of Print. New old stock.

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Dodge sur les voies de la liberté
French-language text. Faced with the great challenge of war production, the Chrysler group, like all the main industrialists on the other side of the Atlantic, resolutely embarked on military programs in 1941. All subsidiaries are involved in this effort. The group's factories are going to release thousands of vehicles, ammunition, tanks, artillery pieces ... Among these subsidiaries, one, Dodge, will particularly distinguish itself by producing the famous Weapons Carrier 4x4. The vehicle is simple, solid, and perfectly adapted to the missions entrusted to it. On the roads and trails of North Africa, the Pacific, and Europe, his characteristic, collected silhouette is of all the convoys of the Liberation. Available in multiple versions - sanitary, Command Car, radio, workshop - the Dodge, peace returned, will continue to serve for many years both military and civilian. Translation: Confronté au grand défi de la production de guerre, le groupe Chrysler, comme tous les principaux industriels d'outre-Atlantique, s'engage résolument, dès 1941, dans les programmes militaires. Toutes les filiales participent à cet effort. Des usines du groupe vont sortir des milliers de véhicules, des munitions, des chars, des pièces d'artillerie... Parmi toutes ces filiales, l'une, Dodge, va particulièrement se distinguer en produisant le célèbre 4x4 Weapons Carrier. Le véhicule est simple, solide, et parfaitement adapté aux missions qui lui sont confiées. Sur les routes et les pistes d'Afrique du Nord, du Pacifique, d'Europe, sa silhouette ramassée, si caractéristique, est de tous les convois de la Libération. Décliné dans de multiples versions - sanitaires, Command Car, radio, atelier -, le Dodge, la paix revenue, continuera à servir pendant de nombreuses années tant chez les militaires que dans le secteur civil.
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Dodge WW2 Military Portfolio 1940-1945
A dynamic collection of articles on the characteristics and use of Dodge military vehicles during WWII including full specifications, "G" numbers and historical notes. Also reported on is the design, development and production of the General Grant, Sherman and Pershing tanks at the Chrysler operated Tank Arsenal in Detroit.
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Don’t Give Up the Ship!: Myths of the War of 1812
No longer willing to accept naval blockades, the impressment of American seamen, and seizures of American ships and cargos, the United States declared war on Great Britain. The aim was to frighten Britain into concessions and, if that failed, to bring the war to a swift conclusion with a quick strike at Canada. But the British refused to cave in to American demands, the Canadian campaign ended in disaster, and the U.S. government had to flee Washington, D.C., when it was invaded and burned by a British army. By all objective measures, the War of 1812 was a debacle for the young republic, and yet it was celebrated as a great military triumph. The American people believed they had won the war and expelled the invader. Oliver H. Perry became a military hero, Francis Scott Key composed what became the national anthem and commenced a national reverence for the flag, and the U.S.S. Constitution, "Old Ironsides," became a symbol of American invincibility. Every aspect of the war, from its causes to its conclusion, was refashioned to heighten the successes, obscure the mistakes, and blur embarrassing distinctions, long before there were mass media or public relations officers in the Pentagon. In this entertaining and meticulously researched book by America's leading authority on the War of 1812, Donald R. Hickey dispels the many misconcep-tions that distort our view of America's second war with Great Britain. Embracing military, naval, political, economic, and diplomatic analyses, Hickey looks carefully at how the war was fought between 1812 and 1815, and how it was remembered thereafter. Was the original declaration of war a bluff? What were the real roles of Canadian traitor Joseph Willcocks, Mohawk leader John Norton, pirate Jean Laffite, and American naval hero Lucy Baker? Who killed the Shawnee chief Tecumseh and who shot the British general Isaac Brock? Who actually won the war, and what is its lasting legacy? Hickey peels away fantasies and embellishments to explore why cer-tain myths gained currency and how they contributed to the way that the United States and Canada view themselves and each other.
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Douglas DC-3 Survivors (Volumes 1 and 2)
Today more than 1200 of these aircraft are still flying, not only a testimony to the strength and ruggedness of the original design but also to its versatility and the very simple fact that more than 50 years after its first flight there are still operational roles that no other aircraft can fulfill as efficiently as a DC-3. In the first volume, Arthur Pearcy catalogues the all known surviving DC-3 and C-47 transports built at Santa Monica and Long Beach, whether they are flying, in museums, or stand derelict. This important book is superbly illustrated by photographs from sources worldwide. Volume 2, superbly illustrated with 233 photographs, describes more than 370 aircraft whether flying in airline or military service, on display in museums or standing derelict on airfields round the world.
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Dressed to Kill: Battledress of WWII
An in-depth examination of the Battle Dress, Service Dress and Khaki Drill uniforms issued to Canadian Other Ranks in World War Two.
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Drive to Victory: A Catalogue of Canadian Military Vehicles (Volume 1)
A Catalogue of Canadian Military Vehicles. Illustrated with b/w photographs, and line drawings. This volume includes: passenger cars and motor cycles; dump trucks, engineer's technical vehicles, wreckers and personnel vehicles, and general service vehicles. With details of chassis, bodies, and manufacturers' codes. With over 1200 photos of softskin (B) vehicles, from staff cars to heavy recovery lorries, this book reviews all such vehicles from both World Wars and the period in between. Designed so that each page will include three contemporary photos of a specific vehicle as well as a thumnail sketch of its use, body and equipment.
