200 Years Yonge: A History
The Yonge Street as conceived by Lieutenant-Governor John Graves Simcoe is celebrated, from its beginning as a First Nation’s Trail, to the Yonge Street we know today, extending from Toronto to Innisfil. Augustus Jones, the surveyor assigned by Simcoe, the French, the German pioneers, the Loyalists – all were to influence the building of Yonge Street. With the building of a route came tolls, inns, villages, more immigrants and ultimately an avenue of economy serving as the key transportation route for the people, goods and services that represent our province.
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A Guide to the Transport Museums of Great Britain

Jude Garvey Hardcover 240 pages Out of Print. Used. Previous owner’s signature inside.

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Coca Cola: A History in Photographs 1930-1969
A history of the world's most recognized company in photos from the archives of The Coca-Cola Company. Here are nostalgic photos of billboards, signs, bottling trucks, store fronts, soda fountains, bottling plants & more. The years of the depression, World War II, the 50s and the space age are all reflected in this impressive collection.
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Explorers: The Most Exciting Voyages of Discovery – From the African Expeditions to the Lunar Landing (1st Edition)
One of the most exciting periods of exploration coincided with the invention of photography. As a result, the most important expeditions over the last 160 years were captured and preserved by incredibly dramatic images. Explorers gathers together hundreds of these rare archival photographs plus maps, prints and drawings reproduced on stunning gatefolds. Text includes a short biography of each explorer, the extraordinary stories of their expeditions and passages from their personal journals. In all, 53 stories are featured. Many are familiar and others less known but deserving of wider recognition. Several women also receive just due for their unequaled bravery and fortitude. Some of the explorers featured are: • David Livingstone and the "missionary road" • Henry Stanley, looking for Livingstone • Isabella Bird Bishop in China • Ernest Shackleton in Antarctica • Timothy O'Sullivan recording the Wild West • Roald Amundsen, the Northwest Passage and the South Pole • Gertrude Bell in Iraq • Maria Reiche in Peru • Thor Heyerdahl and the Kon-Tiki raft across the Pacific • Freya Stark, a solitary female explorer of the Middle East • Nikolai Mikhailovich Przhevalsky, mapmaker to the czar • Edmund Hillary atop Mount Everest • Challenger exploring deep space • Alexandra David-Néel in the heart of Tibet. Those interested in history and exploration will find Explorers an engaging addition to their library.
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IC Engines Vol. 1: Eighteen Unusual Engine Patents from 1881 through 1890
Reprint of publications of the Unites States Patent Office.
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IC Engines Vol. 2: Eighteen Unusual Engine Patents from 1880 through 1895
Towards the end of the 1800s the concept of the internal combustion engine was high on the list of things that needed to be invented. During this period a lot of rather strange looking designs were patented. This book is a reprint of eighteen patents issued between 1880 and 1895 by the United States Patent Office. Most of the designs probably never made it so far as to become a running engine. Some of the others have inventors whose names are still recognized, such as Gottlieb Daimler and Rudolf Diesel.
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Iron, Steam and Wood: 150 Years with the Waterous Engine Works Company
Read this fascinating corporate history as it tells how the Waterous Engine Works Company supplied machinery to fuel the development and growth of the country. From the simple iron castings that came out of the 1844 foundry, the family company pioneered and became a leader in several fields. Their sawmills were a major factor in the growth of the lumber industry. Waterous steam fire engines became the stuff of lore. Huge Waterous traction engines helped to open up the vast prairie expanses to farming. Complex pulpwood grinders became almost standard in the country's pulp and paper industry. The Waterous U.S. subsidiary was the first to build do e gasoline powered fire engines. As over 100 years gf Waterous management ended, the company turned to manufacture of wood harvesting equipment.
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Killer in the Bush: The Great Fires of Northeastern Ontario
Story of the Porcupine, Matheson, and Temiskaming fires of 1911-1922.
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King’s War: Mackenzie King and the Politics of War, 1939-1945
King's War is an extraordinary chronicle of raw politics & ruthless courage; of one man's "divine mission" to save Canada from dismembering itself over controversial wartime issues such as conscription, Japanese internment, the infamous "Zombie" army, and the tragic battles of Hong Kong & Dieppe, where thousands of Canadian soldiers lost their lives.
