Boats Unlimited

Harold Wilson Hardcover 280 pages Out of Print. New old stock.

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Classic Speedboats: 1916-1939
Experience the heyday of speedboats-an era when speed was still a novel plaything of the wealthy, and boats were raced as passionately as Duesenbergs and Bugattis. Powered by monstrous inboard engines-the fruits of wartime technology-these luxurious specimens and their intrepid pilots competed fiercely with rivals around the world. Relish in meticulous cutaway drawings, archival photography and opulent color shots of impeccably restored mahogany torpedoes cleaving the waves today, just as they did in years past.
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Drag Boats of the 1960s
The time has come to chronicle a photo archival book of Drag Boats of the 1960s aptly named “The Rebel Decade.” This was the birth of “whip-start” dragsters which led to today's organized drag boat racing. Recognized and featured are those racing legends like Larry Schwabenland, Ray Caselli, Gary Gabelich, Dwight Bale, hot boat builders like Rich Hallett, “Sanger Jack” Davidson, Rudy Raymos, engine builders Keith Black, Dave Zeuschel, Ed Pink, Louis Unser and many others who reigned in their heyday. These mavericks dared to mix unleashed speed-on-the-water with smoke and fire, thunderous nitro or powerful blown gas while avoiding the moment when their boat could take a deadly spin, nose dive or flight many failed. Drag Boats of the 1960s Photo Archive is a team effort by many of those who were there; only they could have created this riveting history on the fastest, most exciting and dangerous era in water sports.
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The Vintage Culture: Outboard Racing
Offering a compelling and personal look at both famous and little-known men and women who participated in an immensely colorful and rewarding sport, this book looks at the period of vintage outboard racing from the late 1940s to the late 1960s. Today, the American Powerboat Association oversees motorboat racing in America. This book takes racing enthusiasts behind the scenes to tell how the organization grew and describes its highly visible struggles. Also covered is the life of the great journalist of the sport, Hank Bowman, and the increasingly popular hobby of collecting racing paraphernalia, motors, accessories, toys, and games. This is a book for those who lived the postwar story of American outboard boat racing and for those nostalgic enthusiasts and collectors who wish they could.
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Vintage Outboard Motorboat Racing: An Illustrated History 1927-1950
Rev up your engines for this Outboard Motorboat Racing story from the early years of marathon racing to the development into alky burners. Covers famous Drivers like Marshall Eldridge, Fred Jacoby, Paul Wearly, Hilda Mueller, Walter Widegren, Bud Widget, Dick Neal, Bill Tenny, Stan McDonald, Randoph Hubble, Frank Vincent, Westerman Jones, Boots Kaye Murphy, and Gar Wood Jr., and many more. Boat and Engine builders include Elsinor, Crandal, Cenruy, Penn Yan, Hooton, Ludington, Flower, Kelley-Baby Whales, Jacoby, DeSilva; Evinrude, Johnson, Lockewood, Caille, KR, SR, PR, C-Service, 4-60, X and others. Follow the evolution of the fastest boats on water through the use of vintage racing scenes, postcards, and old advertisements from prewar through postwar.
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