Classic Sail
No vehicle on land or sea can match the timeless lines and simple beauty of the classic sailboat. The ultimate marriage of form and function, its basic design and use have endured through the centuries with few changes. A noted boating writer tells the long and rich story of this elegant form of transportation and popular pastime. An authoritative text and striking, full-color photographs chronicle the evolution of sail, from the early days, when it opened the world up to exploration and trade, to its current popularity as a form of recreation and competition. Celebrated wood- and wood-and-metal-hulled sailboats from throughout the ages appear in vivid detail, with discussions of their historical significance. Vintage designs, day sailors, cruisers, racing classics, luxurious yachts, replicas and reinterpretations: each one will set your imagination afire. Includes complete source and kit information for obtaining plans for featured boats.
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Classic Speedboats: 1916-1939
Experience the heyday of speedboats-an era when speed was still a novel plaything of the wealthy, and boats were raced as passionately as Duesenbergs and Bugattis. Powered by monstrous inboard engines-the fruits of wartime technology-these luxurious specimens and their intrepid pilots competed fiercely with rivals around the world. Relish in meticulous cutaway drawings, archival photography and opulent color shots of impeccably restored mahogany torpedoes cleaving the waves today, just as they did in years past.
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Commercial Ships on the Great Lakes
For centuries, millions of tons of cargo have moved across the five Great Lakes. The lakes have always held on to the old-school ways of using single screw tugboats, steam propulsion, and incredibly talented engineers and captains who can maneuver their vessels in and out of tight quarters and winding tributaries. Although the Great Lakes are holding on to their old ways, big changes are occurring and we are at the end of an era. Original and historic images show ore boats, tugboats, barges, passenger vessels, and workboats at work on the lakes. Final chapters in the boneyard show the near and ultimate demise of these great ships at the end of an era, with newer construction techniques and technically advanced ships replacing the old-timers.
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Committed to the Deep: Stories and Memoirs
Read, as they tell it, yarns and anecdotes about: collision at sea, disappearances, house wrecked by a boat, fire and explosion, driven across the ocean and into Scotland, lighthouses, St. Pierre, rescue in mid-ocean, a kedgie's work, a woman's heroics, the Greenland armed escort and much more.
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Corvettes Canada: Convoy Veterans of WWII Tell Their True Stories
The Canadian escort group C 2 was comprised of the RCN destroyers Gatineau and Chaudiere, the frigate St. Catharines, the Corvettes Chilliwack and Fennel, and the RN destroyer Icarus. these six and the RN corvette Kenilworth castle combined to sing U-744 in the North Atlantic in a prolonged drama on March 5 and 6, 1944. At 32 hours, this the second-longest successful hunt of the war.
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Disaster Great Lakes
This book chronicles fifty of the most terrible events to strike people on these vast inland seas and in surrounding communities. Erratic weather on the Great Lakes has brought down ships from War of 1812 schooners to the legendary 'Edmund Fitzgerald'. On shore, great fires devastated young cities like Chicago and Toronto and cut high swaths through the forests. Train wrecks, explosions and environmental disasters like the Love Canal has been painful catalysts of change. In all the stories, the many ways people respond in times of crisis reveal the human core in all its complexity.
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Dodge Boats
Dodge Boats is a must-have for any boating enthusiast who wishes to take a spin back through a powerful boating era. In the antique powerboat world, Dodge ranks as one of the most prolific builders of all time. Inside, readers will find the dramatic story of how one of America's elite automobile families poured its heart, soul, and personal fortune into developing some of the finest handling and most powerful boats of their time.
