“Unsinkable”: The Full Story of RMS Titanic
Just before midnight on April 14, 1912, the ocean liner Titanic struck an iceberg. Less than three hours later, she lay at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, having taken with her more than 1,500 of the roughly 2,200 people on board. Even now, a century later, no other ship in history has attracted so much attention, stirred up such powerful emotion, or accumulated as many legends. "Unsinkable" provides a fresh look at the Titanic 's incredible story. Following the great ship from her conception to her fateful collision to the ambitious attempts to salvage her right up to the present day, Daniel Allen Butler draws on thirty years of research to explore the tragedy and its aftermath in remarkable depth and detail. The result is a must-read for anyone interested in the Titanic.
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A Guide to the Shipwreck Sites Along the Washington Coast
Dramatic sea rescues, tragic shipwrecks, tales of personal daring… The Washington coast, with its treacherous offlying reefs, shallow bar port entrances and storm-swept headlands, has claimed many fine ships and crews. R. E. Wells, in A Guide to Shipwreck Sites Along the Washington Coast, has captured the dramatic moments in his fine illustrations and absorbing text. Wells portrays a wide range of vessel types, and has chosen those of particular historical importance. This is a book for anyone with an interest in Washington’s marine history – for browsing in the bookshelf at home or handy in the glove compartment of the car while travelling. And for the visiting friend, it is the perfect souvenir of the coast.
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A Real Runabouts Review of Outboard Motors

Bob Speltz Softcover 144 pages Out of Print. Used. Very good condition. Please ask for details.

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All in the Same Boat
All In The Same Boat is the first of two books written by Paul Howard and Fiona McCall on their journey sailing with their two children on a small junk rigged sail boat named Lorcha. The book is a journal of their account from Toronto, across the Atlantic to the Azores, across the Atlantic again via the Canary Islands, and on to the Panama Canal.
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Alligators of the North: The Story of the West & Peachey Steam Warping Tugs
The Alligator was an amphibious machine designed and patented in Canada in the late 1880s. This warping tug was capable of towing a log boom across a lake and then portaging itself to the next body of water. Steam-powered and rugged, it was one of the pioneers in the mechanization of the forest industry and for more than thirty years was ubiquitous in northern Ontario until eclipsed by its worthy successor the Russel tug.
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American Postwar Luxury Liners
After WWII, U.S. ports hosted the most luxurious and famous liners constructed by American master shipbuilders. These peacetime ambassadors carried refugees from war-torn lands to new lives in our shining cities and enabled leisurely travel in sparkling new American liners to tropical ports around the globe. The fascinating story of America's postwar luxury passenger liners like the famed United States, the fastest liner in the world, and her consort America, the American Export “sunliners” Constitution and Independence, Grace Lines fleet of luxury liners like the Santa Paula and Santa Rosa, the Moore-McCormack liners Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, the “white ships” of the Matson Line, such as the Lurline and Monterey, and the American President liners President Polk and President Monroe along with period photographs, advertisements, menus, post cards and other memorabilia.
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Another Place, Another Time: A U-Boat Officer’s Wartime Album
Anyone with an interest in the U-boat service of WWII will want to read this book, the record of the last three years of active service in the war, as recollected by Werner Hirschmann, a former Kriegsmarine officer. It is, as the author makes plain, not a U-boat history but an inside look at the rigorous training that officer cadets underwent prior to commissioning into the elite U-boat arm. Training alone took some two years and as an engineering officer one was entrusted with the smooth running of all mechanical and electrical systems, everything from valves and pumps, batteries and engines, bilge to control room and bridge, and all intricate functions of maintaining a U-boat under water. As outlined in the book, to earn the Master Diving Diploma and rank of Leutnant Ing. (Lt., Engineer) meant that one had successfully mastered all tests required for the safe running and diving of an unterseeboot as determined by overseeing training officers. Serving under four commanders over three years, on U-190, U-331, U-375, U-612, Hirschmann describes his survival as stemming from the level of technical training obtained at the Marineschule, Mürwik, the German Annapolis, partly luck, and the result of camaraderie and skill amongst the officers and crew on each boat.
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Basic Essentials: Sea Kayaking (2nd Edition)
An information-packed tool for the novice or handy reference for the veteran. Distills years of knowledge in an affordable and portable book.
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Beautiful Engines: Treasures of the Internal Combustion Century
The human stories behind the development of the internal combustion engine are combined with full-color photographs in this coffee-table book to present the beauty of the engines themselves. In addition to the portrait-quality photographs, line drawings, cutaways, and clear text describe how each engine works and its primary uses. The fascinating histories of the engineers and inventors who built these pioneering machines— stories of fame and fortune and tragedy and ruin are also told. Key stationary and marine engines from France, Germany, and the United Kingdom are shown in addition to famous U.S. engines from such manufacturers as International Harvester and Fairbanks-Morse.
