A History of the Leyland Bus
A beautifully illustrated history of the Leyland bus, one of the most important British buses of the twentieth century. With full production histories and technical specificatiions for all the major models, A History of the Leyland Bus also includes the evolution of the Leyland Bus company, and tells the full story behind the iconic Leyland badge.
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A-Z of British Trolleybuses
In the last century, the trolleybus developed into a successful provider of public transport in many towns around Britain. Part streetcar, part bus, the trolleybus is unique in its speed and acceleration dwarf regular buses. Plus, it's quiet and fume-free, and consumed home-produced electricity generated using coal. There have been books about trolleybuses in the last several years, but few of them have tackled the subject from the vehicle manufacturers' angle. A-Z of British Trolleybuses describes each manufacturer and their products, and shows what happened to these vehicles throughout their lives.
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AEC Lorries in the Post War Years 1945-1979
This is a pictorial history of AEC, from its formation in 1912, which earnt a name for itself as the 'Builders of London's Buses'.
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American Buses, Greyhound, Trailways and Urban Transportation

David Jacobs Softcover 120 pages Out of Print. New old stock.

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American Truck & Bus Spotter’s Guide, 1920-1985
Identifies hundreds of models of trucks, buses, pickups, vans, tank trucks, and dumptrucks, and points out distinguishing features on each truck.
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An Illustrated History of Trucks and Buses
Surveys the development of buses and trucks from early eighteenth-century prototypes to today's rigs, off-road and construction vehicles, fire engines, and custom jobs
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Buses of ACF Photo Archive: Including ACF-Brill and CCF-Brill
American car and Foundry (ACF), a pioneer transportation manufacturer, came into existence in 1899 as a result of the merger of 13 railroad-manufacturing companies. After a complicated transaction in the mid-20s, ACF had control of the Brill Corporation, Hall-Scott Motor Company, and Fageol Motors Company. ACF and ACF-Brill buses had an important place in the history of bus transportation in the United States, and CCF-Brill had a prominent role in Canadian bus Transportation history.
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Buses of Motor Coach Industries: 1932-2000 Photo Archive
This is the first and only book to cover Motor Coach Industries, one of the largest producers of motor coaches today. The company got started manufacturing buses in the mid-1930s, and has been the primary supplier of buses to Greyhound as well as many intercity bus operators ever since. Motor Coach has even exported to South Africa, Australia, Taiwan, and South America. Also get a look at the newest luxury models from Motor Coach. A rare find for bus enthusiasts!
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Buses of Western Flyer and New Flyer Industries Photo Archive
Western Flyer Auto & Truck Body Works began producing buses in 1930 and through a number of name-changes continues today as New Flyer Industries. Because they served Canada and much of North America, the buses were built to stand up to the harsh winter climates they had to work in. This revered bus builder has become one of the dominant players in the transit bus manufacturing industry in North America, and a leader in hybrid bus manufacturing in the U.S. and Canada. New Flyer has been named as one of Canada's most earth-friendly employers for 2008. This book commemorates 80 years of these sturdy and attractive buses and trolley buses, and the companies that ran them, through vintage black and white photography along with a color section.
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Char-A-Bancs and Coaches
Pictorial history of the Motor Coach in britain, with the emphasis on the pre-war years.
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Checker Cab Photo History
Checker Cab--an internationally recognized icon that still inspires fierce brand loyalty. Even today, 20 years after production ended, the Checker Cab is still a familiar part of the American urban landscape. Author James Hinckley has unraveled the often conflicting stories about the Checker Cab Manufacturing Co. to present the first complete history of this fascinating company and its legendary cabs.
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City Transit Buses of the 20th Century: A Photo Gallery
Packed with high quality black and white photographs, this feast for bus aficionados features the city transit buses that operated throughout the 20th century. Over 300 heavily captioned photos provide a wealth of information on city transit buses, the companies that built them and the companies that operated them. As well as providing a fascinating look at the wide range of transit buses built and operated in the 20th century, the authors explore the forces at work in the bus industry that brought about the vast improvements made in transit systems and bus design. Bus and transit enthusiasts will come back to this book over and over.