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Drag Boats of the 1960s
The time has come to chronicle a photo archival book of Drag Boats of the 1960s aptly named “The Rebel Decade.” This was the birth of “whip-start” dragsters which led to today's organized drag boat racing. Recognized and featured are those racing legends like Larry Schwabenland, Ray Caselli, Gary Gabelich, Dwight Bale, hot boat builders like Rich Hallett, “Sanger Jack” Davidson, Rudy Raymos, engine builders Keith Black, Dave Zeuschel, Ed Pink, Louis Unser and many others who reigned in their heyday. These mavericks dared to mix unleashed speed-on-the-water with smoke and fire, thunderous nitro or powerful blown gas while avoiding the moment when their boat could take a deadly spin, nose dive or flight many failed. Drag Boats of the 1960s Photo Archive is a team effort by many of those who were there; only they could have created this riveting history on the fastest, most exciting and dangerous era in water sports.
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Drug Busters: The High-Tech War on Drugs

Henry Rasmussen Hardcover 128 pages Out of Print. New old stock.

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Encyclopaedia of the Modern Royal Navy: Including the Fleet Air Arm and Royal Marines
This book covers all aspects of the contemporary Royal Navy and includes information on the Fleet Air Arm, Royal Marines, auxiliaries, and numerous vessels, aircraft, weapons, uniforms, and insignia.
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Engineer Assault Boats in Canadian Service
A short, but comprehensive study of the various types of assault boats used by the Canadian Armed Forces in World War II. Types used ranged from two man, rubber Reconnaissance Boats to rigid Assault Boats and foldable types.
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Engines Afloat: The Gasoline Era
A rich look at the early years of American marine engines, their development and perfection, and the impact they had on the industries they served, both pleasure and commercial. Volume 1 focuses on the development of the gasoline engine, and includes lots for Gold Cup and runabout fans.
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Engines Afloat: The Gasoline/Diesel Era
When U.S. landing craft churned toward Normandy on D-Day morning, each was powered by a revolutionary diesel engine developed in a decade-long project overseen by Charles Kettering of General Motors. Based on the material in the Kettering archives and other primary sources, this book chronicles the development of the practical diesel engine and the impact of both diesel and heavy-duty gasoline engines on fisherman, towboats, and the Navy. Included is a discussion of how internal combustion supplanted steam in riverboats and a look at the Navy's adoption of internal combustion engines.
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Explorers: The Most Exciting Voyages of Discovery – From the African Expeditions to the Lunar Landing (1st Edition)
One of the most exciting periods of exploration coincided with the invention of photography. As a result, the most important expeditions over the last 160 years were captured and preserved by incredibly dramatic images. Explorers gathers together hundreds of these rare archival photographs plus maps, prints and drawings reproduced on stunning gatefolds. Text includes a short biography of each explorer, the extraordinary stories of their expeditions and passages from their personal journals. In all, 53 stories are featured. Many are familiar and others less known but deserving of wider recognition. Several women also receive just due for their unequaled bravery and fortitude. Some of the explorers featured are: • David Livingstone and the "missionary road" • Henry Stanley, looking for Livingstone • Isabella Bird Bishop in China • Ernest Shackleton in Antarctica • Timothy O'Sullivan recording the Wild West • Roald Amundsen, the Northwest Passage and the South Pole • Gertrude Bell in Iraq • Maria Reiche in Peru • Thor Heyerdahl and the Kon-Tiki raft across the Pacific • Freya Stark, a solitary female explorer of the Middle East • Nikolai Mikhailovich Przhevalsky, mapmaker to the czar • Edmund Hillary atop Mount Everest • Challenger exploring deep space • Alexandra David-Néel in the heart of Tibet. Those interested in history and exploration will find Explorers an engaging addition to their library.
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Fighting at Sea: Naval Battles from the Ages of Sail and Steam
Donald E. Graves explains the role of the Royal Navy in the Siege of Quebec in 1759 that led to its capture by Britain in the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. British historian Andrew Lambert describes how the USS President was defeated by HMS Endymion in 1815, near the end of the War of 1812, and American William S. Dudley recounts the last battle of "Old Ironsides," USS Constitution in which the famous ship was triumphant. Douglas M. McLean describes a four-day battle against U-boats stalking a major convoy in the North Atlantic during Wolrd War II. Michael Whitby describes in detail a nighttime destroyer battle in the English Channel, as the Germans attempted to harass supply lines to the Normandy beaches. Finally British historian Malcolm Llewellyn-Jones describes the intricacies of the hunt for a U-boat in British coastal waters. The book is well illustrated and there are detailed maps of the episodes described.
