50 Years of Formula 1 On-Board
Electrifying Grand Prix IN-CAR action with the legends of FORMULA ONE Experience the evocative eras of FORMULA ONE ...from the drivers seat...breathtaking on-board rides with FORMULA ONE legends Fangio, Moss, Stewart, Senna and Schumacher driving their exotic FORMULA ONE machines at historic Grand Prix circuits from the Nürburgring to Monaco, Spa, Suzuka, Monza and more. Crafted entirely from rare FORUMLA ONE archive footage, this action film takes you into the exclusive world of the FORMULA ONE race driver, from 1950 to present day. DVD FILM EXTRA - GALLERY OF CHAMPIONS FORMULA ONE rare archive footage profiling all 27 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP drivers from Giuseppe Farina to Michael Schumacher showcasing six decades of brave champions, unique FORMULA ONE cars and storied circuits.
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a man and a woman: 20 years later
This sequel to "A Man and A Woman" picks up the relationship between Anne, now a film producer, and Jean-Louis, who has maintained his racing career and is deeply involved with his fiancee. Anne, still unwed, decides to make a film to recapture the romance they began 20 years ago.
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A Twist of the Wrist
This DVD puts you on the bike with eight different, exciting camera positions. With nearly 400 action shots, not only on the bike but also from trackside and high above the rider, you see correct and incorrect riding. Drawings, diagrams and computer animations and demonstrations bring your visualization of riding into a crystal clear understanding of cornering and braking. No one has taken more time and care in developing the cornering arts than California Superbike School Director Keith Code.
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Best Motoring: The 350 Z Shock!!!
As the curtain lifts to reveal the eagerly anticipated 350Z, the critics offer their impression on the handling of the powerful street machine on winding roads and in high-speed circuit tests. Later, after a comprehensive overview of the technical achievements of the 350Z, Best Motoring journalist Nakaya watches on as it takes on any rival bold enough to weather the challenge at Tsukuba Circuit. An additional comparison between normal aspirated (NA) cars and their turbo-equipped counterparts follows, and an investigation into the hottest trend in VTEC tuning finds the fastest cars to hit the pavement competing in a Two-Liter VTEC Challenge. With detailed analysis of the Porsche Boxter, S2000, Keioffice S15 Silva, TRD Altezza, Phase Accord Euro R, Circuit Club ITR, and many others, this is motor sports at it's most exciting and extreme.
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Best of British: TVR
With entries in the Le Mans 24-hour race and success in the American Le Mans Series, TVR has moved from being a marque for enthusiasts to a true world-class player. We look at the history of the company - from Trevor Wilkinson’s earliest 'specials' built in Blackpool in the 1950s (using springs from a fairground dodgem!) to the modern supercars, hand-crafted and personalised for even the most discerning individual. Under the ownership of Peter Wheeler, businessman, enthusiast and TVR driver himself, the company has gone from strength to strength. It now offers some of the most innovative sports cars in the world - yet all are built to Wheeler's personal idea of how a 'proper' sports car should be - engine (now made by TVR) in the front, driven by wheels at the back! For the enthusiast there’s great handling and plenty of grunt. For the racer there’s the tightrope between grip and power. We take the TVR story into the 21st century with the latest action footage and detail shots, including the brand-new T350 and T440. Everyone notices when a TVR goes by! It is, in every respect, the ‘Best of British’.
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CAN-AM The Speed Odyssey
CAN AM THE SPEED ODYSSEY takes you on the wildest ride in road racing. 1966 - 1973 CAN AM Challenge Cup: The quintessential epic adventure in an era of change and discovery where heroic star drivers McLaren, Hulme, Stewart, Andretti, Surtees, Donohue, Gurney, Hall, Follmer, Revson, Oliver, Scheckter and others from Formula One and around the world revel in their brutally fast CAN AM machines, battling on the daunting race tracks across the USA and Canada. A ROAD RACING COUNTER-CULTURE: Unique to the world, the CAN AM rule book had virtually no technical restrictions, allowing its race car designers the freedom to innovate. Here we discover the worlds first radical inventions of wings on race cars, sophisticated ground effect aerodynamics, and to this day the worlds most powerful road racer, the Porsche 917-30. These iconic CAN AM machines and their brave drivers pushed the limits and sometimes beyond... CAN AM legends JIM HALL and SAM POSEY take you inside this spectacle of pure speed, fierce race competition, radical innovation, intrigue and ground shaking sounds. CAN AM THE SPEED ODYSSEY is crafted exclusively from rare CAN AM color motion picture archival footage.
