The Basic Book of Sea Kayaking
A concise instruction book for beginners and a handy review guide for experienced paddlers, The Basic Book of Sea Kayaking is a must for anyone drawn to the sport of sea kayaking. Derek C. Hutchinson whittles his forty years of experience into five easy-to-understand chapters, covering the fundamentals of this exciting paddlesport. Fifty-plus detailed color illustrations show you how to perform key maneuvers, from the forward paddling stroke to the Eskimo roll. Whether kayaking for exercise, outdoor exploration, or pure fun, this book covers everything you need to know, including: choosing the right kayak and paddle; proper clothing, footwear, and equipment; the lowdown on how to load and launch your boat; tips on basic kayaking strokes; detailed explanations of rescue and capsize procedures; understanding the effect of tides and weather, and much more! Derek C. Hutchinson is the leading international authority on sea kayaking, and has been designated as senior coach in the British Canoe Union. He travels extensively in North America and Europe, lecturing and teaching. He is also the author of four kayaking books and has led numerous sea kayaking expeditions.
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The Bent Bulkhead: Cartoons for the Sailor
This book deals with the costs of boating, the mishaps, the joys, landlubbers, and the pitfalls of relationships and dating the sailor!
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The Black Pit… and Beyond
It is December 26, and the author, a Merchant Navy radio officer, is sailing on the SCOTTISH HEATHER into the infamous 'black pit,' an area where German U-boats can operate freely on the surface without fear of attack from the air. What happens next is just the beginning of a chilling, first-person account of the realities of the war at sea, as experienced by a young man in his late teens. Still trying to come to terms with his father's death, his childhood experiences at the hands of the nuns, and the need to distance himself from his mother, young Gordon copes with seasickness and the constant threat of torpedoes.
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The Brown Water Navy: The River and Coastal War in Indo-China and Vietnam, 1948-1972
Briefly traces the history of river warfare, looks at French military operations in Indo-China, and looks at the combat operations of United States and Vietnamese river forces.
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The Canoe Handbook
Using proven teaching methods developed at the acclaimed Nantahala Outdoor Center, Ray presents the basic maneuvers for all canoeists.
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The Challenge of the Atlantic: Man’s Battle With the World’s Toughest Ocean
This is a fine overview of the perils of the Atlantic from perspective of early sailing vessels, ocean liners, modern sailing, power boats, etc.
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The Charley-Man: A History of Wooden Shipbuilding at Quebec 1763-1893
The launching of the little barquentine White Wings from a Lauzon shipyard in 1893 brought to an end the construction of square-rigged sailing ships at Quebec, and industry which produced over 1,600 stately vessels to carry timber and masts from the North American heartland to British ports. The Charley-Man presents over 200 photos, tables, drawings, graphs, and reproductions of archival documents to illustrate the story of these ships and the shipbuilders.
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The Corvette Navy: True Stories from Canada’s Atlantic War (2nd Edition)
At the beginning of World War Two, Britain stood alone, relying on the vital supplies transported by convoy across the North Atlantic. The pride of Hitler's navy, the U-boat wolf-packs, waited there to pick off the slow, unarmed convoys. What stood between the U-boats and their prey were the corvettes. They were small, battered, under-equipped, and in need of repair. They were manned not by naval professionals but by a group of skilled and dedicated amateurs, many still in their teens, their officers often in their mid-twenties. Yet this little band of amateurs took on and beat the German U-boat professionals, and won a vital portion of the war. James B. Lamb, an ex-corvette officer, captures the excitement as well as the inevitable tragedy involved when teenagers who had never even seen the sea were shoved aboard aged and ill-equipped ships and forced to grow up fast. Trapped in a world gone mad, the crews of the corvettes countered with individualism and a unique sense of the absurd. Amid the antics and fear, these men banded together to become a highly efficient fighting unit. They witnessed history and created some history of their own.
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The Discovery of the Titanic
An account of the author's discovery of the wreck of the 'Titanic' after years of planning and research.
