Bombing Iron: Airworthy Bombers of WW2 and Korea
This is a photographic history of American bomber aircraft of World War II and Korea. Contents cover: Medium cool Bomber moderne Heavyweight champions Psuedo-bombers Avengers Skyraiders
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Brigade: The Fifth Canadian Infantry Brigade 1939-45
Account of this Canadian Brigade during WW2 - mainly the campaign in NW Europe 1944-45.
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Britain at War
Illustrated account of the "Home Front" during World War II, displaying the humour and tragedy felt by those who stayed behind. This scrapbook covers subjects such as the land girls, ration books, evacuation, the blitz bombing of the cities, the American forces and the Home Guard.
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British Military Helicopters

John Everett-Heath (ISBN 10 – 0853688052) Hardcover 240 pages Out of Print. New old stock.

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British Military Land Rovers: Leaf-sprung Land Rovers in British Military Service
The British military has always been one of the major customers for Land Rovers, buying thousands upon thousands over the years. Land Rover in turn has returned the compliment, developing special models to meet its needs, such as the Half-Ton or Lightweight and the 101 One-Tonne Forward Control. Yet the British military Land Rover has always been special in its own way, particularly after 1961 when the basic specification was modified to incorporate elements that were never made available on contemporary civilian models. It has been modified and adapted in dozens of ways for its military role, the basic GS soft-top utility and FFR 24-volt radio models being supplemented by a wide variety of specialist variants that remain little known even today. This hugely comprehensive book looks at the story of the leaf-sprung Land Rovers used by all three of Britain's armed services - the Army, the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. It lists and describes the different types, setting them in their context both as products of the Rover (and later, Land Rover) companies and as military equipment designed to meet a particular need at a particular time. There are copious illustrations, many never published before, and the lists of the vehicles themselves are as exhaustive as the authors have been able to make them in the light of surviving records. British Military Land Rovers aims to cover every leaf-sprung type in use between the first deliveries in 1948 and the final ones in 1985 - by which time the core Land Rover product no longer depended on leaf springs but on a more modern coil-spring suspension design. It will be welcomed by the military-vehicle and the Land Rover enthusiast alike as the most detailed book yet published about the subject.
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By Day and by Night: The Bomber War in Europe 1939-45
A lavishly illustrated, large format book covering Some 40 major Bombing Raids of WWII. Included are the raids on Battle of Britain airfields, the London Blitz, Coventry, Berlin, The Dams, Peenemunde, Regensburg, Schweinfurt, Ploesti, Berlin, Hamburg and the attacks on the Tirpitz.
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Cadillac of Destroyers: HMCS St. Laurent and Her Successors
HMCS St. Laurent was the Navy's first postwar antisubmarine vessel, designed and built entirely in Canada, commissioned in 1955. Classed as a destroyer escort, she was the most advanced of her kind, and caused a considerable stir in world naval circles. She was the first of twenty very similar ships whose sleek lines quickly earned them the nickname "Cadillacs."These ships were followed in the 1970s by the different looking Iroquois class of destroyer-helicopter carriers, and since 1992 by the ultramodern City class patrol frigates. The development and careers of each of these classes of ships is illustrated, with before and after photographs of the many whose appearance has been altered by rebuilding.
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Camera Above the Clouds (Volume 1): The Aviation Photographs of Charles E. Brown
This all-colour collection of photographs contains such aviation bench-marks as the test-flights of the Avro Lancaster, the test of Britain's first jet fighter - the English Electric Lightning, and shots of the world's only jet-powered flying-boat, The Saunders Roe SR.A1.
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Canada’s Air Force: At War and Peace: Volume 2
No-one interested in the history of Canadian military aviation will want to miss this 3-volume series from Larry Milberry! Volume 2 completes 1939-45. Ch.1 & 2 cover night fighters, intruders & medium bombers. Much on Canadians on Defiants, Beaufighters & Mosquitos, the former a period of frustration, the latter of success. Many personal stories end happily, but sad times also fill the pages. Ch.3 deals with Bomber Command, beginning with Canadians on RAF squadrons, then moves to the first RCAF squadrons on Hampdens & Wellingtons. With some 70,000 words, Ch.3 says much of the bombing campaign. If CAFWP has a brutal chapter, this is it -- some 10,000 young Canadians die on bombers. Chief data sources are the official 6 Group records + diaries, logs & albums of the men who were there. Ch.4 studies Coastal Command on Beaufighters, Liberators, Sunderlands, etc. 60,000 words of new coverage and photos. While RCAF at War revealed new material on the Hornell VC, more is added here. Special coverage of 422 & 423 Sqns (Sunderlands) is not to be missed, nor are the excerpts from combat reports. Air transport is the theme of Ch.5, with more of Norseman, Dakota, Fortress, etc.
