100 Years of America’s Fire Fighting Apparatus 1863-1963
Floy Clymer provides a fabulous collection of rare photos, scale drawings, specifications from vintage catalogs, and ads of early fire fighting apparatus. Early horse drawn, electric, and early gasoline vehicles from as far back as 1863 up to 1963 are covered, as well as other equipment such as water towers and fire departments.
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A Canadian History of Fire Engines
A fascinating pictorial journey through the history of firefighting and fire apparatus, from horse-drawn, steam-powered engines to today's most sophisticated fire-safety systems.
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Aerial Fire Trucks
This book is an illustrated, historical look at aerialsfire trucks that elevate water and firefighters via hydraulic platforms and ladders at a fire scene. Inside is a comprehensive look at all manufacturers of aerials, including American LaFrance, Pierce, Emergency One, LTI, Grumman, FMC, Seagrave, Mack, Pirsch, Snorkel, Hahn, Maxim, KME, Sutphen, Smeal, Aerial Innovations, Baker, Grove, Hi-Ranger, Cavalar, and Simon. Chapters focus on the different types of aerials, including rear-mounts, mid-mounts, tractor-drawn (tillers), towers, articulating booms, and others. Text and captions give the reader a brief overview of early aerials, then concentrates on the trucks in use today.
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Ahrens-Fox Fire Apparatus Photo Archive
Of all the companies that built motor fire apparatus in America in the 20th century, none has acquired the cult-like devotion accorded the truly distinctive products of the Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Company of Cincinnati, Ohio. With its front-mounted pump surmounted by a gleaming spherical air chamber, the Ahrens-Fox piston pumper projects irresistible aesthetic and mechanical appeal. Fire apparatus aficionados and collectors have all but elevated the classic Ahrens-Fox piston pumper to a firefighting deity. In this special collection, well-known fire apparatus historian Walt McCall has carefully selected the best of the best - including a gallery of 30 classic Ahrens-Fox fire engines in glorious color.
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American LaFrance 400 Series Photo Archive
In 1934, at the depths of the Great Depression, the American-LaFrance-Foamite Corporation of Elmira, New York, designed and placed into production an uncommonly handsome new big-city fire engine. Powered by the company's industry-leading V-12 engine, the 400 Series Metropolitan had its high-capacity pump mounted in the truck's cowl ahead of the driver instead of in the usual midship location under the driver's seat. With its long, gracefully tapered hood, skirted fenders, classically-proportioned gabled radiator and oversized wheels, the big 400 was a triumph of industrial design - an eye-pleasing blend of form and function, and the industry's first truly styled fire engine. This authoritative, thoroughly-researched and richly illustrated book documents the big 400's relatively short, but spectacular, production life. This long-overdue, eagerly anticipated compendium is the only book ever published devoted exclusively to this revered American firefighting classic.
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American LaFrance 500/600 Series Photo Archive
The 1930s was the decade of style - an era of streamlining and bold, futuristic art deco design that influenced the look of everything from jewelry, furniture and skyscrapers to locomotives, ships and automobiles. Fire engines were no exception, and American LaFrance's ultra-streamlined 500 Series fire apparatus with its dramatically clean styling suddenly made everything else look old-fashioned. This authoritative, superbly researched and lavishly illustrated book documents the American-LaFrance 500 and 600 Series' remarkable nine-year production run from the late 1930s through post WWII. In addition to the big 500/600 Series, the book also covers the lesser known "junior edition" B-500 and B-600 Series. Long overdue, this exciting compendium is the only book ever devoted exclusively to this controversial series and completes another fascinating chapter in American-LaFrance history.
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American LaFrance 700 & 800 Series 1953-1958 Photo Archive
From the late 1940s through the 1950s, American LaFrance was by far the most popular fire truck manufacturer in the U.S. This collection chronicles the most intricate changes the manufacturer made to its revolutionary 700 Series in developing the short-lived 800 Series. Archival photographs are suplemented with articles from Americans LaFrance's corporate magazine and sales literature, as well as features that appeared in Popular Mechanics.