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The Fairmile ‘D’ Motor Torpedo Boat (Anatomy of the Ship)
The Fairmile Type D was designed to combat the known advantages of German S-boats (Schnellboote - but always called 'E-boats' by the Allies) over previous British coastal craft designs. Designed for 31 knots at 80 tons' displacement, the Fairmile Ds were the most potent and heavily-armed coastal forces type of any navy. They fulfilled various roles, from the original MTB/MGB role to anti-submarine and mine operations. This book is the most comprehensive body of information available anywhere in a single volume on this important type. This book provides the finest documentation of these uniquely fast small warships ever produced, through a complete set of superbly executed line drawings offering enthusiasts a novel insight into ship design and construction. In addition, it includes a service and design history and a pictorial section emphasizing close-up and on-board photographs.
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The German Aircraft Carrier “Graf Zeppelin”
This book presents an account of the use and actions of the aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin, one of the primary pieces of the German navy in WWII.
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The German Navy at War: 1935-1945: Volume 1: The Battleships
Covers all of the main German battleships of WWII, including Bismarck, Gneisenau, Scharnhorst, Tirpitz and other big ships in over 300 photos.
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The Golden Age of Ocean Liners
The remarkable story of the international competition to build the world’s fastest, largest, and most luxurious ships. Full color and archival photographs capture the glamour of this extraordinary era.
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The Inland Seas: A Journey Through the Great Lakes
The Inland Seas pays tribute to the largest land-locked seas in the world and provides a vivid record of one of Nature's wonders. Through a sailor, Silas John, Paul Vasey reveals the history of the lakes and their significance in the lives of the people who live on and around them. There are more than 100 splendid photographs by internationally-acclaimed photographer John de Visser.
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The Last Atlantic Liners
It was a golden age of travel. The period from the end of the Second World War to the early 1960s saw some of the finest ocean liners ever built and, until the advent of the jet, the ships travelled full every trip, criss-crossing the Atlantic between the Old World and the New, carrying businessmen, tourists, emigrants and those who longed for a trip away. William H. Miller brings together a fabulous selection of images of the ships of the period, the great and the famous of ocean liner travel. From the grand Cunard Queens to the fastest and longest ships afloat, from the ships of state to smaller vessels, from the tragedy of disaster to the triumph of record-breaking, he tells the story of this glittering age of travel, a time when 'Getting There was Half the Fun'. Of course, it was all to end with the advent of the Boeing 707, capable of crossing the Atlantic in hours rather than days, and the liner trade went into terminal decline. One by one, ships were sold or scrapped until there remained only one, the QE2. She retired in 2008, but not before being replaced by the Queen Mary 2, the world's largest ocean liner. Join Bill for a voyage back in time aboard The Last Atlantic Liners.
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The Last Bluewater Liners
Describes ocean liners of the past, looks at their routes, histories, and accommodations, and explains the reasons for the decline of ocean travel.
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The Light on Chantry Island
Thousands of American and Canadian lighthouse-lovers visit the Chantry Island lighthouse on Lake Huron each year. Built off Southampton, Ontario in 1859 after a series of disastrous shipwrecks, this lighthouse is one of the most charming, history-filled lights on the Great Lakes.
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The Liners: A Voyage of Discovery
This is an account of the ocean liner from the mid-19th century to the present. It explores the history of the world's great passenger ships, the lines that operated them, and the people they carried. The story encompasses changing technologies and economies, rivalry between nations, the rise and fall of empires both political and commercial, momentous events such as the sinking of the "Titanic", and the conversion of many liners for use as troopships during World War II, when conditions on board became so appalling that many soldiers died or mutinied. Those who populate the story include poor emigres seeking a new life, shipping magnates and heads of government pitting their ambitions against each other, and the wealthy and famous, travelling in a style very different from that of the steerage passengers. Beginning in the age when steamships revolutionized travel, the book ends with a glimpse of the technology of the 21st century when, it is predicted, there will be floating cities up to four times the size of the largest passenger liner ever built.