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Chopper Kings: Building America’s Most Beautiful Motorcycles
Join us on a trip across the States to see the custom bikes and big name builders from television... Daytona, Florida First stop, Daytona Beach Bike Week. Who's that you've spotted? Russell Mitchell from Exile Cycles! He talks to us about how he got into bike fabrication and explains his unique style. Next, Billy Lane from Choppers Inc. works on a new bike live on stage! Then we see the original Orange County Choppers bikes... Black Widow Bike, iRobot Bike, Fire Bike and the POW/MIA Bike and many more. New Orleans, Louisiana Next stop, Confederate Motorcycles, to see the bikes in action and speak to Head of Design, J.T. Nesbitt, about the style and quality that make these bikes so desirable. Even Brad Pitt owns one! Then we meet Glen Banquier, a custom bike builder who has built a replica 1939 Brough Superior with a modern engine! San Francisco Bay Area, California Then on to San Francisco to catch up with Arlen Ness, who talks about his beginnings in custom bikes and how his style has evolved over the years. Then his son Cory, equally respected for his bike building skills, tells us about what drives him to create such beautiful machines. We also get to see the bikes they built when they faced off in the Great Biker Build-off 2005! LA, California Finally we arrive at the Grand National Roadster Show at Pomona, where 'America's Most Beautiful Motorcycle' Award is to be judged. And look, there's Jimmy Shine plus Matt Hotch, winner of the Biker Build-off 2004, with his 2005 entry, both of whom take the time to speak about their careers and the amazing bikes they make. Chopper fans the world over will relish this celebration of art by top designers.
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Clarkson: Supercar Showdown
Traveling the world to find the ultimate supercar, Jeremy Clarkson puts a series of mean four-wheeled machines through their paces. Cars pushed to their limits include a Renault Alpine A610, a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano and an Audi R8.
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Classic Metal Shaping, Bucks, Patterns & Forms (DVD)
This DVD shows a series of projects showing how to determine station frequency, create patterns, the use of forms,and details the making of a buck to create a patch panel for a rare sports car. The DVD looks at different types of bucks, from single use to forming bucks to production bucks and much more.
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Crash Kings Motocross
Every Motocross rider falls off. It's just a question of how often which separates the men from the boys! Even world champions are not exempt as we experience 300 crashes, smashes and wipeouts from the spectacular to the slightly sad. It's not surprising there's a lot of coming together when 50 bikes head off for the same 10 metres of track at the first corner! Watch the mayhem on the beach as the riders wilt under the energy-sapping conditions, but at least there's a soft landing, unlike those bumpy, stony motocross circuits where we see bruising, bone-crunching and sometimes very funny action. There's some heart-stopping moments, too as riders bale out in mid-air hoping for a landing which doesn't damage the bike. Nobody gets seriously hurt. Still, better not let your Mum see this one!
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Fast Bikes Show 4
The guys at Fast Bikes have done it again with this rip-roaring rampage of continental carnage! Yes, they've been enjoying the open roads of southern France, putting the skids up Johnny Foreigner with the wildest bikes on the market! Three of the world's fastest bikes are tested to the limit. The 2002 Yamaha R1, Suzuki GSXR 1000 and the Honda CBR 954 RR Fireblade are pitted against each other in a three part, head-to-head challenge. Next stop is the official launch of the gorgeous Ducati 999. Get the low-down from the men who designed and built it, and then see what it can really do out on the test track! Plus, top action from the Hog rally in the south of France. Including Buells on a blast and Harleys galore. Shoot-out through the French twisties with the best 600s of 2002 - Suzuki GSXR600, Yamaha R6, Kawasaki ZX6R and a Honda CBR600. Exclusive footage of the MV F4 750 Evo being put through its paces. Crazy challenges as Frosty and Jim compete for the attention of a mystery blonde, including a wheelie contest. if you think that bikes should be ridden hard and fast, and you like your revs high and your wheelies even higher, this is for you!
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Faster: Inside the Exhilarating World of Motorcycle Racing
The world of Motorcycle Grand Prix racing attracts thrill-seeking competitors who feel the need for speed, competition, and the glorious feeling of victory. This Slamdance Film Festival-favorite takes a look at the sport, and was written and directed by acclaimed documentarian Mark Neale (WILLIAM GIBSON: NO MAPS FOR THESE TERRITORIES). Actor Ewan McGregor (TRAINSPOTTING, STAR WARS) is a huge fan of the sport, providing an enthusiastic voice-over commentary for Neale's film. The action unfurls over five continents and two seasons of the World Championship, and is neatly balanced between spectacular on-track performances, and contemplative off-track interviews. Neale really gets his teeth into the subject, speaking to riders, fans, mechanics, and even doctors, who are often called upon to deal with some hair-raising crashes. A welcome addition to the ever growing cannon of documentary films, FASTER is a movie which should appeal to both fans of the sport, and curiosity seekers looking to delve into a new topic.
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Nine-time MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi discovered that obtaining his 10th victory in the fast-moving sport wouldn't be easy, facing the multiple challenges of younger competitors and a terrible accident he suffered during the Italian grand prix. His comeback in Germany set the stage for a thrilling contest─one that MotoGP fans will want to revisit in this documentary tribute to the risky, exhilarating competition; narrated by Ewan McGregor.