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Fine Boat: Finishes
Lays out simply and clearly how to achieve a professional finish on wooden or fiberglass boats--everything from varnishing brightwork to cosmetic hull repairs and painting. With a workmanlike attitude, a modicum of handiness--and this book--you can achieve professional results while saving hundreds of dollars in boatyard bills.
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Fire Canoe: Prairie Steamboat Days Revisited (2nd Edition)
The story of steamboating in the Canadian West comes to life in the voices of those aboard the vessels of the waterways of the Prairies. Their captains were seafaring skippers who had migrated inland. Their pilots were indigenous people who could read the shoals, sandbars, and currents of Prairie waterways. Their operators were businessmen hoping to reap the benefits of commercial enterprise along the shores and banks of Canada’s inland lakes and rivers. Their passengers were fur traders, adventure-seekers, and immigrants opening up the West. All of them sought their futures and fortunes aboard Prairie steamboats, decades before the railways arrived and took credit for the breakthrough. Aboriginal people called them “fire canoes,” but in the latter half of the nineteenth century, their operators promoted them as Mississippi-type steamship queens delivering speedy transport, along with the latest in technology and comfort. Then, as the twentieth century dawned, steamboats and their operators adapted. They launched smaller, more tailored steamers and focused on a new economy of business and pleasure in the West. By day their steamboats chased freight, fish, lumber, iron ore, real estate, and gold-mining contracts. At night, they brought out the Edwardian finery, lights, and music to tap the pleasure-cruise market.
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Fire in the Bones: Bill Mason and the Canadian Canoeing Tradition
When Bill Mason set off alone into the wilderness in his red canoe, many people went with him, if only in their imaginations. Now, James Raffan leads us into the heart of the vast landscape that was Bill Masons own brilliant imagination, on a biographical journey that is entertaining, enriching and inspiring. Bill Mason was a filmmaker who gave us classics such as Cry of the Wild and Paddle to the Sea; he was author of the canoeist's bible, Path of the Paddle; he was the consummate outdoorsman. But few Canadians know that his gentleness and rugged self-sufficiency masked a life of great physical struggles. James Raffan reveals the private, sometimes anguished, man behind the legend.
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Fire When Ready, Gridley: Great Naval Stories from Manila Bay to Vietnam
A history of naval warfare discusses the greatest sea battles of the twentieth century, discussing Jutland, Pearl Harbor, the Falkland Islands, and Vietnam, and features the comments of figures ranging from Churchill to Kipling to C. S. Forester.
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German Capital Ships of World War Two
It's the most complete--and immensely readable--operational history yet published of the German Navy's seven great World War Two capital ships: the Deutschland, Admiral Scheer, Admiral Graf Spee, Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Bismarck, and Tirpitz. Even greatly outnumbered by the Royal Navy, these fast, powerful, well-armored and armed ships created havoc. Researched from the original German sources and from postwar Allied analyses and reports, profusely illustrated with line drawings, maps, and photographs, the technical chapters cover planning, design, construction, and modifications.
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Grand and Glorious: Classic Boats of Geneva Lake
This generously illustrated pictorial captures the essence of one of America's most famous lake districts--its grand mansions, expansive estates, beguiling boathouses and its magnificent wooden boats.
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Great Lakes Lighthouses Encyclopedia
This comprehensive, full-color encyclopedia features more than 650 lighthouses located on all five of the Great Lakes. Great Lakes Lighthouses Encyclopedia describes lighthouses in both the United States and Canada and includes the history, construction materials, chronology of keepers, points of access and, in some cases, photographs of now-gone lighthouses.
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