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Lost Drag Strips II: More Ghosts of Quarter-Miles Past
Fresh on the heels of the best-selling book Lost Drag Strips comes a new look at other long-lost and forgotten drag racing facilities from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. In the first volume, the author examined the birth of drag racing and its subsequent popularity that invaded every city and community across America. Unfortunately, after the initial explosion of popularity, it waned, and various drag strips closed for a myriad of reasons. Financial pressure for the real estate they occupied, suburban sprawl, and waning participation were all reasons for the change in fortunes for the small, and even not-so-small, racetracks. The first volume was great, but readers demanded more Lost Drag Strips II picks up where the first volume left off, covering even more tracks with archival photos of racing in the tracks' heyday, the cars that ran there, and coverage of the tracks as they exist today. This volume also includes some of the tracks that survived, those that fought off the economic demons and the urban sprawl and continue to run today. Tracks in this volume include: Fort Wainwright/Racing Lions Motorsports Park, Avenue G Drag Strip, Fremont/Baylands Drag Strip, San Fernando Drag Strip, Fontana Drag City, Inyokern Drag Strip, Kahuku Air Strip, Las Vegas Speedrome, Continental Divide Raceways, SRCA Drag Strip, Southwest Raceway, Willow Run Raceway, Minnesota Dragways, KCTA Drag Strip, Detroit Dragway, Niagara Airport Dragstrip, New York National Speedway, York US 30 Drag-O-Way, South Mountain Raceway, La Place Dragway, Yellow River Drag Strip, Thunderbolt Dragway, and more.
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Lost Muscle Cars: 45 Stories of Hunting the Most Elusive and Valuable Muscle Cars
In the world of archeology nothing compares to the discovery. Whether it’s related to King Tut’s tomb, the Titanic, or Amelia Earhart, the uncovering of an artifact outdoes all the research; work; and blood, sweat, and tears into a singular rush of adrenaline. In the world of the muscle car, some of the greatest creations are still waiting to be discovered. This book is a collection of stories written by enthusiasts about their quest to find these extremely rare and valuable muscle cars. You find four categories (Celebrity, Rare, Race Cars, and Concept/Prototype/Show Cars) within three genres (Missing, Lost History, Recently Discovered) that take you through the search for some of the most sought after muscle cars with names such as Shelby, Yenko, Hurst, and Hemi. Along the way, success stories including finding the first Z/28 Camaro, the 1971 Boss 302, and the 1971 Hemi 'Cuda convertible will make you wonder if you could uncover the next great muscle car find. Lost Muscle Cars includes 45 intriguing stories involving some of the most significant American iron ever created during the celebrated muscle car era. Readers will be armed with the tools to begin the quest to make the next great discovery in automotive archaeology!
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Midland on Georgian Bay: An Illustrated History of Midland, Ontario
This book is a treasury of historical events and images, from the town's beginnings as a Huron Village in the 1640s to its current status as a "High-Tech" town upscale residential and tourist destination. It covers topics such as the history of the Dollar Brothers, who founded the largest shipping lines in the USA; the post-glacial lake in the middle of town; the ski venue on the edge of town, as well as the Huronia Museum , which features the largest collection of Huron Culture artifacts and marine models and photographs of the Great lakes.
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Model Stationary Engines: Their Design and Construction

H. Muncaster Softcover Out of Print. Used.

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Muskoka Traditions
Handsomely illustrated, Muskoka Traditions captures the many ways of life that make Ontario's most famous lake district an extraordinary place for generation after generation of residents and cottagers. The first embracing dive of the season. Musky woodland hunts for springtime's wild leeks and mushrooms. Exciting annual regattas and glamorous vintage boat shows. Midsummer memories of big-band nights at Dunn's Pavilion. A tour aboard the majestic Segwun, the oldest commercial vessel in North America. Piloting a sleek mahogany launch along Millionaire's Row. Silent, snowy February days at historic Clevelands House. It's all here in this heartfelt collection of photographs and essays by two of Muskoka's longtime residents. You will meet boatbuilders and boat collectors, Native artisans and modern painters, farmers and steamboat engineers, owners of rustic cottages and proprietors of top-notch resorts, and explore how pioneer Muskoka became Ontario's cottage country. With a foreword by Ontario Lieutenant-Governor James Bartleman, this book presents an insider's look at Muskoka's rich history and culture.
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Niagara-on-the-Lake: Images of a Town
Profusely illustrated with colour and B&W paintings/drawings showing the history, architecture and life of this charming Southern Ontario town.