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Beautiful Outboards
This unique collection of outboard motors highlights the aesthetic and technical qualities of these powerful machines. Each engine, selected for its historical significance, is beautifully photographed and features a discussion of its history, importance in advancing technology, collectibility, and technical attributes. Ranging from 1901 and the introduction of the first gasoline "rowboat? motors through the ingenious outboards of the 1960s, this guide covers the finest engines from Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury, Champion, Elto, and others.
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Big-Block Chevy: Marine Performance
Dennis Moore, details the differences between automotive and marine performance components and design. Topics covered include: The differences between auto and marine engines -- Starters, flywheels, ignition systems, exhaust and cooling -- Parts combinations and recommendations for performance applications Also included are photo/how-to sequences and instructions on build-up and installation as well as tuning and repair.
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Bluenose Master: The Memoirs of Captain Ernest K. Hartling
Captain Ernest Hartling, born in Spanish Ship Bay, Nova Scotia, in 1906, takes us on a voyage through a life crammed with adventure, colour, and excitement.
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Bluenose Master: The Memoirs of Captain Ernest K. Hartling
Captain Ernest Hartling, born in Spanish Ship Bay, Nova Scotia, in 1906, takes us on a voyage through a life crammed with adventure, colour, and excitement.
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Award-winning photographer John de Visser and lifelong cottager Judy Ross take readers inside 45 of the North Country's most enticing boathouses -- the rustic, the charming, the grand, the glamorous. Some date back to the 1800s and have changed little over the past century; others are recent eye-catching additions to the water's edge. Styles range from Victorian lavish to Shaker simplicity to Adirondack modern. Inside are inspired sitting rooms, bedrooms, baths, kitchens, and cherished collections of antiques and memorabilia. Lush color photographs reveal how owners, architects, and designers have made each working boathouse an exceptional place to live as well as a perfect home for prized canoes, sleek motorboats, vintage mahogany launches and, in one case, a day-sailer with a 35-foot mast. Boathouses is brimming with design ideas for cottagers, decorators, builders, architects -- even landlocked homeowners.
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Boats Unlimited

Harold Wilson Hardcover 280 pages Out of Print. New old stock.

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Bowen Island Passenger Ferries
This book features numerous photos of early Canadian ferries, including classic wooden boats such as launches and speed boats. Photos are reproduced on high quality paper. The book tells the story of early travel to the Bowen Island holiday resort during the period 1921 - 1956. The central character in this enterprise was Tommy White, who became known to thousands of vacationers. White coped with competitors, politicians, and the Great Depression. This is a true story of boats, people, politics, and romance.
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By Steam Boat and Steam Train: The Story of the Huntsville and Lake of Bays Railway and Navigation Companies
A great little book about romantic holiday steamers and the small train that linked them.
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Cadillac of Destroyers: HMCS St. Laurent and Her Successors
HMCS St. Laurent was the Navy's first postwar antisubmarine vessel, designed and built entirely in Canada, commissioned in 1955. Classed as a destroyer escort, she was the most advanced of her kind, and caused a considerable stir in world naval circles. She was the first of twenty very similar ships whose sleek lines quickly earned them the nickname "Cadillacs."These ships were followed in the 1970s by the different looking Iroquois class of destroyer-helicopter carriers, and since 1992 by the ultramodern City class patrol frigates. The development and careers of each of these classes of ships is illustrated, with before and after photographs of the many whose appearance has been altered by rebuilding.
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Canoe Routes of Ontario
It's no surprise that Kevin Callan lives in Peterborough, Ontario, deep in the heart of canoe country and home to the Canadian Canoe Museum. He has written 12 other books on canoe trips in Ontario, and this new book will be welcomed by his many readers, especially novice canoeists. Some of these routes are well known, and others are hidden secrets. Callan gives all the information paddlers need to complete each route, from detailed descriptions and maps of all access points to accurate portage lengths and important river features, as well as general advice on everything from running rapids to shuttle arrangements - all embellished with historical notes and his trademark humor. Ranging from two-day paddles to week-long expeditions, Top 50 Canoe Routes of Ontario includes 40 routes taken from Callan's Paddler's Guides series, including: • Turtle River • White River • Nellie Lake Loop • Eighteen-Mile Island Loop • Old Voyageur Channel • Big Trout Loop • Nipissing River • Barron Canyon • Leopold's North Country Loop • The Pines Loop • Sturgeon Lake/Olifaunt Lake • Wabakimi Provincial Park • Bark Lake Loop • York River The book also includes 10 new routes that Callan has yet to share with his readers. They include: • Elliot Lake Blue Lake Loop • Lake Superior Provincial Park's Old Woman Lake • Spanish River, Biscotasing Lake Loop • Island Lake • Upper Ottawa River • Algonquin's South Panhandle Here are the 50 best canoe routes of Ontario as chosen by one of Canada's most famous paddlers.
