“Unsinkable”: The Full Story of RMS Titanic
Just before midnight on April 14, 1912, the ocean liner Titanic struck an iceberg. Less than three hours later, she lay at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, having taken with her more than 1,500 of the roughly 2,200 people on board. Even now, a century later, no other ship in history has attracted so much attention, stirred up such powerful emotion, or accumulated as many legends. "Unsinkable" provides a fresh look at the Titanic 's incredible story. Following the great ship from her conception to her fateful collision to the ambitious attempts to salvage her right up to the present day, Daniel Allen Butler draws on thirty years of research to explore the tragedy and its aftermath in remarkable depth and detail. The result is a must-read for anyone interested in the Titanic.
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A Guide to the Shipwreck Sites Along the Washington Coast
Dramatic sea rescues, tragic shipwrecks, tales of personal daring… The Washington coast, with its treacherous offlying reefs, shallow bar port entrances and storm-swept headlands, has claimed many fine ships and crews. R. E. Wells, in A Guide to Shipwreck Sites Along the Washington Coast, has captured the dramatic moments in his fine illustrations and absorbing text. Wells portrays a wide range of vessel types, and has chosen those of particular historical importance. This is a book for anyone with an interest in Washington’s marine history – for browsing in the bookshelf at home or handy in the glove compartment of the car while travelling. And for the visiting friend, it is the perfect souvenir of the coast.
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Committed to the Deep: Stories and Memoirs
Read, as they tell it, yarns and anecdotes about: collision at sea, disappearances, house wrecked by a boat, fire and explosion, driven across the ocean and into Scotland, lighthouses, St. Pierre, rescue in mid-ocean, a kedgie's work, a woman's heroics, the Greenland armed escort and much more.
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Disaster Great Lakes
This book chronicles fifty of the most terrible events to strike people on these vast inland seas and in surrounding communities. Erratic weather on the Great Lakes has brought down ships from War of 1812 schooners to the legendary 'Edmund Fitzgerald'. On shore, great fires devastated young cities like Chicago and Toronto and cut high swaths through the forests. Train wrecks, explosions and environmental disasters like the Love Canal has been painful catalysts of change. In all the stories, the many ways people respond in times of crisis reveal the human core in all its complexity.
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Great Lakes Lighthouses Encyclopedia
This comprehensive, full-color encyclopedia features more than 650 lighthouses located on all five of the Great Lakes. Great Lakes Lighthouses Encyclopedia describes lighthouses in both the United States and Canada and includes the history, construction materials, chronology of keepers, points of access and, in some cases, photographs of now-gone lighthouses.
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Harbour Lights: Burlington Bay
Local history book about Lighthouse and towns around Burlington Bay, also known as Hamilton Harbour, Ontario, on the tip of Lake Ontario. Great Lakes region, Burlington, Hamilton, Canada, shipping and boating culture.
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Hood and Bismarck: The Deep-Sea Discovery of an Epic Battle
The meeting of Bismarck and HMS Hood in 1941 ended with the destruction of the two battleships and the loss of 3500 lives. The Bismarck had only been on the seas for six days, and within minutes of the battle had sunk the Hood, which went down in just three-and-a-half minutes. In retaliaton the British sent every available ship and plane to destroy Bismarck. Only nine days after she first set sail she was destroyed. For six years David Mearns and his team at Blue Water Recoveries have been researching the position of HMS Hood. Tieing in to the 60th anniversary of the battle, the book is a mixture of history and adventure and inclues interviews with survivors of both ships. Illustrated throughout with state-of-the-art underwater photography of the wrecks, computer graphics and sonar scans, as well as archive paintings and photographs showing this dramatic battle.
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Long Point: Last Port of Call
It is hard to imagine when cruising the waters off Long Point, Ontario, on a beautiful summer's day, that one is travelling in an area known as the "graveyard" of the Great Lakes. This body of water has for over two centuries taken a vast toll of lives, ships and cargoes. Long Point: Last Port of Call tells the story of a number of these shipwreck disasters that occurred off this treacherous sandspit.
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Lusitania: Triumph, Tragedy, and the End of the Edwardian Age
On the 100th Anniversary of its sinking, King and Wilson tell the story of the Lusitania's glamorous passengers and the torpedo that ended an era and prompted the US entry into World War I. Lusitania: She was a ship of dreams, carrying millionaires and aristocrats, actresses and impresarios, writers and suffragettes, a microcosm of the last years of the waning Edwardian Era and the coming influences of the Twentieth Century. When she left New York on her final voyage, she sailed from the New World to the Old; yet an encounter with the machinery of the New World, in the form of a primitive German U-Boat, sent her and her gilded passengers, to their tragic deaths and opened up a new era of indiscriminate warfare. A hundred years after her sinking, Lusitania remains an evocative ship of mystery. Was she carrying munitions that exploded? Did Winston Churchill engineer a conspiracy that doomed the liner? Lost amid these tangled skeins is the romantic, vibrant, and finally heartrending tale of the passengers who sailed aboard her. Lives, relationships, and marriages ended in the icy waters off the Irish Sea; those who survived were left haunted and plagued with guilt. Now, authors Greg King and Penny Wilson resurrect this lost, glittering world to show the golden age of travel and illuminate the most prominent of Lusitania's passengers. Rarely was an era so glamorous; rarely was a ship so magnificent; and rarely was the human element of tragedy so quickly lost to diplomatic maneuvers and militaristic threats.