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Northwest Epic: The Building of the Alaska Highway
Northwest Epic is the panoramic story of the courageous U.S. Army Engineers and civilian contractors who toiled in the tense months after Pearl Harbor to build a 1,500-mile emergency supply line through the rugged Canadian Rockies to isolated military bases in Alaska. The construction of this winding gravel road--GI's called it the ALCAN--was very much an all-American adventure: blacks, whites, and natives working together under the harshest extremes of climate and terrain--racing to bolster Alaska's defenses and deter another Japanese attack on North American soil. It is a story of ambitious men, such as Lieutenant General Brehon B. Somervell, the Army's suavely ruthless chief logistician, who brooked no opposition to his grandiose schemes. "Dynamite in a Tiffany Box" some called him. It is the story of Master Sergeant Wansley Hill and thousands of other black soldiers who, unwanted by their country for duty on the front lines, nonetheless proved themselves steadfast heroes in the land of the midnight sun. And it is also the story of natives like Charlie McDonald, a guide whose intimate knowledge of the land--with its dense forests, impassable muskeg bogs, and unmapped mountain valleys--was used by the Army Engineers to help build a road that has brought fundamental change to a once-remote corner of the North American continent. The Alaska Highway--with its hundreds of bridges, chain of airfields, and oil refinery and pipeline system (known as CANOL)--opened to traffic in late 1942 and was in full use one year later. Though one of the greatest feats of twentieth-century macro-engineering, this huge project sparked as much protest as patriotism. Critics argued that the road was in the wrong place and would have little postwar value; a well-publicized investigation of CANOL's excesses gave a critical boost to the career of Senator Harry S. Truman. Despite such controversy, the completion of the highway provided a historical watershed for the territory of Alaska, for in the decades that followed, the land would be propelled, often reluctantly, from a pristine refuge, a nineteenth-century land inhabited by natives, dreamers, and rugged individualists, into the twentieth century. In the tradition of David McCullough's The Path Between the Seas, Heath Twichell's Northwest Epic is a sweeping and richly textured history, a book that tells of almost forgotten hardships and heroics during the darkest days of World War II.
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Old Car Detective: Favourite Stories, 1925 to 1965
In this hilarious collection of old car stories, Canada’s very own "Old Car Detective" Bill Sherk presents 80 of his favourite stories from all 10 provinces, spanning the years from 1925 to 1965. In this book you will meet the man in New Brunswick who chopped the top off his 1927 Whippet sedan in honour of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II; the young fellow from Kingston, Ontario, who thought his 1937 Ford coach looked better with all four fenders taken off; the owner of a 1947 Hudson that burned so much oil he had to wear a snorkel mask while driving it; the father who borrowed his son’s hot-rodded ’53 Monarch (built only in Canada!) and got pulled over by the police for street racing; and the grandmother who moved from England to Canada and drove her Morris Minor on the wrong side of the road. Behind every old car there’s a story waiting to be told, all the way from your grandparents’ Model T Ford to the Mustang you drove in high school. All the stories and photographs in this book are in chronological order from 1925 to 1965, giving you a 40-year journey through Canada’s rich automotive heritage and brought to life by the people who owned and drove the cars of yesteryear – and some still do! PART ONE (1925 to 1942) takes you from the middle of the Roaring Twenties to February 1942, when the Second World War brought automobile production to a halt for three long years. PART TWO (1946 to 1965) takes you through the Baby Boom years when cars driven by Canadians went through many exciting changes in styling and engineering. If you have ever owned (or still own) a car that was built between 1925 and 1965, turn to the last page in this book to see how you can send in your story for Bill Sherk’s next book.
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Parry Sound Logging Days
A collection of stories told by the men who worked the white pine logging camps and steam-powered mills of the late 1800s and early 1900s.
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Pictures from the Past: Huntsville: Lake of Bays
To celebrate the centenary of Huntsville, a delightful community in central Ontario long known as a summer resort area, the Research Committee of the Muskoka Pioneer Village has prepared a book of old photographs showing places and people in Huntsville and the townships of Brunei, Chaffey, Stephenson, Stisted, and the Lake of Bays. Each old photograph is accompanied by a story that has been an individual effort. This accounts for the various styles of writing and the depth of information relating to it. There are 126 photos, as well as old advertisements and maps, divided into chapters that outline early history, scenes, main street, industries, hotels, general stores, railway stations, fairgrounds, schools, churches, houses, resorts, and cottages. Unlike many local research groups, the Huntsville Centennial Committee has been especially careful to select only good quality photographs that have reproduced well and offer the real flavour of the community with the clarity that readers always hope for, but do not always get. Information and photographs were gathered from over 160 families with roots in the area, and the atmosphere of early Muskoka life has been captured successfully. The book is in horizontal format, contains a bibliography, but lacks an index.
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