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Car and Driver (May 1981)
Car and Driver is an American automotive enthusiast magazine. Car and Driver is notable for its irreverent tone and habit of "telling it like it is," especially with regard to underperforming automobiles. The magazine also frequently delves into controversial issues, especially in regard to politics. The editorial slant of the magazine is decidedly pro-automobile. However, the intrusion of politics into editorial columns rarely intrudes into reviews of cars themselves or feature articles. For example, the columnists have been highly critical of SUVs on the basis that minivans or car-based utes are almost always better, more drivable choices. This issue covers the following topics: De Lorean A Star is Born Where The Money Was - Shades of Billy Durant Datsun 280-ZX Turbo Chevrolet Cavalier Isuzu I-Mark Diesel Readers' Choice Poll Awards 1981 The 24 Hours of Daytona Hawg Heaven Denbeighs Pull the Plub Requiem for a Racetrack Compound Interest AMC Eagle SX/4 Honda Civic Four-Door B+B Diamant Dietel/Alpina BMW 330i Datsun Diesel Pickup
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