Thunder in the Morning Calm: The Royal Canadian Navy in Korea, 1950-1955
The outstanding contribution of the many Canadians who served with the United Nations peacekeeping force during the Korean Was has received little acknowledgment. The author's account is from the vantage point of the lower deck; his experiences and those of his shipmates are testimony to the fact that those who served with the RCN in Korea served admirably.
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US Sky Spies Since World War I
Captioned photographs plus text describe the history of specialized aircraft and the men and equipment associated with them.
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War Paint: Fighter Nose Art from WWII & Korea
This book provides reveals the themes and patterns used by American airmen to individualize their planes during World War II and the Korean War. NOS, OP,  but publisher has printed pages 49 to 60 upside down.  Still a relevant book for modelers and other interested persons

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