Maxim Fire Apparatus Photo History
The complete history of the Maxim Motor Company, from its humble beginnings as a family owned business, through its heyday and subsequent decline. Maxim produced highly regarded fire apparatus and very early on established the Maxim ladder as one of the best available. WWII era trucks, motorcycle-pumpers, unfinished trucks, one-of-a-kinds, and many other previously unpublished photos are documented in detail by the author. Every Maxim fire apparatus buff will enjoy this book.
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Maxim Fire Apparatus: 1914-1989 Photo Archive
Follow the development of Maxim Motor Company's fire apparatus from the company's beginning in 1914, through numerous ownership changes and financial crises, up to its final days in the late 1980s. Although many of the company records were lost or destroyed, through meticulous research the author has filled in the details of the rigs shown. Carefully selected photographs create a magnificent photographic history of Maxim's fire apparatus that will appeal to all fire apparatus enthusiasts. Beginning with the first three Maxim apparatus built in 1914, included photos show commercial chassis and conventional chassis, pumpers, aerials, brush trucks, rescues and tankers. Also included are some of the unusual and one-of-a-kind rigs.
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Miller-Meteor: The Complete Illustrated History
Miller-Meteor is really the story of three companies - the A.J. Miller Company, the Meteor Motor Car Company, and Wayne Works. The only definitive book ever published on Miller-Meteor and its illustrious corporate predecessors, this tome is a multi-faceted history of three fiercely independent, yet interwoven, companies, the unique segment of the motor industry in which they were involved, their charismatic leaders and, most of all, their unique products. This volume showcases hundreds of never-before published original factory photographs.
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Miniature Emergency Vehicles
Fire boats and trucks, police cars, airport rescue vans, helicopters, and specialized equipment for emergency care are shown here in brightly coloured miniature toys of amazing variety. Each vehicle is shown in colour photos and identified by maker, date, size, and purpose. You can learn a lot by studying this equipment, even in miniature. Collect them all.
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Modern Fire Trucks: An Illustrated History
The roles of today's fire service have expanded to include Emergency Medical Services, Hazardous Materials, Urban Search & Rescue, and Wildland. These modern disciplines required a new breed of specialty apparatus and even the classic fire truck has transformed into multi-purpose rescue-pumpers, pumper-tankers, and an array of aerial trucks. An industry long dominated by legendary names is led by a new generation that includes Pierce, KME, E-One, Rosenbauer, Ferrara, and many others. This volume highlights fire trucks from 1980 to present, the culmination of the 20th Century into a new Millennium.
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Navy & Marine Corps Fire Apparatus: 1836-2000 Photo Gallery
This exciting look at U.S. Navy and Marine Corps fire apparatus illustrates and explains the firefighting equipment used at shore installations worldwide from the turn of the century to present. Rare and fascinating photographs depict everything from horse-drawn vehicles and early-motorized fire trucks to structural pumpers, aerial ladders, water tankers, brush trucks, gas turbine powered pumps, remote controlled robots, and more. All major U.S. and overseas manufacturers are represented, including: American LaFrance, Darley, Fire Trucks Incorporated, FWD, General, Global, KME, Mack, Maxim, Peter Pirsch, Pierce, Seagrave, Ward LaFrance, and more.
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New York City Fire Trucks
Take a ride with the New York Fire Department through a pictorial history, from the first horse-drawn pumpers to the newest ladder trucks. Over 400 photographs of NYC's firefighting trucks are organised chronologically, accompanied by insightful commentary about the trucks, equipment, and the times. Descriptive photo captions provide specifications and other technical information. A special photograph section pays tribute to the equipment used and lost in the World Trade Center disaster of 11 September.
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North-West Mounted Police

Rosemary Neering ISBN 10 – 0889021767 Softcover 64 pages Out of Print. New old stock.

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Pierce Arrow Fire Apparatus: 1979-1998 Photo Archive
Pierce Manufacturing Inc. is a nationally recognized fire apparatus manufacturer and a leader in the industry today. In the last two decades, Pierce has introduced an unparalleled series of new products and innovative design features that set the standard for the industry. Large, detailed photographs in this volume feature a cross-section of Pierce Arrow fire apparatus from all over the US. Every fire buff will want this significant piece of fire apparatus history.
