The Story of Firefighting in Canada
The story of the fight against fire in Canada is filled with episodes of romance, adventure, excitement, heroism and high tragedy, but this has never before been assembled as a record for all to read. This book by Donal Baird, one of Canada's top authorities on the fire service and its history finally performs the long needed task. From the fire rules of Samuel de Champlain for his primitive first settlement at the site of Quebec City, to the fires in modern subways and highrise buildings, it is all here. Keeping the important technical milestones and the human story in balance, Mr. Baird traces the growth of commerce and society in a new civilization in the empty continent and the increased dependence on towns and cities as a nation grows. The compact nature of the urban community meant vulnerability to great losses by fire out of control and a necessity for organization of fire-fighting measures as a very early and vital public service. The growing pains of this service make fascinating reading as entertainment, sociology and technology. In a variety of ways in different communities, using many individual stories, the author shows us how the citizens banded together for mutual defense against the implacable enemy, how the powerful and political early volunteer fire companies kept life exciting for the municipal authorities until the gradual rise of a dedicated and professional fire service.
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Weller Brothers of Memphis Photo Archive
Weller Brothers was one of no fewer than four independent hearse and ambulance conversion businesses that flourished in the 1950s and 1960s. Unlike most other coachbuilders, Weller designed and fabricated hearses and ambulances on virtually any make of car supplied by the customer. The result was an astonishing variety of one-of-a-kind professional cars on nearly every marque sold by the U.S. big three, including Ford, Mercury, Lincoln, Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, Oldsmobile - and at least one Packard!
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Young Fire Equipment: 1932-1991 Photo Archive
This is the first and only book on Young Fire Equipment, a previously unpublished area. Throughout its 60-year history, Young was in the forefront of fire apparatus innovation. Both the fire service and fire apparatus historians have always recognized Young as a leader in design style and uniqueness. The company even produced three full-custom designs that were unique to the Young name. Fire enthusiasts of all kinds will want to add this distinct piece of fire apparatus history to their libraries.
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