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Canada’s Air Force: At War and Peace: Volume 3
No-one interested in the history of Canadian military aviation will want to miss this 3-volume series from Larry Milberry! The first title dedicated solely to the postwar RCAF and the largest of all general RCAF histories. Beginning with the post-1945 slowdown, you'll read how Canada disposed of 1000s of surplus aircraft, whether burned, buried, or sold to get-rich-quick entrepreneurs. Next? The panicky built-up to Korea and the Cold War. Here are all the details about Vampires, Mustangs, Sabres & CF-100s; North Stars & C-119s; Lancasters, Neptunes & Argus; Harvards & T-33s. One chapter deals with R&D projects, whether Arctic navigation, flight test, or weapons; one about the CF-105 will be an eye-opener for those taken in by the Arrow myth makers. Vol.3 has hundreds of fresh colour photos from the 1950s-60s. Dozens of reminiscences enliven this era. Vol.3 takes you beyond unification to the 1970s.
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Canada’s Fighting Pilots
First published in the 1960s and long out of print, Edmund Cosgrove recounts the lives of Canada’s outstanding pilots and their exploits in the two world wars. From the brilliant individualists who flew in the First World War to the tough and dedicated bomber crews of the Second, this is the story of Canadian airmen and their remarkable contribution to the war effort. An essential book for any aviation and history enthusiast, the superbly readable original text that made this book a classic in its day is now supplemented with new and unpublished photos. Gathered together here are the stories of some of Canada’s most celebrated pilots; William "Billy" Bishop, whose daring, solo dawn raid on a German airfield won him the Victoria Cross; William Barker, who fought single-handedly an entire squadron of enemy aircraft; George "Buzz" Beurling, the ace of Malta who achieved a remarkable score of victories fighting from an island under siege; and Andrew Mynarski, whose attempts to save the life of a trapped comrade, high over Germany, ultimately cost him his own. This is their unforgettable story.
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Canada’s Pride: The Ram Tank and its Variants
Several years in the making this definitive book tells the unknown story of Canada's tank - the Ram. Based solely on original research at Library & Archives Canada, the UK National Archives, and files at National Defence Lucy unravels the story of the development and design of Ram and its variants. Included are sections on the Grizzly and Grizzly variants.
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Canadian Vehicles in Korea
For the first time a book dedicated to the soft-skin and armoured vehicles used by the Canadian Army in this seldom studied conflict. Supported by a comprehensive text that provides an overview of the acquisition, use and disposal of Canadian, US and British vehicles used in training at Fort Lewis and in combat (and combat support) in Korea. Based on official photos, supplemented by photographs from private collections, the vehicles are arranged in a logical and chronological sequence. As an added bonus, the author has provided War Establishment graphics for every unit, Arm of Service numbers, graphics for each unit showing vehicle names and more. This book will become the definitive work on the topic and will be of interest to vehicle historians and hobbyists.
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Canadians: A Battalion at War – Canadians in The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada, 1940 to 1945
Canadians formed the only all-volunteer overseas army of any of the major invading forces. They quickly commanded respect among senior Allied planners and on D-Day they were assigned Juno Beach. From the beach at Bernieres-sur-Mer to Falaise, and up the coast to the channel ports to the Scheldt, Nijmegen, the Rhineland, and ultimately near war's end into heavily defended Holland where the Dutch population faced starvation, these volunteers pushed forward relentlessly, usually in small sections, a point man in front, covering each other. This is the story from the regiment members themselves
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Canberra: The Operational Record
A definitive record of the operational history of this versatile aircraft.