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The Pacific Princesses
An Illustrated History of the Canadian Pacific Railway's Princess Fleet on the Northwest Coast by Robert D. Turner The Pacific Princesses were the finest and most elegant coastal steamships on the Northwest Coast of North America. For over one hundred years, the Princesses and their predecessors provided the communication links, the routes to market and often the only means of travel along the rugged, glaciercarved Pacific coast. These famous steamships, still remembered with affection and fondness, were household names all along the coast. Beginning with the Princess May and the beautiful Princess Victoria, the fleet grew to include such wellremembered vessels as the Princesses Charlotte, Patricia, Alica, Adelade, Maquinna, Louise, Joan, Elizabeth, Marguerite, Kathleen, Elaine,and Norah. Included are sections on the great rate war between the Puget Sound Navigation Co. and the CPR just after the turn of the century; stories of the Alaska gold rush; tragic shipwrecks; the steamers of the famed Triagle Route between Victoria, Vancouver and Seattle; and the romantic night boats and the devopment of the modern automobile ferries. The steamships played a formative role in the development of the north Pacific coast of North America and the CPR's Princesses will long have a place in its history. With over 300 photographs and illustrations, drawings, maps, timetables, a full bibliography and index. Beautifully designed and printed, and of the same high quality as its companion volume, The Pacific Empresses, The Pacific Princesses is an essential addition to any history or ship-lover's library.
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The Persian Excursion: The Canadian Navy in the Gulf War
This is a first-hand, inside account of the Canadian Navy action in the Gulf War. Through the recollections and anecdotes of Commodore Miller and others who served at the front, the reader is given a bird’s-eye view of the Canadian Navy undertaking a dangerous operation, 13,000 kilometres from home. The Persian Excursion is the first comprehensive account of the Canadian Navy in the Gulf War. It is of interest to both the military professional and those in the general public who wish to learn about the role of their Navy in this recent conflict.
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The River Palace
Steamboats carrying passengers from Hamilton to Montreal via the rapids of the St. Lawrence were a popular sight in the latter half of the nineteenth century. In 1855, the Kingston, an iron steamboat built for John Hamilton, appeared in the Great Lakes. When the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) toured British North America in 1860, the Kingston became his floating palace for much of his time between Quebec and Toronto. While many steamboats claimed to be floating palaces, the Kingston truly was one. In 1855, the Kingston, an iron steamboat built for John Hamilton (1802-82), appeared in the Great Lakes. When the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) came to British North America for the first royal tour in 1860, the Kingston became his floating palace for much of his time between Quebec and Toronto. Many steamboats claimed to be floating palaces. The Kingston was. The Kingston was wrecked many times and survived spectacular fires in 1872 and 1873. Late in her career, she was converted into a salvage vessel and renamed the Cornwall. In 1930 she was finally taken out and sunk near one of Kingstons ship graveyards. There she remained until diver Rick Neilson discovered her in 1989. Today, the once palatial Kingston is a popular dive site and tourist attraction.
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The Romance of a Modern Liner
First published in the 1930s, this is an evocative account of the early, gracious days of ocean travel, written by the captain of the great liner RMS "Aquitania".
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The Royal Yacht Britannia: Inside the Queen’s Floating Palace (1st Edition)
Here is the full story of Britannia, from the plans first sent to shipbuilders in 1939 through her decommissioning in 1997. Used as a royal residence and for the promotion of commercial interests, Britannia sailed more than a million miles since her launching in 1953. Included are details of her decor and the strict, not to mention eccentric, rules that governed crew behavior and dress. A wealth of technical data is accompanied by a discussion of the yacht's uncertain future and a special message of thanks from Queen Elizabeth to the crew.
