The River Palace
Steamboats carrying passengers from Hamilton to Montreal via the rapids of the St. Lawrence were a popular sight in the latter half of the nineteenth century. In 1855, the Kingston, an iron steamboat built for John Hamilton, appeared in the Great Lakes. When the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) toured British North America in 1860, the Kingston became his floating palace for much of his time between Quebec and Toronto. While many steamboats claimed to be floating palaces, the Kingston truly was one. In 1855, the Kingston, an iron steamboat built for John Hamilton (1802-82), appeared in the Great Lakes. When the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) came to British North America for the first royal tour in 1860, the Kingston became his floating palace for much of his time between Quebec and Toronto. Many steamboats claimed to be floating palaces. The Kingston was. The Kingston was wrecked many times and survived spectacular fires in 1872 and 1873. Late in her career, she was converted into a salvage vessel and renamed the Cornwall. In 1930 she was finally taken out and sunk near one of Kingstons ship graveyards. There she remained until diver Rick Neilson discovered her in 1989. Today, the once palatial Kingston is a popular dive site and tourist attraction.
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The Romance of a Modern Liner
First published in the 1930s, this is an evocative account of the early, gracious days of ocean travel, written by the captain of the great liner RMS "Aquitania".
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The Royal Yacht Britannia: Inside the Queen’s Floating Palace (1st Edition)
Here is the full story of Britannia, from the plans first sent to shipbuilders in 1939 through her decommissioning in 1997. Used as a royal residence and for the promotion of commercial interests, Britannia sailed more than a million miles since her launching in 1953. Included are details of her decor and the strict, not to mention eccentric, rules that governed crew behavior and dress. A wealth of technical data is accompanied by a discussion of the yacht's uncertain future and a special message of thanks from Queen Elizabeth to the crew.
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The Saga of the Bluenose
A short, but excellent little book about a true legend of Canada, the schooner Bluenose, which appears on the Canadian dime and is a symbol of that great country, right along with the Maple Leaf. This book packs a lot into its pages and really puts the reader on board the legendary fishing/racing schooner, from her construction in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia to her demise in the Caribbean--and her proud rebirth as the Bluenose II, which sails around the world today as a great representative of Canada. I had purchased this book in Nova Scotia and it was all the more meaningful to me after having seen the Bluenose II in port in Halifax. A great read for anyone into sailing and anyone who loves Canada, whether you're Canadian--or a neighbor to the south like me, who loves nearly everything Canadian except for the weather!
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The Sinclair Saga: Exploring the Facts and the Legend of Prince Henry Sinclair
In this book Mark Finnan explores the facts and legends that surround Scotland's Prince Henry Sinclair and his possible voyage to Nova Scotia and New England in 1398. Sinclair was Admiral of the Seas during the latter half of the fourteenth century, a master mariner whose travels took him to England, Norway, France, Italy and the Middle East. His ships sailed westwards to Iceland and Greenland in the wake of his Viking forefathers. But a controversial map and document give strong reason to believe that he led an expedition to North America almost 100 years before Cabot and Columbus, and that he was connected to the Knights Templar and the legend of the Holy Grail. The Sinclair Saga takes readers on a voyage of discovery from North America to the Orkney Islands, encountering many people and places on both sides of the Atlantic associated with the Sinclair legend.
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The Steamboat Era in the Muskokas: Volume 1 (1st Edition)
This excellent two-volume set by noted historian Richard Tatley won the American Association for State and Local History Best Regional Book Award. In Muskoka, these books are the steamboat bibles. A must for any collector.
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The Town that Died: The True Story of the Greatest Man Made Explosion Before Hiroshima
A really interesting and detailed account of the explosion in Halifax harbor in 1917 that destroyed a large part of the city and killed and injured thousands of the inhabitants.