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Pierce Fire Apparatus 1939-2006: An Illustrated History
Founded by Dudley and Humphrey Pierce in 1913, the Auto Body Works, of Appleton, Wisconsin, became noted for producing custom utility bodies on commercial truck chassis. In 1939, the Auto Body Works began building fire apparatus bodies to supplement its business. The company would eventually assume the name of Pierce Manufacturing. Propelled by an association with the famous Snorkel device and the introduction of products that would become fire service trends, Pierce became the new giant in the fire apparatus industry. Today, Pierce Manufacturing is a division of the Oshkosh Truck Corporation. This work informatively and vividly illustrates the history of Pierce fire apparatus from its first fire apparatus bodies to its ultra-modern machines of today. The progression of Pierce fire apparatus is displayed through the use of black and white photographs from both well-known fire apparatus photographers and company archives. Included are apparatus deliveries from every state in the United States, as well as exports to other countries, and examples of nearly every model and variation produced by Pierce. A vibrant color gallery shows fire apparatus in a wide array of color schemes specified by Pierce customers and displays the finest photographs available.
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Pierre Thibault Ltd. Fire Apparatus: 1918-1990 Photo Archive
Pierre Thibault Ltd. was Canada's largest and best known manufacturer of fire engines. Throughout its history, Thibault built every type of fire apparatus imaginable - engines, ladders, platforms, rescues, and specialized units on both commercial and its own line of custom cabs and chassis. Hand-picked photos, with detailed captions, create a magnificent photo history of Thibault's fire apparatus that will appeal to all fire apparatus enthusiasts.
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Police Cars: A Photographic History
Take a complete pictorial history tour of police vehicles through the ages with author Monty McCord -- from the horse drawn paddy wagons to the latest technologically advanced, laser-equipped "Corvette Cops" of the 1990s.
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Police Cars: Restoring, Collecting & Showing America’s Finest Sedans
Police cars are a unique breed, and their restoration can be much more difficult than other marques. Find out how to tackle this project the right way with help from Jim Post, founder of Police Car Owners of America, and Ed Sanow, author of many well-known publications on police cars. Police Cars provides insight into the cars, the emergency equipment, and the police heritage itself. Reveals a complete a ground-up restoration, from choosing the right car to locating all the equipment you will need, to showing the finished project.
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Saulsbury Fire Rescue Apparatus 1956-2003 Photo Archive
Known in the fire apparatus industry for innovation and high quality craftsmanship, saulsbury Fire and Rescue Apparatus is a true American success story. Founded in 1956 as a small, local builder of apparatus, the family owned business began to grow during the 1960s and 1960s as more and more area departments began ordering their new apparatus from the company because of their superior craftsmanship and attention to the customer's requirements. Over its 47+ year history, the company build numerous unusual and interesting trucks, most of which are included in this book. High quality phots and informative captions illustrate Saulsbury's unique and interesting designs.
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Seagrave 70th Anniversary Series Photo Archive
Take an exciting look at one of the most distinct fire engines in American fire apparatus history. High-quality builders' photos document the nineteen-year production life of the Seagrave 70th Anniversary Series. Coverage begins with the delivery of the first 70th Anniversary Series pumpers to Seagrave's hometown fire department in Columbus, Ohio, arid ends with the delivery of the last to New Haven, Connecticut. Photos range from stock-model pumpers and ladder trucks to custom-built one-offs like the huge rescue truck built for Syracuse, New York, a foam truck for oil refinery fires, and 70th Anniversary models built by Seagrave's Canadian subsidiary. Photos of factory-fresh rigs are complemented by shots of fire engines in production and in action.
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Seagrave Fire Apparatus 1959-2004 Photo Archive
A cross section of the custom rigs produced by the "Greatest Name in Fire Apparatus" during this time period-with great model names like: The Eagle, Astro-Tower, Invader, Commander, Marauder, Patriot, Apollo, Meanstick, Force, Flame, Specialist, and more.