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American LaFrance 700 Series 1945-1952 Photo Archive
From the late 1940s through the 1950s, American LaFrance was by far the most popular fire truck manufacturer in the U.S. One reason for their success was the 700 Series, a revolutionary departure from previous fire trucks in that it introduced the now-standard cab-over-engine design. This photo archive features a collection of period photographs that trace the evolution of the 700 Series. Each photograph is accompanied by a detailed caption describing the truck shown.
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American LaFrance 700 Series 1945-1952 Photo Archive (Volume 2)
Fire apparatus enthusiasts raved about the first American LaFrance 700 Series Photo Archive. Now acclaimed American LaFrance author, Larry Phillips has compiled even more exquisite photographs along with company advertising materials to offer another look at this classic American fire truck. See superb, rare photographs that have never before been published, such as photos from the Larry Zotti Museum Collection of 700 Series rigs in various stages of production on the original Elmira, NY assembly lines. Also included are a number of never before published photographs of early 700 Series private industrial rigs from the Leo E. Duliba Collection. And don't miss the rare photographs of Grand Rapids, Michigan's tandem back-end 700 Series ladder truck. Fire apparatus enthusiasts will applaud this second in-depth look at the American LaFrance 700 Series.
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American LaFrance 900 Series 1958-1964 Photo Archive
A close-up look at a popular American classic continues the fascinating story of American LaFrance with the conception and production of the 900 Series fire apparatus. Exquisite photographs are accompanied with informative captions and take readers through the life of the 900 Series. Historical articles and LaFrance sales brochures give a glimpse of the culture and marketing efforts of the time. Fire apparatus enthusiasts will love the clear photographs, multiple views and detailed descriptions.
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Big City Fire Trucks: 1951-1996 (Volume 2)
Sound the alarm because America's fire fighting machines are coming through! Volume II of Big City Fire Trucks presents hundreds of trucks and their specialized equipment in 500 original black and white and full-color photos. Identifying captions include year of manufacture, chassis make, commercial outfitter, and accessories for easy identification of these firefighting pioneers.
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City Service Hook & Ladder Trucks and Quads
Long before there were aerial ladder trucks, there were city service hook and ladder trucks. For many years, long-wheelbase, straight-frame city service hook and ladder trucks were standard offerings in the product catalogs of most fire apparatus manufacturers. The last straight service ladder trucks were built in the mid-1950s.The pump-equipped quad rolled on into the 1960s, before it too was eclipsed by the quintuple combination, or "quint." This book is a photographic tribute to these fondly-remembered hook and ladder trucks and quads built during the golden age of American motor fire apparatus.
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Classic Seagrave: 1935-1951 Photo Archive
Fire apparatus aficionados Walt McCall and Matt Lee, have assembled these beautiful photographs to illustrate the wide range of body designs used on the classic Seagrave chassis. See all kinds of Classic Seagraves, ranging from wide-open doorless cab models with sporty one-piece fold-down windshields, to radically streamlined completely enclosed Safety Sedan bodies. This design was utilized for virtually every type of fire apparatus - pumping engines, aerial ladder trucks of both the straight frame and articulated tractor trailer type, city service ladder trucks, quadruple and quintuple combinations, and special units like rescue squad trucks and hose trucks. The classic Seagrave is timeless. Its distinctive waterfall grille is widely regarded as a high mark in the 20th Century American fire engine builder's unique art. If you're a fire apparatus enthusiast, you'll want to add this book to your collection.
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Crown Coach Corp.: School Buses, Fire Trucks and Custom Coaches