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Readers will experience the rumble of powerful inboards and admire the sleek lines of lovingly crafted wood hulls as they cut a wake through this colorful, model-by-model history of Chris-Craft. Modern color photography of runabouts, cruisers, and yachts are accompanied by detail shots of stylish interiors and brawny engines and comparisons to models built from Chris-Craft's competitors. A selection of black-and-white photography provides imagery of key personalities and Chris-Craft boatworks from 1922 through the last fiberglass models.
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Chris-Craft of the 1950s
Climb aboard for a delightful cruise in the runabouts, cabin cruisers, and luxury yachts of the '50s. Unprecedented growth spawned a record number of Chris-Craft creations, including Rivieras, Cobras, Sportsmans, and Constellations, plus Cavaliers and Kit Boats, the Sea Skiffs, and Roamers. Dozens of incredible color photographs put you at the helm for a high seas tour through the popular boats of this prolific powerboat company.
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Classic Boats of the Thousand Islands
The Thousand Islands region is one of the most picturesque in North America. For dedicated boating enthusiasts, it is a recreational waterway without equal. For antique boat collectors, it is a mecca of glistening mahogany and hand-polished brass. Classic Boats of the Thousand Islands explores the region's rich boatbuilding heritage, including: • The unique St. Lawrence skiff • Lavish custom runabouts and sport boats • Cruisers and yachts • Floating limousines, sedans and commuters Noted boat historian Anthony Mollica Jr. guides readers on a tour of the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, New York, with its in-water fleet and the area's best boatbuilding and restoration shops. Many of the boats featured are in pristine condition and have won awards in prestigious boat shows. Other reliable vintage watercraft in regular service on the river are also shown. The boats were photographed near their boathouses, on home waters, moored dockside or at speed, giving full spray.
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Classic Sail
No vehicle on land or sea can match the timeless lines and simple beauty of the classic sailboat. The ultimate marriage of form and function, its basic design and use have endured through the centuries with few changes. A noted boating writer tells the long and rich story of this elegant form of transportation and popular pastime. An authoritative text and striking, full-color photographs chronicle the evolution of sail, from the early days, when it opened the world up to exploration and trade, to its current popularity as a form of recreation and competition. Celebrated wood- and wood-and-metal-hulled sailboats from throughout the ages appear in vivid detail, with discussions of their historical significance. Vintage designs, day sailors, cruisers, racing classics, luxurious yachts, replicas and reinterpretations: each one will set your imagination afire. Includes complete source and kit information for obtaining plans for featured boats.
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Classic Speedboats: 1916-1939
Experience the heyday of speedboats-an era when speed was still a novel plaything of the wealthy, and boats were raced as passionately as Duesenbergs and Bugattis. Powered by monstrous inboard engines-the fruits of wartime technology-these luxurious specimens and their intrepid pilots competed fiercely with rivals around the world. Relish in meticulous cutaway drawings, archival photography and opulent color shots of impeccably restored mahogany torpedoes cleaving the waves today, just as they did in years past.
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Commercial Ships on the Great Lakes
For centuries, millions of tons of cargo have moved across the five Great Lakes. The lakes have always held on to the old-school ways of using single screw tugboats, steam propulsion, and incredibly talented engineers and captains who can maneuver their vessels in and out of tight quarters and winding tributaries. Although the Great Lakes are holding on to their old ways, big changes are occurring and we are at the end of an era. Original and historic images show ore boats, tugboats, barges, passenger vessels, and workboats at work on the lakes. Final chapters in the boneyard show the near and ultimate demise of these great ships at the end of an era, with newer construction techniques and technically advanced ships replacing the old-timers.
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Committed to the Deep: Stories and Memoirs
Read, as they tell it, yarns and anecdotes about: collision at sea, disappearances, house wrecked by a boat, fire and explosion, driven across the ocean and into Scotland, lighthouses, St. Pierre, rescue in mid-ocean, a kedgie's work, a woman's heroics, the Greenland armed escort and much more.
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Corvettes Canada: Convoy Veterans of WWII Tell Their True Stories
The Canadian escort group C 2 was comprised of the RCN destroyers Gatineau and Chaudiere, the frigate St. Catharines, the Corvettes Chilliwack and Fennel, and the RN destroyer Icarus. these six and the RN corvette Kenilworth castle combined to sing U-744 in the North Atlantic in a prolonged drama on March 5 and 6, 1944. At 32 hours, this the second-longest successful hunt of the war.
