Titanic: An Illustrated History
Dramatic illustrations and poignant tales bring to life the magnificent Titanic in this encyclopedic volume. A rich and masterful depiction, this documentation includes original photographs taken by survivors and countless images of artifacts and debris found on the ocean floor, giving readers the most comprehensive representation of the ship to date. The interviews with the liners passengers and striking, dramatic paintings uncover the legacy of the Titanic and recount the stories of the families lost in the sea.
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Tramps & Ladies
Tramps and Ladies: My Early Years in Steamers, the second volume in the PSL Library of Ocean Travel, is a facsimile reprint of the first edition of the second book of a trilogy by Sir James Bisset, originally published during the period 1958 to 1961, all three of which have been long out-of-print. This second volume concerns the author's life at sea in tramp steamers and then as an officer of the famous Cunard Line in their fashionable transatlantic service. It culminates with Sir James's experiences of the saving of the survivors from the Titanic in 1912. A great seaman's story of the sea, packed with interest for all who feel the allure of ocean adventure.
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Treacherous Waters: Kingston’s Shipwrecks
Shipwrecks abound at the eastern end of Lake Ontario, near the present-day city of Kingston, Ontario, strategically located where the lake ends and the St. Lawrence River begins. This region prides itself in its wide-ranging maritim history, from the construction of the largest warships every employed on the Great Lakes to the first-ever scuttling of a commercial vessel for the express purpose of creating a Great Lakes scuba dive attraction. In this comprehensive maritime history book, read the true, detailed, dramatic tales about Kingston's shipwrecks, more than 200 of them: those which scuba divers are exploring, as well as the many wrecks in this area which have yet to be located. Each one has a fascinating story behind it! This book is a 6-inch by 9-inch softcover, with 248 pages, 110 black-and-white photos (archival, underwater and surface), several line drawings and maps, endnotes, bibliography and index.
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Tugboats are the hardest working vessels in the shipping business, safely guiding freighters several times their weight and size to dock and back out to sea. This all-color salute to everyone's favorite little ship examines "tugs" today at ports around the world. In addition to depicting tugboats at work, the book explains the various tasks with which the boats are charged, the work of their crews, and the engines and designs that allow these relatively small vessels to tow incredible tonnage. The author also explains how older tugboats are overhauled for continued service and how manufacturers are finding new markets by revamping decommissioned tugboats-and even building brand new ones-for use as private cruisers. In addition to being a NASCAR journalist and the author of three previous MBI books on the subject-Behind the Scenes of NASCAR Racing, Stock Car Race Fan's Reference Guide and NASCAR Transporters-Bill Burt is a long-time tugboat fan just now getting the opportunity to indulge his passion in book form.
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Tugboats of the Great Lakes: A Photo Gallery
From the early days of commercial navigation on the waterways of the Great Lakes, tugboats have been needed to guide the ships in and out of the newly constructed ports. As the means of transportation progressed from wooden schooners to large steel steamships, the tugboat also grew in size. This book takes an in-depth look into the ancient practices of Great Lakes ice-breaking, ship-assistance and towing. At the turn of the century, the towing industry changed forever with the consolidation of fleets and the design of the low-profile powerful steam ship-docking tug. This "G-Tug" design has become known all around the world and these same 80-year old tugs are still the primary workhorse in most harbors on the Lakes today. Many other designs, unique to the fresh waters of the Great Lakes are profiled in this book. The severe climate of the Great Lakes region is brutal on the equipment and the tugs are built tough, for heavy ice breaking. A new class of powerful Coast Guard ice-breaking tugs came out in the 1940s. Today, many of these "WYTM" class tugs survive in commercial service on the Lakes. The Lakes have always been home to a large fleet of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers tugs. Additionally, U.S. Army auctions have brought many government-class tugs such as LTs, STs, and DPCs to the Lakes in the hands of private and commercial operators. In the rivers that feed the busy port of Chicago and all throughout New York State on the Erie Canal, a rare species of tug can be found-the famous "canallers" which are also featured in this volume.
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U-Boats in Action – Warships No. 1
The In Action series of books is contains a plethora of wealth of details, photos and drawings and serves as a fantastic reference for your model projects, or if you just want to fill some holes in your existing collection.