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Duels in the Sky: World War II Naval Aircraft in Combat
In this book the Royal Navy's famed test pilot Captain Eric Brown pits various Allied and Axis aircraft against one another in theoretical combat and determines which deserve to be called the greatest.
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Eagle’s Wings: The Autobiography of a Luftwaffe Pilot
Eagle's Wings is the autobiography of Hajo Herrmann, one of the best known Luftwaffe pilots of World War II. With well over three hundred perational missions and with a tally of nine RAF bombers destroyed during mass attacks on Germany the author was one of the most successful Luftwaffe pilots of World War II. The author writes about his career from the early days when he was an officer cadet in the German army, through his experiences as a founder member of the Condor Legion in Spain, to the part he played in the war. Herrmann was an acknowledged expert in anti-shipping operations, a divisional commander and creator of the 'Wild Boar' Wilde Sau method of night fighting. He was a close confidant of Hermann Goring, who promoted him to high office in the fighter defence of the Third Reich. Ten years as a prisoner of war in Russia, questions from historians and institutions, and his passion for flying encouraged him to write this account. Hajo Herrmann is a gifted writer and a dedicated historian making Eagle's Wings more than the biography of an outstanding airman: it is also a unique contribution to the history of a turbulent era.
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Early Armour in Canadian Service
A detailed review of the development and use from WWI to the early years of WWII.
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Electronic Wizards: Crows, Zappers & Weasels
This volume examines the clandestine world of aerial intelligence gathering and radar suppression, and considers the importance of electronic surveillance to today's forces, notably the USAF and the US Navy.
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Encyclopaedia of Modern Aircraft Armament
Lists all aircraft in current military use with the weapons they carry, their capabilities, and the combinations of weapon load that can be carried in bomb bays or on hardpoints.
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Encyclopaedia of the Modern Royal Navy: Including the Fleet Air Arm and Royal Marines
This book covers all aspects of the contemporary Royal Navy and includes information on the Fleet Air Arm, Royal Marines, auxiliaries, and numerous vessels, aircraft, weapons, uniforms, and insignia.
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Engineer Assault Boats in Canadian Service
A short, but comprehensive study of the various types of assault boats used by the Canadian Armed Forces in World War II. Types used ranged from two man, rubber Reconnaissance Boats to rigid Assault Boats and foldable types.
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Engines of War: How Wars Were Won & Lost on the Railways
The birth of the railway in the early 1830's revolutionized the way the world waged war. From armored engines with swiveling guns, to the practice of track sabotage, to the construction of tracks that crossed frozen Siberian lakes, the "iron road" facilitated conflict on a scale that was previously unimaginable. It not only made armies more mobile, but widened fighting fronts and increased the power and scale of available weaponry; a deadly combination. In Engines of War, Christian Wolmar examines all the engagements in which the railway played a part: the Crimean War; the American Civil War; both world wars; the Korean War; and the Cold War, with its mysterious missile trains; and illustrates how the railway became a deadly weapon exploited by governments across the world.
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Excuse Us! Herr Schicke Gruber
This is the memoir of a Canadian Army officer who commanded an infantry company of the Royal Winninpeg Rifles in Normandy during World War II.
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F-111: Success in Action
This book examines the development and employment of the General Dynamics F-111. It includes all the variants such as the USAF version, the Navy F-111B, the Strategic Air Command FB-111, the EF-111, and the Australian F-111. There is a lot of great information about how the aircraft was flown, tactics, weapons, and technology. The authors discuss the employment of the F-111 in Vietnam, its activities in various exercises, and the raid on Libya in 1986. The only sad thing is that the book was published in 1989, and therefore it does not examine the employment of the F-111 in Desert Storm in 1991. That said, it is an excellent history that covers 1962-89, and it remains worth reading 30 years later.
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F-86 Sabre: Rebuilding & Flying the North American F-86 in the 1990’s
The North American F-86 Sabre was a post-war jet fighter that entered service with the United States Air Force in 1949 and was retired from active duty by Bolivia in 1994. What is even more exciting is the mount of activity surrounding the rebuilding of the type as a war bird worldwide. There are literally tons of spares, and a significant number of airframes in a varying conditions and a growing number of companies offering Sabre Jet related services. The myths surrounding the Sacramento accident does nothing to enhance the image of the Sabre jet but those myths are cleared up here. Here are some of the article features. Flying the F-86A and CAC Sabre, Sabre Aerobatic Team. Rebuilding the NAA FJ-4B Fury. China Lake the Sabre's last stand. Fort Wayne's Saber Five. Airworthy & Project Sabers listing History of the F-86A G-SABR/48-178. Rebuilding and F-86H. CAC Sabres today. Surviving Sabre airframes worldwide. Exclusive F-86A Cutaway.
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F-86 Sabre: The Operational Record
In this book, Robert Jackson charts the operational career of the F-86, from its inception through the embattled skies of Korea to its role as NATO's guardian and after, when it became the fighter workhorse of many Third World nations.
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