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The Tragic Story of the Empress of Ireland
A century after it sank to the bottom of the St. Lawrence River, the ruin of the Empress of Ireland has remained one of the most devastating tragedies in maritime history. Logan Marshall's vivid and detailed reportage was the first account of the disaster and has endured as a classic chronicle of what happened that fateful night. On May 28, 1914, the grand ocean liner, the Empress of Ireland, left Quebec on the St. Lawrence River, bound for an Atlantic crossing to Liverpool, England. At a few minutes before two o'clock on the morning of Friday, May 29, the Empress sighted the Norwegian collier, Storstad, at the same time as a heavy fog bank was descending. Despite warnings and evasive maneuvers, the Empress was struck on the starboard side by the Storstad, which penetrated its hull by twelve feet. The captain and crew had less than fifteen minutes to save their passengers before the ship slipped under the waves. Of the 1,475 aboard, 1,078 perished in a matter of minutes. It remains the worst peacetime catastrophe in Canadian history. In addition to his unforgettable account of the sinking, Logan Marshall also presents a gripping retelling of the Titanic disaster, as well as other maritime tragedies. For decades, Marshall's account of the Empress of Ireland has remained the definitive version, comparable to Walter Lord's chronicle of the Titanic sinking, A Night to Remember.
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The True Glory: The Story of the Royal Navy over a Thousand Years
A history of the Royal Navy divided into periods of British History: Anglo Saxon, Tudor, Stuart, Hanoverian, George III, Waterloo to Crimea, Crimea to WW1, Inter War Years, WW2 to Hiroshima, and 1945 to the Present Day.
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The Tug Book (2nd Edition)
This fully revised and updated second edition provides worldwide coverage of an increasing variety of towing vessels, the development of ever more complex propulsion systems and how tugs are operated in their various roles. Engineer and journalist Jack Gaston reviews the fierce competition among tug operators, particularly in the ship-handling business, which has resulted in manpower cuts and the emergence of very small tugs with unprecedented power, capable of carrying out the work of vessels twice the size. This unique book will be of interest not only to marine enthusiasts but also to the towage industry and its employees.
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The Vancouver Voyages of the Barque Pamir
One of the few sailing ships to survive in ocean trade into the first decades of the twentieth century, the barque Pamir was the last of a once great fleet of German square riggers. After an extensive refit, the Pamir was operated by the Union Steamship company of New Zealand; it appeared in Vancouver in June 1945 with a cargo of tallow in exchange for wheat. The story of the ship's three Vancouver voyages will appear to all those interested in maritime history, seamanship and the breathtaking grandeur of the square riggers, graceful ghosts of the high seas.
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The Vintage Culture: Outboard Racing
Offering a compelling and personal look at both famous and little-known men and women who participated in an immensely colorful and rewarding sport, this book looks at the period of vintage outboard racing from the late 1940s to the late 1960s. Today, the American Powerboat Association oversees motorboat racing in America. This book takes racing enthusiasts behind the scenes to tell how the organization grew and describes its highly visible struggles. Also covered is the life of the great journalist of the sport, Hank Bowman, and the increasingly popular hobby of collecting racing paraphernalia, motors, accessories, toys, and games. This is a book for those who lived the postwar story of American outboard boat racing and for those nostalgic enthusiasts and collectors who wish they could.
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The Wexford: Elusive Shipwreck of the Great Storm, 1913
The steamer Wexford, with her flared bow, tall masts, and her open, canvas-sided hurricane deck, charmed spectators as she carried cargo across the Great Lakes. The romance and adventure of her British and French history in the South American trade followed her. Under newly appointed 24-year-old captain Bruce Cameron, her fateful final voyage was punctuated with opportunities to be saved from destruction , but his persistence in trying to make port at Goderich led to tragedy - a victim of the storm of 1913. Over a period of 87 years, she eluded many efforts to locate her remains, but was finally discovered in 2000 by a sailor using a fish-finding device. Since then, she has been visited by thousands, but sadly plundered. Our story traces her history from her British origins in 1883, through the transition to become a "Laker," the eventful storm, the search, and her ultimate discovery in southern Lake Huron, and the controversy over how she should be protected.