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Mary Rose – King Henry VIII’s warship 1510-45: Insights into the construction, operation, rescue and restoration of a great Tudor ship and its contents
From the time that Henry VIII's warship Mary Rose was raised from the Solent in 1982 after 437 years on the seabed, to the present day, she has been constantly in the public eye. The Tudor ship and the 19,000 artifacts recovered from within her are a fascinating time capsule of life in Tudor times as well as offering unique insights into life in Henry's navy.
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Peril at Sea: A Photographic Story of Shipwrecks in the Pacific
Around the shores of the Pacific Ocean, along the western coastline of California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alaska, lie the remains of legions of vessels of every description and every flag. Some lie buried in the depths, never to be found. Others lie as twisted remains along the beaches or entombed down in the sands. Still others have been completely eradicated by the forces of nature. A few carried treasure; some have been recovered but most never will be. Though the greatest treasure has been discovered along the Caribbean and eastern seaboards, most of it was originally lost there while much of the Pacific lay undiscovered. The Pacific rim may yet yield finds of fabulous value. These ideas and many others are explored in Jim Gibbs' most recent book, Peril at Sea. This is a fascinating work on peril at sea and the continuing battle of man against the elements. Each chapter is an accurate chronicle by location of the ships and their sailors who met fateful ends along the Pacific Coastline.
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RMS Titanic Manual: 1909-1912 Olympic Class
The world famous ocean liner Titanic, which sank on her maiden voyage in 1912, is the latest subject to receive the Haynes Manual treatment. With an authoritative text and hundreds of illustrations, see how this leviathan was built, launched and fitted out. Read about her lavish passenger accommodation. Learn about the captain's responsibilities, including the operation of a transatlantic liner. Consider the chief engineer's view -- how did he manage the huge engines and other onboard systems? What was it like to operate luxury ocean liner from the perspective of Titantic's owner, the White Star line?
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Sea Disasters: The Truth Behind the Tragedies
The sea is an unforgiving arena where the slightest error can spell certain disaster. Over the last century, hundreds of ships have met their watery graves as the result of human error, mechanical Failure, acts of aggression, or the awesome power of the sea itself. Each of the 50 disasters chronicled and illustrated in this fascinating book is vividly related. From the sinking of the USS Maine off of Cuba in 1898, the tragedy of the Titanic in 1912, the grounding of the tanker Exxon Valdez in 1989, and the Acille Lauro fire of 1994, derailed explanations, along with photographs and artwork, outline the causes and human dramas behind each disaster.
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Shipwrecks! The very word evokes dramatic stories, images of tragedy and courage alike -- the Titanic going down as its orchestra played, the surprise torpedoing of the passenger ship Lusitania during World War I. Cathie Cush, an experienced diver, brings these stories alive with fascinating tales of once-great mistresses of the sea that now rest upon the ocean floor, and the people and the cargo they carried. Chock-full of lavish illustrations and practical information on seeing these wrecks under the sea, Shipwrecks goes beneath the waves to bring readers the underwater world.
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Shipwrecks & Seafaring Tales of Prince Edward Island
In the 450 years since Jacques Cartier’s arrival, Prince Edward Island’s history has been tied to the sea. From the first explorers to immigrants, traders, sailors, and fishermen, thousands of seafaring people and their ships have come and gone--many lost to the relentless ocean. Their stories, though, survive in legends and folklore, in archives and family histories. From PEI author Julie V. Watson comes the telling of these legends in this new edition of Shipwrecks and Seafaring Tales of Prince Edward Island.