Donald Martin Brockway founded the Crown Carriage Company in 1904, the same year that Henry Ford started Ford. With no engineering department at this time, Brockway would draw the outlines of the vehicles in the dirt on the production floor as they were conceived. This informative story of Crown's various endeavors from 1900s horse-drawn wagons through early 1990s alternative fueled buses is chronicled here and highlighted with vintage photographs and factory memorabilia including advertising items, coach emblems, and production statistics. Not left out are custom built coaches like Lockheed's mobile missile tacking station, Art Linkletter mobile video coaches, and the first air conditioned tour coach in Hawaii. The company built one of the largest fleets of fire trucks in the nation for the Los Angeles City and County fire departments and other agencies, and sent high quality custom built vehicles as far away as places like Juneau, Alaska, South America and the Middle East.
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Crown Firecoach: 1951-1985 Photo Archive
Follow the history of Crown Firecoach from its beginnings in 1951 until the company ceased building fire trucks in 1983. One of the pioneers of cab forward rigs, Crown's fire apparatus had a very distinctive appearance that collectors and restorers appreciate today. Large format photographs show a representative cross section of the full line of Crown, including pumpers, rear mount and tractor drawn aerials, snorkels, brush rigs and tractor transports. While Crown rigs were sold primarily in Southern California, with LA city being the company's largest customer, Fire Enthusiasts everywhere will want to own this important piece of fire apparatus history.
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Die Berliner Feuerwehr: Von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart
This is a German-language text. This book contains information on: • The pre-fire-fighting time in Berlin • Foundation of the Berlin fire brigade • Probation of the first German professional fire brigade • The fire-fighting train formation • Motorization of the fire brigades in and around Berlin • Berlin fire brigade under National Socialist dictatorship • The Terror of the Second World War • The split of Berlin • Reconstruction and consolidation • Unification of urban rescue services • Expansion of fire protection and rescue service • The VEHICLES of the Berlin fire brigade
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Elevating Platforms: A Fire Apparatus Photo Gallery
Cherry-pickers were a good way for firemen to get to places that traditional aerial ladders weren't able to reach. This led to the revolutionary elevating platform, or "Snorkel", as they were referred to by many firemen. They have served many departments large and small across North America over the last 45 years. At the height of their popularity they were seen on the front covers of newspapers across the country bringing major fires under control and rescuing people. Elevating platforms, with their articulating booms and large area platforms, offer firemen the flexibility to be positioned in places that would otherwise be impossible to reach. They can deliver a 1000 gallons of water per minute through a master stream to the seat of the fire or quickly rescue victims from upper floors. A concise history of each company that built elevated platorms is provided along with a photographic timeline of the various rigs they were built on. This book features such companies as the Pitman Snorkel, American Lafrance Aero-Chief, Hi-Ranger, Calavar, and Bronto Skylifts. It also covers a few remaining companies that each built only a small number of elevating platforms. This book documents their beginnings in 1958 up to the impressive articulating platforms of today.
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Encyclopedia of Canadian Fire Apparatus
A complete encyclopedia of every Canadian Fire Apparatus Company of the 20th century. Each company is listed alphabetically and its apparatus is documented in text and high quality photographs. There have been over 20,000 pieces of fire apparatus built in Canada, and every manufacturer is documented here. Includes Allain, Almonte, Amertek, Anderson, Bickle and Bickle Seagrave, Carl Thibault, Ft. Garry, Hub, King and King Seagrave, LaFleur, LaFrance, Marsh, Maxi Metal, Metalfab, Phoenix, Pierreville, Superior, Thibault, Tibotrac, Waltek and more. An essential reference tool for every fire apparatus buff and historian.
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Feuerwehr-Alltag: Retten, Löschen, Bergen, Schützen