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Victory in the St. Lawrence: The Unknown U-Boat War
In North America, we think of the Second World War as being fought far away (except for the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor). Few know that German U-boats prowled largely unchallenged up and down the St. Lawrence River, sinking unwary Canadian military and Allied merchant vessels in an attempt to stop the flow of goods, troops and armaments to war-ravaged Britain. Fewer still know that prior to the war, Hitler tried to purchase Anticosti Island, located at the mouth of the St. Lawrence, from a wealthy French chocolate-bar manufacturer. Victory in the St. Lawrence tells the riveting true story of how shortsighted government priorities and advanced German submarine technology allowed the Nazis to stalk shipping in Allied home waters. Although much of the Second World War is well documented, missing chapters still surface even now, a half century later -- stories of chilling events that might have changed the course of history. Victory in the St. Lawrence reveals how courageous, independent-minded heroes defended North America deep within its defenses.
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Vintage Outboard Motorboat Racing: An Illustrated History 1927-1950
Rev up your engines for this Outboard Motorboat Racing story from the early years of marathon racing to the development into alky burners. Covers famous Drivers like Marshall Eldridge, Fred Jacoby, Paul Wearly, Hilda Mueller, Walter Widegren, Bud Widget, Dick Neal, Bill Tenny, Stan McDonald, Randoph Hubble, Frank Vincent, Westerman Jones, Boots Kaye Murphy, and Gar Wood Jr., and many more. Boat and Engine builders include Elsinor, Crandal, Cenruy, Penn Yan, Hooton, Ludington, Flower, Kelley-Baby Whales, Jacoby, DeSilva; Evinrude, Johnson, Lockewood, Caille, KR, SR, PR, C-Service, 4-60, X and others. Follow the evolution of the fastest boats on water through the use of vintage racing scenes, postcards, and old advertisements from prewar through postwar.
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Warships of the Civil War Navies
Warships of the Civil War Navies presents statistical data, war service, and histories of all the ships that participated in the Civil War.
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Where Rivers Run: A 6,000-Mile Exploration of Canada by Canoe
A typical honeymoon story. To fulfill their dream of traveling from sea to sea in a canoe, wilderness adventurers Joanie and Gary McGuffin, recently married, set out from the Gulf of St. Lawrence (Atlantic Ocean) and two years and 6,000 miles later reached the Beaufort Sea (Arctic Ocean). Along the way, they faced innumerable hardships and challenged some of Canada's most dangerous rivers. In the process, they discovered a Canada that few will ever see.
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White Ensign Flying: Corvette HMCS Trentonian
The courageous, historic story of a great fighting ship of the Second World War. White Ensign Flying tells the story of HMCS Trentonian, a Canadian corvette that fought U-Boats in the Second World War. Trentonian escorted convoys on the North Atlantic and through the deadly waters near England and France. The ship was attacked by the Americans in a friendly-fire incident during Operation Neptune and later earned the dubious distinction of being the last corvette sunk by the enemy. Litwiller has interviewed many of the men who served in Trentonian and collected their stories. Their unique personal perspectives are combined with the official record of the ship, giving an intimate insight into the life of a sailor ? from the tedium of daily life in a ship at sea to the terror of fighting for your life in a sinking ship. Over one hundred photos from the private collections of the crew and military archives bring the story of Trentonian to life, illustrating this testament to the ship and the men who served in it.
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Wolfpack: U-boats at War – 1939-1945
Using diaries, letters, journals, memoirs, prose and poetry the authors present a brutal but realistic portrait of the lives of the men who fought and died beneath the Atlantic during World War II. It is a story of extreme mental and physical endurance, fear, resilience and heroism.
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York Boats of the Hudson’s Bay Company: Canada’s Inland Armada
York Boats of the Hudson's Bay Company, Canada's Inland Armada tells the stories of men and boats that helped lay the foundations of Canada's western provinces and northern territories. Johnson's accomplishment serves to fill in a missing page in Canadian history - no other book tells in such detail and with such drama the history of this particularly Canadian mode of transportation and exploration. Hardly the lighthearted story of a band of merry canoeists hauling goods from port to settlement, York Boats of the Hudson's Bay Company is about the "hardest work ever seen by human beings". A triumph of human ingenuity and strength against the most severe elements. Johnson gives voice to the Metis, First Nations, French Canadians, and Orkneymen, who poled, sailed, rowed, and portaged the "newfangled boats with keels" up and down Canada's rivers. Through rapids, firestorms, freezing cold, and over impossible terrain, the York boatmen and guides worked themselves to the bone to deliver freight from York Factory on Hudson Bay to the scattered settlements within Rupert's Land. They also came to the aid of settlers, charted new territory, and found new resources throughout Canada's west and north. With 57 archival images, 11 maps, and two appendices, illustrating the York Boat story, York Boats of the Hudson's Bay Company is not just history - it's armchair adventure.
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