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Describes the history, uses and types of military cruisers, including the nuclear powered models of today.
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Disaster Great Lakes
This book chronicles fifty of the most terrible events to strike people on these vast inland seas and in surrounding communities. Erratic weather on the Great Lakes has brought down ships from War of 1812 schooners to the legendary 'Edmund Fitzgerald'. On shore, great fires devastated young cities like Chicago and Toronto and cut high swaths through the forests. Train wrecks, explosions and environmental disasters like the Love Canal has been painful catalysts of change. In all the stories, the many ways people respond in times of crisis reveal the human core in all its complexity.
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Dodge Boats
Dodge Boats is a must-have for any boating enthusiast who wishes to take a spin back through a powerful boating era. In the antique powerboat world, Dodge ranks as one of the most prolific builders of all time. Inside, readers will find the dramatic story of how one of America's elite automobile families poured its heart, soul, and personal fortune into developing some of the finest handling and most powerful boats of their time.
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Drag Boats of the 1960s
The time has come to chronicle a photo archival book of Drag Boats of the 1960s aptly named “The Rebel Decade.” This was the birth of “whip-start” dragsters which led to today's organized drag boat racing. Recognized and featured are those racing legends like Larry Schwabenland, Ray Caselli, Gary Gabelich, Dwight Bale, hot boat builders like Rich Hallett, “Sanger Jack” Davidson, Rudy Raymos, engine builders Keith Black, Dave Zeuschel, Ed Pink, Louis Unser and many others who reigned in their heyday. These mavericks dared to mix unleashed speed-on-the-water with smoke and fire, thunderous nitro or powerful blown gas while avoiding the moment when their boat could take a deadly spin, nose dive or flight many failed. Drag Boats of the 1960s Photo Archive is a team effort by many of those who were there; only they could have created this riveting history on the fastest, most exciting and dangerous era in water sports.
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Drug Busters: The High-Tech War on Drugs

Henry Rasmussen Hardcover 128 pages Out of Print. New old stock.

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Encyclopaedia of the Modern Royal Navy: Including the Fleet Air Arm and Royal Marines
This book covers all aspects of the contemporary Royal Navy and includes information on the Fleet Air Arm, Royal Marines, auxiliaries, and numerous vessels, aircraft, weapons, uniforms, and insignia.
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Engines Afloat: The Gasoline Era
A rich look at the early years of American marine engines, their development and perfection, and the impact they had on the industries they served, both pleasure and commercial. Volume 1 focuses on the development of the gasoline engine, and includes lots for Gold Cup and runabout fans.
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Engines Afloat: The Gasoline/Diesel Era
When U.S. landing craft churned toward Normandy on D-Day morning, each was powered by a revolutionary diesel engine developed in a decade-long project overseen by Charles Kettering of General Motors. Based on the material in the Kettering archives and other primary sources, this book chronicles the development of the practical diesel engine and the impact of both diesel and heavy-duty gasoline engines on fisherman, towboats, and the Navy. Included is a discussion of how internal combustion supplanted steam in riverboats and a look at the Navy's adoption of internal combustion engines.
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Explorers: The Most Exciting Voyages of Discovery – From the African Expeditions to the Lunar Landing (1st Edition)
One of the most exciting periods of exploration coincided with the invention of photography. As a result, the most important expeditions over the last 160 years were captured and preserved by incredibly dramatic images. Explorers gathers together hundreds of these rare archival photographs plus maps, prints and drawings reproduced on stunning gatefolds. Text includes a short biography of each explorer, the extraordinary stories of their expeditions and passages from their personal journals. In all, 53 stories are featured. Many are familiar and others less known but deserving of wider recognition. Several women also receive just due for their unequaled bravery and fortitude. Some of the explorers featured are: • David Livingstone and the "missionary road" • Henry Stanley, looking for Livingstone • Isabella Bird Bishop in China • Ernest Shackleton in Antarctica • Timothy O'Sullivan recording the Wild West • Roald Amundsen, the Northwest Passage and the South Pole • Gertrude Bell in Iraq • Maria Reiche in Peru • Thor Heyerdahl and the Kon-Tiki raft across the Pacific • Freya Stark, a solitary female explorer of the Middle East • Nikolai Mikhailovich Przhevalsky, mapmaker to the czar • Edmund Hillary atop Mount Everest • Challenger exploring deep space • Alexandra David-Néel in the heart of Tibet. Those interested in history and exploration will find Explorers an engaging addition to their library.
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