Joachim Reher Hardcover 136 pages Out of Print. New old stock.

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Feuerwehr-Oldtimer: Fahrzeuggeschichte in Bildern

Udo Paulitz ISBN 10 – 3887760352 Hardcover 152 pages German language text. Out of Print. New old stock.

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Fire Engines
With sirens screaming, this blazing book delivers a stunning tribute to firefighting history over the past 200 years. From human bucket brigades and horse-drawn steam pumpers, Fire Engines arrives on-scene to fans the flames of technology from the earliest rigs to today's powerful trucks, engines and rescue vehicles. Rugged workhorses from American LaFrance, Emergency One, Mack, Ahrens-Fox and Seagrave, together with first-hand interviews and vintage advertisements, present a red-hot look at the battle to control civilization's oldest enemy
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Fire Engines
More complex and imposing than any other vehicle in the British emergency services, the fire engine has a long and interesting history. The earliest water pumps had been developed by the eighteenth century - basic manual pumps that had to be hauled around by people or horses, and were often only used on fire-insured premises. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries horse-drawn, steam-powered fire engines, and eventually motorised fire engines, came to revolutionise firefighting, offering far greater versatility and the brigades came to be run by the municipalities. In this beautifully illustrated introduction, Eddie Baker charts the history of fire engines and their variants, and the increasingly complex equipment they have carried, such as high-rise ladders and high-pressure hoses. He also explains the wider history of the fire service and how the engines have been shaped by its needs and, most importantly, those of the firefighters themselves.
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Fire Engines
Fire Engines features 300 photos of American fire engines from turn-of-the-century horseless carriages to the modern American-LaFrance, Seagrave, and Mack models.A nostalgic scrapbook of archival and contemporary photos that highlights the evolution of the motorized fire engine.
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Fire Engines in North America
A detailed, compelling record of the development of firefighting equipment from its most primitive to its most sophisticated is complemented by hundreds of vivid photographs, many in full color.
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Fire Trucks of the 1950s
American motor fire apparatus design reached its high-water mark in the 1950s. Every one of the nation's major fire apparatus manufacturers boasted uniquely individual custom fire truck designs. Unlike the look-alike cookie-cutter shoeboxes of today, back then a fire fighter could instantly identify these makes a block away. From conventional Fords to the custom rigs of fire apparatus manufacturers, all the most popular, unique, and industry-changing designs and innovations are featured in this long-overdue tribute to the fire trucks of the Fabulous Fifties!
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Fire Trucks of the 1960s and 1970s: An Illustrated History
During the 1960s and 1970s, the fire apparatus industry saw unprecedented revolution, innovation, and parity. The long admired conventional models gave way to the contemporary archetypes that are the genesis of today's fire trucks. Just as disco and the lava lamp became all the societal rage, the fire service saw its own fads and trends. A new generation of aggressive fire apparatus manufacturers led by Pierce and Emergency-One began to overtake their forefathers and the pool of builders producing high quality apparatus in numbers became considerably more populated. This volume highlights the fire trucks of the Swinging Sixties and the Groovy Seventies!
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Firefighters (Enthusiast Color Series)
After the September 11 tragedy, America's interest in firefighters soared. Firefighters covers modern-day firefighters, their equipment, vehicles, clothing, and training as well as the different jobs/duties of firefighters. This book gives a broad overview and is great for the general reader as well as the fire enthusiast.
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Firefighters in Action

John Creighton Softcover 128 pages Out of Print. New old stock.

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Ford Fire Trucks
Fire trucks of all types built on the famous Model T, the long standing F-Series, the venerable C-Series, the honorary Louisville-Line, and other miscellaneous Ford models have prolifically and efficiently served towns small and big alike since the advent of motorization. This chronicle pays homage to the contributions this automotive legend has made to the fire service with a brilliant display of classic rigs and modern machines, with representatives from over 150 fire apparatus manufacturers.
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FWD Fire Trucks 1914-1963 Photo Archive
Long recognized for the production of specialized vehicles for use by highway departments, utility companies, construction firms, and the oil industry, The Four Wheel Drive Auto Company also established an enviable reputation for the manufacture of fire apparatus. Manufacturers of four-wheel-drive vehicles since 1910, FWD built its first fire truck in 1914, continuing production into the 1970s. All of the vehicles produced by FWD relied on the design principles first developed in 1907 and patented in 1908. Combining high quality black and white photos with in-depth captions, this book presents an in-depth history of FWD's fire trucks up to the time FWD acquired Seagrave. Includes many never before published photographs from the FWD/Seagrave Fire Apparatus, LLC Archives.
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German Fire Engines Since 1945

Hans-Peter Orth ISBN 10 – 3980035352 Hardcover 167 pages Out of Print. New old stock.

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Hook and Ladders
Code 3 coverage puts you on-scene as these amazing apparatus maneuver rescuers to extraordinary heights! Grab a hand-line and discover the popular makes and models in operation, as long-time fire buff Larry Shapiro outlines the roots of the hook and ladder and discusses when and how they are used in today's loftiest disasters. Outstanding all-color images and lively text guide you through the hero-making world of Hook and Ladders.
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Illustrated Encyclopedia of American Fire Engine Manufacturers
Walt McCall's out of print and outdated book, American Fire Apparatus Since 1900 in the Crestline Series, has been referred to as the "Bible" and is the number one reference source recommended by fire apparatus enthusiasts. The old book was arranged by year and required a lot of reading and searching to research individual companies and their fire trucks. Well, now the new "Bible," is here! From Abbott & Downing to Zwak, this comprehensive volume combines company histories, innovations and hundreds of photographs to present the story of American fire engine manufacturing.
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Illustrated Encyclopedia of American Fire Engine Manufacturers
Walt McCall's out of print and outdated book, American Fire Apparatus Since 1900 in the Crestline Series, has been referred to as the "Bible" and is the number one reference source recommended by fire apparatus enthusiasts. The old book was arranged by year and required a lot of reading and searching to research individual companies and their fire trucks. Well, now the new "Bible," is here! From Abbott & Downing to Zwak, this comprehensive volume combines company histories, innovations and hundreds of photographs to present the story of American fire engine manufacturing.
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