All in the Same Boat
All In The Same Boat is the first of two books written by Paul Howard and Fiona McCall on their journey sailing with their two children on a small junk rigged sail boat named Lorcha. The book is a journal of their account from Toronto, across the Atlantic to the Azores, across the Atlantic again via the Canary Islands, and on to the Panama Canal.
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Basic Essentials: Sea Kayaking (2nd Edition)
An information-packed tool for the novice or handy reference for the veteran. Distills years of knowledge in an affordable and portable book.
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Boats Unlimited

Harold Wilson Hardcover 280 pages Out of Print. New old stock.

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Canoe Routes of Ontario
It's no surprise that Kevin Callan lives in Peterborough, Ontario, deep in the heart of canoe country and home to the Canadian Canoe Museum. He has written 12 other books on canoe trips in Ontario, and this new book will be welcomed by his many readers, especially novice canoeists. Some of these routes are well known, and others are hidden secrets. Callan gives all the information paddlers need to complete each route, from detailed descriptions and maps of all access points to accurate portage lengths and important river features, as well as general advice on everything from running rapids to shuttle arrangements - all embellished with historical notes and his trademark humor. Ranging from two-day paddles to week-long expeditions, Top 50 Canoe Routes of Ontario includes 40 routes taken from Callan's Paddler's Guides series, including: • Turtle River • White River • Nellie Lake Loop • Eighteen-Mile Island Loop • Old Voyageur Channel • Big Trout Loop • Nipissing River • Barron Canyon • Leopold's North Country Loop • The Pines Loop • Sturgeon Lake/Olifaunt Lake • Wabakimi Provincial Park • Bark Lake Loop • York River The book also includes 10 new routes that Callan has yet to share with his readers. They include: • Elliot Lake Blue Lake Loop • Lake Superior Provincial Park's Old Woman Lake • Spanish River, Biscotasing Lake Loop • Island Lake • Upper Ottawa River • Algonquin's South Panhandle Here are the 50 best canoe routes of Ontario as chosen by one of Canada's most famous paddlers.
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Readers will experience the rumble of powerful inboards and admire the sleek lines of lovingly crafted wood hulls as they cut a wake through this colorful, model-by-model history of Chris-Craft. Modern color photography of runabouts, cruisers, and yachts are accompanied by detail shots of stylish interiors and brawny engines and comparisons to models built from Chris-Craft's competitors. A selection of black-and-white photography provides imagery of key personalities and Chris-Craft boatworks from 1922 through the last fiberglass models.
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Chris-Craft of the 1950s
Climb aboard for a delightful cruise in the runabouts, cabin cruisers, and luxury yachts of the '50s. Unprecedented growth spawned a record number of Chris-Craft creations, including Rivieras, Cobras, Sportsmans, and Constellations, plus Cavaliers and Kit Boats, the Sea Skiffs, and Roamers. Dozens of incredible color photographs put you at the helm for a high seas tour through the popular boats of this prolific powerboat company.
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Classic Boats of the Thousand Islands
The Thousand Islands region is one of the most picturesque in North America. For dedicated boating enthusiasts, it is a recreational waterway without equal. For antique boat collectors, it is a mecca of glistening mahogany and hand-polished brass. Classic Boats of the Thousand Islands explores the region's rich boatbuilding heritage, including: • The unique St. Lawrence skiff • Lavish custom runabouts and sport boats • Cruisers and yachts • Floating limousines, sedans and commuters Noted boat historian Anthony Mollica Jr. guides readers on a tour of the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, New York, with its in-water fleet and the area's best boatbuilding and restoration shops. Many of the boats featured are in pristine condition and have won awards in prestigious boat shows. Other reliable vintage watercraft in regular service on the river are also shown. The boats were photographed near their boathouses, on home waters, moored dockside or at speed, giving full spray.