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Shipwrecks in the Americas
Superb well-researched guide to every major shipwreck in the western hemisphere, from time of Columbus to ca. 1825. Expert advice on locating, surveying, excavating, identifying, and preserving artifacts from sunken vessels. Also detailed catalog of wrecks arranged by year and locality --- over 300 pages and 4,000 listings. 73 illustrations
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Shipwrecks of Lake Erie: Tragedy in the Quadrangle
The great lakes have seen many ships meet their end, but none so much as Lake Erie. As the shallowest of the Great Lakes, Lake Erie is prone to sudden waves and wildly shifting sandbars. The steamer Atlantic succumbed to these conditions when, in 1852, a late night collision brought 68 of its weary immigrant passengers to watery graves. The 1916 Black Friday Storm sank four ships, including the "unsinkable" James B. Colgate, in the course of its 20-hour tantrum over the lake. In 1954, a difficult fishing season sent the Richard R into troubled waters in the hopes of catching a few more fish. One of the lakes sudden storms drowned the boat and three-man crew. At just 50 miles wide and 200 miles long, Lake Erie has claimed more ships per square mile than any other body of freshwater. Author David Frew dives deep to discover the mysteries of some of Lake Erie's most notorious wrecks.
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The Discovery of the Titanic
An account of the author's discovery of the wreck of the 'Titanic' after years of planning and research.
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The Light on Chantry Island
Thousands of American and Canadian lighthouse-lovers visit the Chantry Island lighthouse on Lake Huron each year. Built off Southampton, Ontario in 1859 after a series of disastrous shipwrecks, this lighthouse is one of the most charming, history-filled lights on the Great Lakes.
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The Wexford: Elusive Shipwreck of the Great Storm, 1913
The steamer Wexford, with her flared bow, tall masts, and her open, canvas-sided hurricane deck, charmed spectators as she carried cargo across the Great Lakes. The romance and adventure of her British and French history in the South American trade followed her. Under newly appointed 24-year-old captain Bruce Cameron, her fateful final voyage was punctuated with opportunities to be saved from destruction , but his persistence in trying to make port at Goderich led to tragedy - a victim of the storm of 1913. Over a period of 87 years, she eluded many efforts to locate her remains, but was finally discovered in 2000 by a sailor using a fish-finding device. Since then, she has been visited by thousands, but sadly plundered. Our story traces her history from her British origins in 1883, through the transition to become a "Laker," the eventful storm, the search, and her ultimate discovery in southern Lake Huron, and the controversy over how she should be protected.
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The doomed maiden voyage of the Titanic nearly a hundred years ago affected all levels of society. Titanic is a large-format, fully illustrated, hands-on expedition through the ship itself. It tells the story of the sailing experience and the tragic end. The text is written from the viewpoint of a journalist narrator on board for the maiden voyage. Throughout the book, this story comes to life with precise reproductions of printed items from the period, such as: - Tickets - Postcards - Newspaper clippings - Telegrams - Official technical data - Envelopes and letters - Certificate of seaworthiness The narrator journalist visits every area of the ship, describing little-known facts and revealing details often missed. For example, not everyone knows that the Titanic's fourth funnel was only a hollow fake intended solely to make the ship look bigger and appear faster. The journalist's tour leads to the bridge just when disaster strikes. Then the tone changes from simple wonder to growing horror. The narrator's imaginary account is combined with actual eyewitness accounts of the sinking, including those by surviving children. The aftermath of the tragedy that took 1,500 lives is covered and includes the reports and inquiries of the official investigation. Titanic is a richly detailed and dramatic interactive experience for readers of all ages.
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Titanic: An Illustrated History
Dramatic illustrations and poignant tales bring to life the magnificent Titanic in this encyclopedic volume. A rich and masterful depiction, this documentation includes original photographs taken by survivors and countless images of artifacts and debris found on the ocean floor, giving readers the most comprehensive representation of the ship to date. The interviews with the liners passengers and striking, dramatic paintings uncover the legacy of the Titanic and recount the stories of the families lost in the sea.
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Titanic: An Illustrated History
Dramatic illustrations and poignant tales bring to life the magnificent Titanic in this encyclopedic volume. A rich and masterful depiction, this documentation includes original photographs taken by survivors and countless images of artifacts and debris found on the ocean floor, giving readers the most comprehensive representation of the ship to date. The interviews with the liners passengers and striking, dramatic paintings uncover the legacy of the Titanic and recount the stories of the families lost in the sea.
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Treacherous Waters: Kingston’s Shipwrecks
Shipwrecks abound at the eastern end of Lake Ontario, near the present-day city of Kingston, Ontario, strategically located where the lake ends and the St. Lawrence River begins. This region prides itself in its wide-ranging maritim history, from the construction of the largest warships every employed on the Great Lakes to the first-ever scuttling of a commercial vessel for the express purpose of creating a Great Lakes scuba dive attraction. In this comprehensive maritime history book, read the true, detailed, dramatic tales about Kingston's shipwrecks, more than 200 of them: those which scuba divers are exploring, as well as the many wrecks in this area which have yet to be located. Each one has a fascinating story behind it! This book is a 6-inch by 9-inch softcover, with 248 pages, 110 black-and-white photos (archival, underwater and surface), several line drawings and maps, endnotes, bibliography and index.
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