Wellington: Mainstay of Bomber Command
Peter Cooksley, an expert aviation author, presents the story of a "reliable old work horse," a second World War aircraft. A comprehensive biography of the Wellington Bomber (otherwise known as the Wimpy) in its various forms, compiled by Peter Cooksley from the recollections of Aircraftmen, Wing Commanders, Lieutenant-Generals and Mechanics involved in its flights; with memories spanning from the 1936 birth of Barnes Wallace's invention to the 1950s, and including bombing raids, aerial battles, ditchings in hostile terrains, near misses, tragic losses, post-war activities of famine relief flights and peacetime training exercises; and the all important tasks of maintenance and repair.
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Where Right and Glory Lead!: The Battle of Lundy’s Lane, 1814
One of the most controversial battles of the War of 1812. Experts still argue over who won. This account of the desperate battle that took place in sight of Niagara Falls has become a military history classic. The author narrates the events in detail while providing an examination of the weapons, tactics and personalities of the opposing armies.
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Where the Hell Are the Guns?: A Soldier’s View of the Anxious Years, 1939-44
In Where the Hell Are the Guns?, author George Blackburn returns to the early years of the Second World War. This volume – which completes Blackburn’s award-winning trilogy, extending its coverage to the entire war – brings wartime Canada and England to life in captivating, often comic, detail. With the skill of a novelist and the instincts of a seasoned reporter, this gifted storyteller traces the evolution of Canada’s 4th Field Regiment from a motley assortment of ill-equipped recruits to the cream of the Allied artillery, more than ready to distinguish itself in the maelstrom of the battle for Normandy. The Second World War comes to a generation of Canadians one sunny September weekend in 1939. It is a Canada woefully unprepared for conflict, and 4th Field Regiment is rapidly assembled from a grab-bag of volunteers from all walks of life – many of them mavericks and misfits from a depression-ravaged land. The regiment passes its first year in Canada in makeshift accommodation, including hastily converted stables and pigsties in the exhibition grounds of Ottawa and Toronto. For the first few months the soldiers must wear incomplete and moth-eaten uniforms from the Great War, and their early training is conducted using obsolete equipment or no equipment at all. One year into the war, the regiment arrives in England without weapons or vehicles, and a month later, with Britain moving toward the greatest crisis in her history, the regiment is finally equipped with guns – French ones with wooden wheels, dating from 1898. From these inauspicious beginnings, the regiment slowly evolves – with mishap and occasionally mayhem along the way – into a proud and polished regiment, which in 1942 is declared “the best field regiment in Britain.” By the time the Allied troops land on the beaches in Normandy, the boys of 4th Field are more than ready to go to war.
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White Ensign Flying: Corvette HMCS Trentonian
The courageous, historic story of a great fighting ship of the Second World War. White Ensign Flying tells the story of HMCS Trentonian, a Canadian corvette that fought U-Boats in the Second World War. Trentonian escorted convoys on the North Atlantic and through the deadly waters near England and France. The ship was attacked by the Americans in a friendly-fire incident during Operation Neptune and later earned the dubious distinction of being the last corvette sunk by the enemy. Litwiller has interviewed many of the men who served in Trentonian and collected their stories. Their unique personal perspectives are combined with the official record of the ship, giving an intimate insight into the life of a sailor ? from the tedium of daily life in a ship at sea to the terror of fighting for your life in a sinking ship. Over one hundred photos from the private collections of the crew and military archives bring the story of Trentonian to life, illustrating this testament to the ship and the men who served in it.
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Winged Peace: The Story of the Air Age
First published in 1944, Winged Peace is the story of aviation, and its future as seen through the eyes of Canada's leading fighter pilot ace in World War I. From Kitty Hawk to B-29 Superfortresses, Bishop shows us how the world had changed geographically, socially, economically, and politically. Bishop wrote Winged Peace during the darkest years of World War II, when Germany had perfected flight for conquest. He examines air power as an instrument for death, as well as the advances in peace and betterment for all that flight is capable of making. There is no greater testament to the imagination and resourcefulness of people than the incredible development and growth of aviation technology in this century. Bishop recognizes this and also the need for international control of air power: 'holding under closest control the means to destruction inherent in aviation and developing our aviation for the good of all mean and the peace of world.
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Winged Warfare: The Illustrared Classic Autobiography of Canadian World War I Ace Billy Bishop
Billy Bishop enlisted as an infantryman at the outbreak of World War I. He soon transferred to the Royal Flying Corps where flying came as naturally to him as breathing. In this classic autobiography, Billy Bishop vividly recreates the early days when the 'airborne jalopy' was getting its trial run. He describes the tiny Nieuport Scout, armed with a single Lewis gun, in which he had to dodge the 'Archies' (anti-aircraft batteries) and fight the scarlet tri-winged Fokkers flown by the formidable Baron von Richthofen and his squadron. The heroic memoir that portrays a real Canadian hero facing a skilled and determined enemy - Winged Warfare gets more exciting with every take off.
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Shows and describes American military aircraft, including fighters, bombers, transport aircraft, and reconaissance planes, and shares the comments of pilots.
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Without Warning: Canadian Sniper Equipment of the 20th Century
This long awaited book examines the many styles of sniper rifles and optics used by the Canadian Army. Starting with the Ross rifle of Great War fame, mated to the Warner & Swayze telescopic sight, the book examines issues and usage of a variety of sniper rifles. World War II saw a medley of equipment used in the early days. There is all new information on Small Arms Limited (Long Branch) and their experimental rifles as well as information on Research Enterprises Limited and the experimental scopes they developed for the Long Branch rifles. Post-war rifles used by the Canadian Army include Garand, Parker-Hale C3 and C3A1, The FN C1 and C2 (FAL) and the incredible MacMillan Bros Tac50. The entire text is based on original research at the Canadian National Archives and the Canadian Department of National Defence.
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Wolfpack: Hunting Migs Over Vietnam
Here is the true story of the daring aerial combat adventures in Vietnam performed by the U.S. Air Force's MiG hunter-killer squadrons: the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing.
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Wolfpack: U-boats at War – 1939-1945
Using diaries, letters, journals, memoirs, prose and poetry the authors present a brutal but realistic portrait of the lives of the men who fought and died beneath the Atlantic during World War II. It is a story of extreme mental and physical endurance, fear, resilience and heroism.
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World War I

G. W. Larkin & J. P. Matreski (ISBN 10 – 0889025185) Softcover 64 pages

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World War II Nose Art in Color
Presents original World War II era color photographs of the sometimes comic, sometimes bawdy original paintings with which American flyers decorated their aircraft.
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Zemke’s Wolf Pack: The True Story of Hub Zemke and the 56th Fighter Group
One of America's most effective and charismatic World War II fighter squadron leaders tells his whole dramatic, little-known story of how he contributed so much to victory in Europe. Four 8-page black-and-white photo inserts.
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