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Standing Against Fire: A History of the Fire Service of Canada’s Military Forces and Department of National Defence
Standing Against Fire chronicles the history of the Fire Service that has served within Canada's military for the better part of a century. Today, the Fire Service is a cohesive organization with its members qualified to stringent international standards. However, for years after its tentative beginnings during World War I, the Fire Service led a nomadic existence, first as part of one military branch then another, before settling in as a component of the Military Engineers. Drawing on archival documents, personal memoirs, contemporary accounts, and military records, Standing Against Fire gathers together for the first time a comprehensive account of the Fire Service's legacy and accomplishments. Embarrassments, humorous tales and outstanding achievements by both fire crews and individual firefighters are recounted. Approximately 200 visuals complement the text. Standing Against Fire is a tribute to the men and women who have proudly and honourably served Canada in the Fire Service.
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TASC Fire Apparatus: 1946-1985 Photo Archive
This photographic look at the apparatus built by the small New Jersey manufacturer illustrates 40 years of progression from small commercial chassis to final customer units.
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The Dean of Steam Fire Engine Builders (336 of 1000)
Generously filled with black and white photographs, this book provides a detailed account of Ahrens steam fire engines. A great reference book for researchers and fire engine enthusiasts, with wonderful pictures and data.
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The Dean of Steam Fire Engine Builders (345 of 1000)
Generously filled with black and white photographs, this book provides a detailed account of Ahrens steam fire engines. A great reference book for researchers and fire engine enthusiasts, with wonderful pictures and data.
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The Evolution of Aerial Fire Apparatus
An inventive machinist in the San Francisco Fire Department repair shop, Daniel D. Hayes patented the first successful aerial ladder in America in 1868. At first these heavy ladders were raised by hand, by firefighters furiously turning cranks and handwheels. Early in the new century coil springs took the muscle work out of hoisting the aerial ladder and soon hydraulic power replaced manpower entirely. In the 140 years since they were introduced, aerial ladders have undergone continuous evolution and improvement. In the late 1950s, aerial firefighting in America was revolutionized by the introduction of the elevating platform. Today, firefighters battle major fires with massive aerial towers and telescopic aerial ladders. The only book wholly devoted to the evolution of aerial firefighting, this lavishly-illustrated volume by one of America’s most respected fire apparatus historians and authors covers them all: from long hook-and-ladder trucks drawn by straining three-horse hitches, early aerial ladders and the aerial’s heavy-artillery cousin—the water tower. Included are four-wheel service aerials, glamorous tillered tractor-trailer types, compact rearmounts and versatile quintuple combinations.
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The Railway Beat: A Century of Canadian Pacific Police Service
Canadian Pacific at its apex operated the most expansive and comprehensive transportation system the world has ever seen, before or since. Vast amounts of freight and multitudes of people, including some of the 20th century's most important and celebrated personalities, moved seamlessly back and forth on the North American continent and across the oceans to the far corners of the earth in the capable hands of a single, well-oiled administration. When the Canadian Pacific Railway was built in the early 1880s to connect the thriving cities of Eastern Canada with the fledgling communities on the West Coast of British Columbia, however, this first, tenuous lifeline of the wildly ambitious enterprise stretched across more than two thousand miles of rugged, nearly uninhabited wilderness -- with no blanket authority or viable system of law enforcement. Initially the country's own red-coated mounted police force took up the challenge of protecting the men and women who accomplished the national dream of forging a link from sea to sea and beyond; but, inevitably, the responsibility for the security of people and goods on the "World's Greatest Transportation System" would fall to the Canadian Pacific itself and the private police force which grew up with the company. From its somewhat disreputable origins of ad-hoc groups of semi-autonomous armed watchmen and strike-breaking thugs organized at the local level to the fully-professional force created in 1913 by the CPR president himself, the stage was set for more than a century of Canadian Pacific Police Services to come. The quiet efficiency with which its officers have conducted themselves in their ongoing battles with fraud, theft, smuggling, bombings, murder and mayhem, and the degree to which they have managed to avoid controversy and public scrutiny, speak well for the men and women on the "Railway Beat."
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