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Classic American Limousines 1955-2000 Photo Archive
Whether you've never been in a limo, or even if a limo takes you to work each day, you will be fascinated by this comprehensive history. High-quality photos of American limousines take you on a luxurious tour from the development of the limousine in the 1950s to today. In days past, the limousine belonged only to the elite, the wealthy, and the dead on their way to the cemetery. Now anyone with a little extra spending cash can rent one and be the mystery rider behind the tinted glass. Includes Cadillac, Lincoln and Chrysler limousines, as well as Secret Service and Presidential limos. A great buy for professional car buffs, auto lovers, and anyone fascinated by this luxurious mode of transportation and the people who use it.
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Crown Coach Corp.: School Buses, Fire Trucks and Custom Coaches
Donald Martin Brockway founded the Crown Carriage Company in 1904, the same year that Henry Ford started Ford. With no engineering department at this time, Brockway would draw the outlines of the vehicles in the dirt on the production floor as they were conceived. This informative story of Crown's various endeavors from 1900s horse-drawn wagons through early 1990s alternative fueled buses is chronicled here and highlighted with vintage photographs and factory memorabilia including advertising items, coach emblems, and production statistics. Not left out are custom built coaches like Lockheed's mobile missile tacking station, Art Linkletter mobile video coaches, and the first air conditioned tour coach in Hawaii. The company built one of the largest fleets of fire trucks in the nation for the Los Angeles City and County fire departments and other agencies, and sent high quality custom built vehicles as far away as places like Juneau, Alaska, South America and the Middle East.
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East Kent Road Car Company Ltd: A Century of Service, 1916-2016
East Kent Road Car Company Ltd - A Century of Service, 1916-2016, celebrates one hundred years of a bus operation that is still very much recognizable for its origins. Unlike so many proud names that have disappeared in recent times, the old identity of East Kent Road Car Co Ltd is still carried as the legal lettering on the Stagecoach-owned buses operating in the area today. This book takes the reader on a journey through those one hundred years. It covers the initial developments of the 1920s and 30s, the challenges of World War II, the halcyon days of the 1950s and the descent into the economic struggles of the 1960s. Nationalization and an eventual move back into the private sector are also covered, finishing with a description of the innovative approach to new services developed by the local Stagecoach management today. With over two hundred illustrations, both black and white and colour, many previously unpublished, this book provides a wide-ranging historical and pictorial record of the buses, artefacts and operations of the East Kent Road Car Company.
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Fageol & Twin Coach Buses: 1922-1956 Photo Archive
An innovator in the bus business, Fageol was the first company to build a bus from the ground up, and it was called the Safety Coach. Later in 1927 the Fageol brothers sold out and began Twin Coach. They then built the Model 40 Twin Coach - a twin engine city bus that began the city bus business. This bus operated for up to 20 years in many cities - a rarity at the time. In 1960 Twin Coach was bought by Flxible. Period photos, with detailed captions, tell the story of these buses. This is a book bus enthusiasts won't want to miss.
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Flxible Intercity Buses 1924-1970 Photo Archive
Hugo Young founded the Flxible Side Car Company in 1913 in Loudonville, Ohio. In the early 1920s. the mass production of automobiles lowered their cost to the point where sidecar-equipped motorcycles could no longer compete. The Flxible Company uses this challenge as an opportunity to enter the bus-building business. The first Flxible bus was built in 1924, and was among only a few Flxibles built in the 1920s.
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Flxible Transit Buses: 1953-1995 Photo Archive
Flxible has been manufacturing buses since 1924 and was one of GM's top competitors when it came to bus manufacturing. They even came out with a Flxible New Look Bus that rivaled the ever-popular General Motors New Look Bus. Bus enthusiasts and history buffs have been waiting for this book - this if the first of its kind!