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Classic Sail
No vehicle on land or sea can match the timeless lines and simple beauty of the classic sailboat. The ultimate marriage of form and function, its basic design and use have endured through the centuries with few changes. A noted boating writer tells the long and rich story of this elegant form of transportation and popular pastime. An authoritative text and striking, full-color photographs chronicle the evolution of sail, from the early days, when it opened the world up to exploration and trade, to its current popularity as a form of recreation and competition. Celebrated wood- and wood-and-metal-hulled sailboats from throughout the ages appear in vivid detail, with discussions of their historical significance. Vintage designs, day sailors, cruisers, racing classics, luxurious yachts, replicas and reinterpretations: each one will set your imagination afire. Includes complete source and kit information for obtaining plans for featured boats.
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Classic Speedboats: 1916-1939
Experience the heyday of speedboats-an era when speed was still a novel plaything of the wealthy, and boats were raced as passionately as Duesenbergs and Bugattis. Powered by monstrous inboard engines-the fruits of wartime technology-these luxurious specimens and their intrepid pilots competed fiercely with rivals around the world. Relish in meticulous cutaway drawings, archival photography and opulent color shots of impeccably restored mahogany torpedoes cleaving the waves today, just as they did in years past.
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Dodge Boats
Dodge Boats is a must-have for any boating enthusiast who wishes to take a spin back through a powerful boating era. In the antique powerboat world, Dodge ranks as one of the most prolific builders of all time. Inside, readers will find the dramatic story of how one of America's elite automobile families poured its heart, soul, and personal fortune into developing some of the finest handling and most powerful boats of their time.
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Fine Boat: Finishes
Lays out simply and clearly how to achieve a professional finish on wooden or fiberglass boats--everything from varnishing brightwork to cosmetic hull repairs and painting. With a workmanlike attitude, a modicum of handiness--and this book--you can achieve professional results while saving hundreds of dollars in boatyard bills.
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Fire in the Bones: Bill Mason and the Canadian Canoeing Tradition
When Bill Mason set off alone into the wilderness in his red canoe, many people went with him, if only in their imaginations. Now, James Raffan leads us into the heart of the vast landscape that was Bill Masons own brilliant imagination, on a biographical journey that is entertaining, enriching and inspiring. Bill Mason was a filmmaker who gave us classics such as Cry of the Wild and Paddle to the Sea; he was author of the canoeist's bible, Path of the Paddle; he was the consummate outdoorsman. But few Canadians know that his gentleness and rugged self-sufficiency masked a life of great physical struggles. James Raffan reveals the private, sometimes anguished, man behind the legend.
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Grand and Glorious: Classic Boats of Geneva Lake
This generously illustrated pictorial captures the essence of one of America's most famous lake districts--its grand mansions, expansive estates, beguiling boathouses and its magnificent wooden boats.
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How to Restore Your Wooden Runabout
Breathe life back into your classic wooden runabout with expert tips from restoration guru Don Dannenberg. This valuable guide provides information that'll put wind back in your sails as it discusses woodworking concerns such as surveying, disassembling, repairing, and reconstructing. Lavishly illustrated with 300 photographs that guide you step-by-step through each restoration process. Dannenberg also elaborates on topics ranging from engines and electrics to instrumentation and upholstery
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Kayaking: An Illustrated Guide to Equipment, Technique, Navigation, and Safety
Illustrated techniques for basic and advanced paddling, conditioning, trip planning, safety.
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Learning to Sail
This classic guide for the first-time sailor centers on the small sailboat. The author, who assumes no prior knowledge on the part of the reader, begins with the selection of a first boat and conveys enough information to enable anyone to take out a small boat and bring her in safely.
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Little Book of Canal Boats
Britain's waterways have been used as a source of transport ever since man needed to convey large quantities of minerals, raw material and mass produced commodities. The Romans introduced canals to these islands as early as 120AD and by the late 1700s, a network of man-made arteries linked major rivers and sea ports to land-locked industrialised cities and towns across the country. Initially barges were pulled by horse but as steam and then internal combustion engines were developed during the 19th Century, they were introduced into the narrow boat. The advent of rail travel and improvements to roads, however, saw the decline of this slow and leisurely form of transport and canals gradually fell into disrepair. After World War II, it was realised that much of Britain's social and industrial heritage was disappearing and there emerged an enthusiasm to preserve our past as much as possible. 1946 saw the founding of the Inland Waterways Association who initially set about reopening parts of the system. Now there are more than 4,000 miles of navigable waterways with many more earmarked for restoration. They include some of Britain's greatest engineering feats such as tunnels, aqueducts and flights of locks, today numbering amongst our most popular tourist attractions.