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The Wooden Boat
Wooden boats possess a magic that metal and plastic vessels, although useful, cannot match. With their mellow richness of finish and unparalleled craftsmanship, these unique vessels have long inspired passion. The WOODEN BOAT is an eloquently written and exquisitely photographed celebration of this hand-crafted beauty, from the traditional small boat to the elegant speedboat to the magnificent yacht.
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The Wooden Boat
Wooden boats possess a magic that metal and plastic vessels, although useful, cannot match. With their mellow richness of finish and unparalleled craftsmanship, these unique vessels have long inspired passion. The WOODEN BOAT is an eloquently written and exquisitely photographed celebration of this hand-crafted beauty, from the traditional small boat to the elegant speedboat to the magnificent yacht.
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The World’s Best Sailboats: Volume 1
The World's Best Sailboats has become the most cherished and respected illustrated sailing book of all time. Its unique format includes over 400 spectacular color photographs by the world's leading nautical photographers coupled with astutely presented technical information on the best and most beautiful sailboats manufactured. Máté's insistence on uncompromising quality and his always engaging, entertaining style make this a timeless work and must-reading for anyone interested in sailboats. Its encyclopedic scope covering all aspects of sailboat design and construction, gleaned from personal visits to the world's best boatyards and interviews with the leading builders and designers, gives us not only a feast for the eyes and the stuff of dreams but also a thorough education. Máté visited the world's best boat builders from Finland to Italy, from Maine to California, and in his book evaluates and describes the sailboats of the nineteen best yards. The text is full of technical information on design and construction of available boats, while the magnificent color photos celebrate the beauty of sailboats and fine craftsmanship. His writing, as always is both informative and entertaining.
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This is Competitive Sailing (1st Edition)

Fred Imhoff (Author) & Lex Pranger (Author) Hardcover 143 pages Out of Print. New old stock.

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Through a Canadian Periscope: The Story of the Canadian Submarine Service
A colourful and well-researched account of Canada's submarine service, from its beginnings on the first day of the First World War to its uncertain future today. Ferguson details the careers of the Canadians who served in British submarines in all theatres of the Second World War then goes on to examine the modern era.
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Thunder in the Morning Calm: The Royal Canadian Navy in Korea, 1950-1955
The outstanding contribution of the many Canadians who served with the United Nations peacekeeping force during the Korean Was has received little acknowledgment. The author's account is from the vantage point of the lower deck; his experiences and those of his shipmates are testimony to the fact that those who served with the RCN in Korea served admirably.
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The doomed maiden voyage of the Titanic nearly a hundred years ago affected all levels of society. Titanic is a large-format, fully illustrated, hands-on expedition through the ship itself. It tells the story of the sailing experience and the tragic end. The text is written from the viewpoint of a journalist narrator on board for the maiden voyage. Throughout the book, this story comes to life with precise reproductions of printed items from the period, such as: - Tickets - Postcards - Newspaper clippings - Telegrams - Official technical data - Envelopes and letters - Certificate of seaworthiness The narrator journalist visits every area of the ship, describing little-known facts and revealing details often missed. For example, not everyone knows that the Titanic's fourth funnel was only a hollow fake intended solely to make the ship look bigger and appear faster. The journalist's tour leads to the bridge just when disaster strikes. Then the tone changes from simple wonder to growing horror. The narrator's imaginary account is combined with actual eyewitness accounts of the sinking, including those by surviving children. The aftermath of the tragedy that took 1,500 lives is covered and includes the reports and inquiries of the official investigation. Titanic is a richly detailed and dramatic interactive experience for readers of all ages.
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Titanic: An Illustrated History
Dramatic illustrations and poignant tales bring to life the magnificent Titanic in this encyclopedic volume. A rich and masterful depiction, this documentation includes original photographs taken by survivors and countless images of artifacts and debris found on the ocean floor, giving readers the most comprehensive representation of the ship to date. The interviews with the liners passengers and striking, dramatic paintings uncover the legacy of the Titanic and recount the stories of the families lost in the sea.
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