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The Saga of the Bluenose
A short, but excellent little book about a true legend of Canada, the schooner Bluenose, which appears on the Canadian dime and is a symbol of that great country, right along with the Maple Leaf. This book packs a lot into its pages and really puts the reader on board the legendary fishing/racing schooner, from her construction in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia to her demise in the Caribbean--and her proud rebirth as the Bluenose II, which sails around the world today as a great representative of Canada. I had purchased this book in Nova Scotia and it was all the more meaningful to me after having seen the Bluenose II in port in Halifax. A great read for anyone into sailing and anyone who loves Canada, whether you're Canadian--or a neighbor to the south like me, who loves nearly everything Canadian except for the weather!
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The Sinclair Saga: Exploring the Facts and the Legend of Prince Henry Sinclair
In this book Mark Finnan explores the facts and legends that surround Scotland's Prince Henry Sinclair and his possible voyage to Nova Scotia and New England in 1398. Sinclair was Admiral of the Seas during the latter half of the fourteenth century, a master mariner whose travels took him to England, Norway, France, Italy and the Middle East. His ships sailed westwards to Iceland and Greenland in the wake of his Viking forefathers. But a controversial map and document give strong reason to believe that he led an expedition to North America almost 100 years before Cabot and Columbus, and that he was connected to the Knights Templar and the legend of the Holy Grail. The Sinclair Saga takes readers on a voyage of discovery from North America to the Orkney Islands, encountering many people and places on both sides of the Atlantic associated with the Sinclair legend.
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The Steamboat Era in the Muskokas: Volume 1 (1st Edition)
This excellent two-volume set by noted historian Richard Tatley won the American Association for State and Local History Best Regional Book Award. In Muskoka, these books are the steamboat bibles. A must for any collector.
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The Town that Died: The True Story of the Greatest Man Made Explosion Before Hiroshima
A really interesting and detailed account of the explosion in Halifax harbor in 1917 that destroyed a large part of the city and killed and injured thousands of the inhabitants.
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The True Glory: The Story of the Royal Navy over a Thousand Years
A history of the Royal Navy divided into periods of British History: Anglo Saxon, Tudor, Stuart, Hanoverian, George III, Waterloo to Crimea, Crimea to WW1, Inter War Years, WW2 to Hiroshima, and 1945 to the Present Day.
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The Tug Book (2nd Edition)
This fully revised and updated second edition provides worldwide coverage of an increasing variety of towing vessels, the development of ever more complex propulsion systems and how tugs are operated in their various roles. Engineer and journalist Jack Gaston reviews the fierce competition among tug operators, particularly in the ship-handling business, which has resulted in manpower cuts and the emergence of very small tugs with unprecedented power, capable of carrying out the work of vessels twice the size. This unique book will be of interest not only to marine enthusiasts but also to the towage industry and its employees.
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The Vancouver Voyages of the Barque Pamir
One of the few sailing ships to survive in ocean trade into the first decades of the twentieth century, the barque Pamir was the last of a once great fleet of German square riggers. After an extensive refit, the Pamir was operated by the Union Steamship company of New Zealand; it appeared in Vancouver in June 1945 with a cargo of tallow in exchange for wheat. The story of the ship's three Vancouver voyages will appear to all those interested in maritime history, seamanship and the breathtaking grandeur of the square riggers, graceful ghosts of the high seas.
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The Vintage Culture: Outboard Racing
Offering a compelling and personal look at both famous and little-known men and women who participated in an immensely colorful and rewarding sport, this book looks at the period of vintage outboard racing from the late 1940s to the late 1960s. Today, the American Powerboat Association oversees motorboat racing in America. This book takes racing enthusiasts behind the scenes to tell how the organization grew and describes its highly visible struggles. Also covered is the life of the great journalist of the sport, Hank Bowman, and the increasingly popular hobby of collecting racing paraphernalia, motors, accessories, toys, and games. This is a book for those who lived the postwar story of American outboard boat racing and for those nostalgic enthusiasts and collectors who wish they could.
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