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Paddle to the Amazon: The Ultimate 12,000-Mile Canoe Adventure
It was crazy. It was unthinkable. It was the adventure of a lifetime. When Don and Dana Starkell left Winnipeg in a tiny three-seater canoe, they had no idea of the dangers that lay ahead. Two years and 12,180 miles later, father and son had each paddled nearly twenty million strokes, slept on beaches, in jungles and fields, dined on tapir, shark, and heaps of roasted ants. They encountered piranhas, wild pigs, and hungry alligators. They were arrested, shot at, taken for spies and drug smugglers, and set upon by pirates. They had lived through terrifying hurricanes, food poisoning, and near starvation. And at the same time they had set a record for a thrilling, unforgettable voyage of discovery and old-fashioned adventure.
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Paddle Your Own Canoe
The most comprehensive canoeing techniques book ever is now available for the first time in paperback. Illustrated with 600 full-color photographs, this wide-ranging book is designed with both beginner and seasoned canoeists in mind. Gary & Joanie McGuffin, North America's most celebrated canoeing couple, discuss issues rarely covered in other how-to guides, such as developing fitness and balance. The book offers first-hand, experience-based instruction on outfitting, reading the river, paddling strokes for all flatwater and whitewater conditions, advanced turns and maneuvers, portaging, safety and rescue techniques - even how to tie a canoe on your vehicle. Recommended by both the American Canoe Association and Paddle Canada, Paddle Your Own Canoe features: - Canoeist's vocabulary - Selecting the right canoe - Selecting the right paddle - Portaging techniques - Self-rescue techniques - Solo whitewater spins - Complete flatwater techniques - Complete whitewater techniques
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Provisioning: Bowsprit to Transom: The Complete Guide to Becoming a Bluewater First Rate First Mate, the First Time Out
A complete guide for the bluewater first mate: directed to the intermediate first mate contemplating an extended sailing adventure. Here are the steps needed for action and excellence from the first major cruice on. Age, past lifestyle or experience are no barriers. Galley and vessel prep-what's needed and what's not-how to find the space you need-complete shopping, stowage and storing tip-muich more! Written by one who's been there.
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River Rafting in Canada
This book includes sections on the Slave, Coppermine, South Nahanni, Firth and Tatshenshini rivers.
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Still in the Same Boat
Anyone who has ever dreamed of giving up the burden of material possessions, outfitting a boat to suit their own particular needs, and setting sail for parts unknown will be fascinated by this second book detailing the further adventures of a family of four on their five-year round-the-world odyssey. Taking up the narrative at the Panama Canal, Paul and Fiona take turns describing their fascinating voyage through the South Pacific, with stops at such exotic outposts as the Galapagos, Pitcairn Island, Tahiti, New Zealand, Australia, and onward to Madagascar, South Africa, New York and home. The couple with their two high-spirited young children overcame, with the aid of their extensive knowledge of sailing, their physical and mental stamina, and an incurably optimistic outlook on life, the capricious, often violent changes of weather, the bureaucratic road-blocks put up by local officials, and the stresses of sleepless nights and seasick days. The reader enjoys vicariously the excitement of their unique experiences and learns a good deal of world history and geography along the way. The clear, excellent maps and photographs and the detailed drawings of the ship add further to the value and interest of the text
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The Basic Book of Sea Kayaking
A concise instruction book for beginners and a handy review guide for experienced paddlers, The Basic Book of Sea Kayaking is a must for anyone drawn to the sport of sea kayaking. Derek C. Hutchinson whittles his forty years of experience into five easy-to-understand chapters, covering the fundamentals of this exciting paddlesport. Fifty-plus detailed color illustrations show you how to perform key maneuvers, from the forward paddling stroke to the Eskimo roll. Whether kayaking for exercise, outdoor exploration, or pure fun, this book covers everything you need to know, including: choosing the right kayak and paddle; proper clothing, footwear, and equipment; the lowdown on how to load and launch your boat; tips on basic kayaking strokes; detailed explanations of rescue and capsize procedures; understanding the effect of tides and weather, and much more! Derek C. Hutchinson is the leading international authority on sea kayaking, and has been designated as senior coach in the British Canoe Union. He travels extensively in North America and Europe, lecturing and teaching. He is also the author of four kayaking books and has led numerous sea kayaking expeditions.