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Capital in Flames: The American Attack of York
As Canada's central depot and naval dockyard on the Great Lakes early in the War of 1812, the capital frontier town of York (present-day Toronto) was a prime target for American forces. In April 1813 a squadron of warships under U.S. Commodore Isaac Chauncey sailed up Lake Ontario and landed about 1,800 soldiers there as the renowned explorer Gen. Zebulon Pike led his men into battle. Though the Americans took the town, their victory proved disappointing. Malcomson challenges conventional ideas about the battle as he brings to life the politicians, soldiers, and citizens whose destinies clashed at York.
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Capital Soldiers: The History of the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa
Capital Soldiers is a story 150 years in the making – the history of the national capital’s Highland regiment. In 2006 the regiment celebrated its 125th anniversary, but one of its rifle companies dates back a generation before that. This book recounts the regiment’s story from 1856 to the early part of the Afghan campaign, beginning with local rifle and infantry companies formed in the mid-19th century and the life and death of the original 43rd Battalion, the “Carleton Blazers.” The rebirth of the regiment in 1881 follows, including service during the North-West Rebellion of 1885 and the South African War. Ken Reynolds recounts the stories of the 38th and 207th Battalions of the Canadian Expeditionary Force during the First World War, the interwar Highland transformation of the regiment, and the three battalions the Camerons contributed in the Second World War. One of the latter fought in Northwest Europe in 1944-45 and was the only Ottawa regiment to land on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. Finally, the book details the postwar years, the ups and downs typical of every Canadian reserve regiment, leading up to the campaign in Afghanistan, where reservists played such an important role. Capital Soldiers is also the story of a relationship, the connection of the Cameron Highlanders with the city of Ottawa and the unit’s status as Ottawa’s Regiment. The cap badge worn by current Camerons prominently bears the word “ADVANCE” – the motto of the regiment as well as the city of Ottawa – which has been part of the regimental cap badge design since 1882. This handsome volume contains numerous photographs, drawings, paintings and maps. Many of the archival images have rarely been published. The appendices include the Roll of Honour, Battle Honours, wartime honours and awards, individual regimental appointments and the service of Camerons on United Nations and NATO duties. Although the goal of the book is to tell the story of one regiment, this history is told within the context of the development of the Canadian Army from the mid-19th century – with its accomplishments, its sacrifices and its soldiers being part of that narrative. Camerons… Advance!
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Caterpillar Military Tractors Vol. 2: Workpower on the Side of Victory, Photo Archive
This magnificent collection of rare black & white photographs, specially selected from public and private archives, promotes the unique characteristics of these popular tractors. Contains informative captions providing brief histories of featured models.
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Cavalry of the Air: An Illustrated Introduction to the Aircraft and Aces of the First World War
A lot of the airmen of the First Word War who tested both the adversary and also death did not survive. These are their tales. In the clinging mud and also trench warfare of WWI, it was quickly clear that the cavalry– cream of the crop of the elite– would certainly be of little USAge. The rushing males and also policemans of the mounties searched for a method to be front and facility in the problem, and also found it in the new air forces being established on both sides of the Western Front. Quickly lances as well as sabres were replaced by silk headscarfs as well as machine guns. Fight on horseback was replaced by dogfights airborne– individually and in wonderful flying developments– constantly between warriors. No modern technology changed much more in the 5 years of the war, and also none would certainly have a bigger impact. From Great Britain to Canada to Australia and also New Zealand, new heroes took the honour and dash of the mounties to the air in flying devices– which would change the face of battle permanently.
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Churchill and His Airmen: Relationships, Intrigue and Policy-making, 1914-1945
Winston Churchill probably had more impact on 20th Century British military history than any other person and especially during World War II. Yet of all the many volumes since that war which deal with his relationships with generals and admirals, most surprisingly, there seems not to be a single book devoted to Churchill as a would-be pilot, and, more importantly, to the relations he had with a host of airmen between 1914 and 1945. Exceptional air marshals of his time included Dowding, Park, Portal, Freeman, Tedder, Coningham and Harris. Such men had years of professional expertise behind them and those who had reached the top by 1943 were such strong characters that not even the prime minister could dominate them in policy-making. Crucially, Churchill had supported the independence of the RAF from other services, and whilst he did bully and cajole, even abuse his airmen, he also listened to them and their plans, and inspired them.
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