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Go the Greyhound Way: The Romance of the Road
Profusely illustrated with period advertisements, travel brochures, post cards, and archival photographs of depots and buses, this history of the Greyhound Bus Lines offers a unique journey through America’s physical and cultural landscape. Readers can accept this invitation from Greyhound: There is a graceful Greyhound coach waiting to carry you over Roads of Romance. Adventure seems to lurk around every corner as you speed along in the sturdy, blue and white Greyhound bus. All the color and romance, all the scenic and historic interest of this American Wonderland are yours to enjoy when you go the Greyhound way.
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Greyhound Buses: 1914-2000 Photo Archive
When Americans think of buses, the name Greyhound inevitably comes to mind. Avid bus enthusiast and historian, William A. Luke compiles ten dozen fascinating photographs depicting the great variety of buses the company has used from its beginning in 1914 to present. In addition to standard models from the Big Gray Dog’s fleet there are examples of experimental models, unusual types operated at the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair and the 1940 New York World’s Fair, and timetables and sales brochures
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Greyhound in Postcards: Buses, Depots, and Post Houses
A collection of vintage Greyhound Bus postcards portraying the buses, depots and post houses from a variety of regions all across America and Canada. A visual treat for all bus enthusiasts and postcard collectors. As part of Greyhound's objective to establish the nation's largest national intercity bus system, the company began an aggressive campaign to build its own terminals in the 1930s, an era of "art deco" styling. And to better serve the traveling public, Greyhound also began building a network of restaurants and rest stops. The historical Greyhound-related postcards represented here are from various regions of the country and some of them are very rare. Relive the days when traveling by Greyhound was so popular.
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Greyhound Scenic Cruiser
When we deem things iconic, they have naturally become part of history and have earned a permanent status of importance to us. One such object is a particular intercity coach, the Greyhound PD-4501 Scenicruiser bus, built by the GM Corporation during 1954-56. After nearly 60 years, its popularity, even today, is almost cult-like. Throughout the history of intercity coaches in the U.S., there have not been more toys, advertising pieces, souvenirs, or memorabilia centered on any other bus. The Scenicruiser starred in several movies, was featured on record album covers, and appeared on endless TV shows through the years. Starting with prototypes, this book covers all the various models of the Scenicruiser’s heritage, and even highlights many of the restored and still operating legends today.
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Guy Motors: Buses and Coaches
Covering all the motor bus and trolleybus products of Guy Motors, this book recounts the history of an iconic British coachbuilder. It begins with the early origins of Sydney guy's eponymous company, followed by the ubiquitous Arab bus and the eventual absorption of the company into the British Leyland empire. Topics covered include: The origin of Guy Motors and the innovative early designs Expansion during the 1920s and development of trolleybuses Early adoption of diesel engines for use in buses and coaches The rebirth of the Arab during the World War II and evolution into the design that was to be seen everywhere until the 1970s Guy Motors as a developer of air suspension and disc braking for commercial vehicles Fully illustrated with archive material, contemporary marketing materials and new colour photography of preserved Guy buses and coaches
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Highway Buses of the 20th Century: A Photo Gallery
Over 300 photos combine with insightful captions to present a complete history of the intercity, charter, tour and sightseeing bus industry throughout the 20th Century. Each of the 11 chapters provides an overview of each important time period, including the development of styling and paint schemes, comfort, passenger seating, length/width, safety, engines, brakes, tires, transmissions, and the influence of road conditions, Federal regulations, national parks, tourism and entertainment, and international influences. High-quality photos illustrate a vast array of bus manufacturers and bus models, including the models that were used extensively as well as some that were unusual. Represented are many interesting bus companies, their bus routes, and other interesting facts.