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The Bent Bulkhead: Cartoons for the Sailor
This book deals with the costs of boating, the mishaps, the joys, landlubbers, and the pitfalls of relationships and dating the sailor!
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The Canoe Handbook
Using proven teaching methods developed at the acclaimed Nantahala Outdoor Center, Ray presents the basic maneuvers for all canoeists.
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The Challenge of the Atlantic: Man’s Battle With the World’s Toughest Ocean
This is a fine overview of the perils of the Atlantic from perspective of early sailing vessels, ocean liners, modern sailing, power boats, etc.
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The Royal Yacht Britannia: Inside the Queen’s Floating Palace (1st Edition)
Here is the full story of Britannia, from the plans first sent to shipbuilders in 1939 through her decommissioning in 1997. Used as a royal residence and for the promotion of commercial interests, Britannia sailed more than a million miles since her launching in 1953. Included are details of her decor and the strict, not to mention eccentric, rules that governed crew behavior and dress. A wealth of technical data is accompanied by a discussion of the yacht's uncertain future and a special message of thanks from Queen Elizabeth to the crew.
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The Wooden Boat
Wooden boats possess a magic that metal and plastic vessels, although useful, cannot match. With their mellow richness of finish and unparalleled craftsmanship, these unique vessels have long inspired passion. The WOODEN BOAT is an eloquently written and exquisitely photographed celebration of this hand-crafted beauty, from the traditional small boat to the elegant speedboat to the magnificent yacht.
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The Wooden Boat
Wooden boats possess a magic that metal and plastic vessels, although useful, cannot match. With their mellow richness of finish and unparalleled craftsmanship, these unique vessels have long inspired passion. The WOODEN BOAT is an eloquently written and exquisitely photographed celebration of this hand-crafted beauty, from the traditional small boat to the elegant speedboat to the magnificent yacht.
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The World’s Best Sailboats: Volume 1
The World's Best Sailboats has become the most cherished and respected illustrated sailing book of all time. Its unique format includes over 400 spectacular color photographs by the world's leading nautical photographers coupled with astutely presented technical information on the best and most beautiful sailboats manufactured. Máté's insistence on uncompromising quality and his always engaging, entertaining style make this a timeless work and must-reading for anyone interested in sailboats. Its encyclopedic scope covering all aspects of sailboat design and construction, gleaned from personal visits to the world's best boatyards and interviews with the leading builders and designers, gives us not only a feast for the eyes and the stuff of dreams but also a thorough education. Máté visited the world's best boat builders from Finland to Italy, from Maine to California, and in his book evaluates and describes the sailboats of the nineteen best yards. The text is full of technical information on design and construction of available boats, while the magnificent color photos celebrate the beauty of sailboats and fine craftsmanship. His writing, as always is both informative and entertaining.
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This is Competitive Sailing (1st Edition)

Fred Imhoff (Author) & Lex Pranger (Author) Hardcover 143 pages Out of Print. New old stock.

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Where Rivers Run: A 6,000-Mile Exploration of Canada by Canoe
A typical honeymoon story. To fulfill their dream of traveling from sea to sea in a canoe, wilderness adventurers Joanie and Gary McGuffin, recently married, set out from the Gulf of St. Lawrence (Atlantic Ocean) and two years and 6,000 miles later reached the Beaufort Sea (Arctic Ocean). Along the way, they faced innumerable hardships and challenged some of Canada's most dangerous rivers. In the process, they discovered a Canada that few will ever see.
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