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Formula 1: He’s Done it Again: The Official Review of the 2011 FIA Formula One World Championship
The 2011 FIA Formula One World Championship exceeded expectations with another record-breaking year as Sebastian Vettel became the youngest ever back-to-back FIA Formula One Driver's World Champion. Witness the stunning detail of 24 incredible Formula one cars and 19 spectacular circuits with exclusive footage and camera angles not seen on television.
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Formula 1: Victorious Vettel: The Official Review of the 2011 FIA Formula One World Championship
A compilation of highlights from the 2012 season of the Formula One World Championships. All eyes were on Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel to see if he could defend the title he won the previous year, in the face of stiff competition from teammate Mark Webber, Ferrari's Fernando Alonso and McLaren's Jensen Button and Lewis Hamilton. In the year that sees five former World Champions competing against current back-to-back World Champion Sebastian Vettel for the ultimate prize, and the introduction of revised regulations aimed at closing the gap. With 300 minutes of footage including round-ups on each and every event from the 2012 FIA Formula One World Championship, on-board camera laps (some with driver commentary) and previously unseen footage and interviews, this DVD is a must-have for Formula One and racing fans everywhere.
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Grand Prix Heroes: Clay Regazzoni
This Clay Regazzoni DVD is part of the Grand Prix Heroes series. Each DVD profiles a racing great, with action footage and period interviews from the Brunswick archive that reveal why these names still cause excitement today. They are not detailed life stories, but celebrations of the skills and colourful characters that defined a motor racing era.
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Heaven and Hell on Earth: Extreme Bikesport Action
Witness the most extreme bikesport action on Earth in this mind blowing display of daring! Britains hottest young bike talent road trips with California's best riders and go head-to-head on a slew of challenging courses on two continents! Riders include Jamie Dobb, Seth Enslow, Chris Brock, Gary Taylor, and Ronny Faisst.
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History of Motorcycle Racing (Volume 1)
An overview of the early stages of motorcycle racing in Europe and Great Britain and the history of the TT, from 1907 through today with top stars such as Duke, Guthrie, Dunlop and more.
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History of Motorcycle Racing (Volume 2)
This is the second volume of the definitive history of one of the worldI?s most exciting sports. Award-winning motorcycle film producer, David Wood, utilises his extensive archive, plus material from scores of other sources, modern day interviews and race coverage, to present an unsurpassed, entertaining and historically significant record of motorcycle racing. In Birth of the Grand Prix, we trace the 40-year history of World Championship motorcycle racing. The works teams of Norton, Gilera, Moto Guzzi, MV Augusta, BMW, AJS and others are featured during the glorious 1950s when up to twenty multi-cylindered four-stroke machines would be on the grid at a GP. Then two-strokes arrived on the scene and soon had to be taken seriously as the sights and sounds at the Grand Prix circuits of the world changed. The Japanese Arrival includes footage of early Japanese appearances in Europe and features for example, the 20,000rpm 50cc racers that screamed around the TT course in the early 1960s, the fabulous 250cc Honda Six ridden by Mike Hailwood, the 125 and 250 V4 Yamahas ridden by Ivy and Read and many more racing marvels. The post-war growth of the Japanese motorcycle industry and their eventual domination of the road racing scene is outlined.
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History of Motorcycle Racing (Volume 3)
This is the third volume of the definitive history of one of the world's most exciting sports. Award-winning motorcycle film producer, David Wood, utilises his extensive archive, plus material from scores of other sources, modern day interviews and race coverage, to present an unsurpassed, entertaining and historically significant record of motorcycle racing. In The Other Champions, we cover racing classes other than the Blue Riband 500cc championship, i.e. the lightweights from 50cc to 350cc, and of course, those modern day charioteers, the sidecar racers. All of these classes have had many worthy champions over the years - several of whom are featured in this episode. Pressure, Money & The Need to Win, our final part, profiles the advent of the ultra-professional approach to motorcycle racing which has produced a new breed of rider who have to be as committed to the commercial aspects of the sport as they are to winning races. The trend is made clear as we hear from one of the first riders who presented himself as a TV personality - Barry Sheene. Then, as action footage unfolds, we speak to several 1980s stars whose highly professional approach epitomised the sport; Kenny Roberts, Freddie Spencer, Wayne Gardner and Kevin Schwantz to name but a few.
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Metal Work Basics: Large Equipment
This DVD covers the use of large sheet metal equipment. Uses brake, slip roll, saw, sander, rotary machine and more.
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Model T (DVD: History Channel)
The Model T occupies a unique place in history. The first car to be built on a production line the Model T transformed automobiles from a plaything of the rich to a transportation tool available to the average man. The world has never been the same. Model T traces the complete story of the "Tin Lizzie" from the very first production cars in 1908 to the end of the line - 15 million cars later - in the late '20s. See extensive footage of the world's first automobile plant where Henry Ford's vision of a car for the masses became a reality. Vintage shots of Ts in action nationwide show the remarkable influence the car had on the nation while aficionados of this all-time classic show off their prized possessions and take them out for a spin. Hold on tight - the "Tin Lizzie" can reach a blistering 40 miles an hour!
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