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Le Tour Du Monde Des Taxis
A French-language text. During his many trips, Yves Soulabaille has acquired the habit of immortalizing one of his obligatory passages in each country: the taxi. Car brands, colors, decorations, accessories, lamps, as links them between across borders and oceans. Dotted with anecdotes about drivers and their customs , this book draws the reader on the trail of a globe-trotter attentive to the world he is traveling. Pictures taken on the spot, images composed according to the strength of perspectives and colors, portraits posed, the harvest reported is rich and full of humanity. This book is a tribute to an urban and international profession. A traveler's souvenir, not a travel souvenir. Translation: Au cours de ses nombreux voyages, yves soulabaille a pris l'habitude d'immortaliser l'un de ses passages obligés dans chaque pays : le taxi. Marques de voiture, couleurs, décorations, accessoires, lumignons, autant de liens entre eux par-delà les frontières et les océans. Parsemé d'anecdotes sur les chauffeurs, leurs us et coutumes, leurs villes, ce livre entraîne le lecteur sur les traces d'un globe-trotter attentif au monde qu'il parcourt. photos prises sur le vif, images composées selon la force des perspectives et des couleurs, portraits posés, la moisson rapportée est riche et pleine d'humanité. Ce livre est un hommage à une profession urbaine et internationale. un souvenir de voyageur, pas un souvenir de voyage.
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Leyland: Buses in Camera
This is an excellent pictorial history of Leyland Buses with over 250 photographs, and the story of the development of the company from 1907.
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Mercedes Benz V8s: Limousines, Saloons, Sedans; 1963 to Date
This book cover's the history of Mercedes-Benz V8s including: the originals, 3.5, 3.8, 4.5, 5.0, 6.3, 6.9 litre models. Specifications are also found within this book., 3.8 and 5.0 litres
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Motorcoach Milestones
The Twentieth Century was a milestone in itself for transportation history, and buses played a major role in the transformation of America. The Museum of Bus Transportation presents this special book about the buses that made a difference, from the first Mack bus in America, the famous and few double-deckers, postwar sightseeing buses, and the various innovative designs that defined the modern bus. Important models, manufacturers, bus lines, innovative features and designs are featured with captions presenting their contributions to bus history. With this educational timeline through captioned photographs, follow the growth of the bus industry from 1895 through the 20th Century.
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New York City Transit Buses 1945-1975 Photo Archive
New York City has one of the finest and largest transit systems in the country. Beginning with early horse-drawn omnibuses, followed by battery-operated streetcars and electric street railway systems, finally by 1947 most of New York converted to buses. After WWII bus manufacturers including General Motors and Mack developed modern, larger buses to the City of New York's exclusive specifications. This book portrays each of the eleven bus companies (private and city owned) that provided service to patrons from post-WWII era through the late 1970s. A concise history for each company is provided along with route schematics and large format pictures of buses operating in New York City.
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New York Fifth Avenue Coach Co. 1885-1960
The Legendary Fifth Avenue Coach Company were famous for their double-deck buses and for being a leader for public transportation in New York City. They were the first bus company to run gasoline-powered buses and air-conditioning, and were the last company in the U.S. to use double-deckers, which were also the last double-deck buses built in America. Fifth Avenue has always been one of New York's more fashionable boulevards, and its bus line was regarded by many as a peg or two above the city?s other transit operators. The distinguished ?Queen Mary? double-deck buses were to New York as the cable car was to San Francisco. See all the various bus designs from the early horse-drawn omnibuses and buses brought over from England, early Brill?s built on French chassis, the buses that Fifth Ave Coach built in their own garage on 102nd Street using American-made chassis, and the later advancements to Yellow Coaches and GMCs, until the prestigious company finally got overtaken by the city?s own public transportation system.
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Old Look Buses: Yellow Coach and Gm in the ’40s and ’50s
Through vintage color and black and white pictures, William A. Luke portrays not only the various buses in his latest book, but also history about bus companies. The book also has vintage and bus company publicity. A list of buses built is also included.
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Prevost Buses: 1924-2002 Photo Archive
Primarily a Canadian bus builder, Prevost began building buses in 1924 and went on to become the second largest highway style bus builder behind MCI. Prevost also built city buses, private buses and conversion buses. While Prevost built buses for the US market beginning in 1964, they were best known in Canada. Hand selected photos tell the story.
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