V/STOL: The Key to Survival
A V/STOL or vertical and/or short take-off and landing aircraft is an airplane able to take-off or land vertically or on short runways. In this book Roy Braybrook, who has been professionally concerned with V/STOL design and marketing for many year's, examines the operational arguments for V/STOL and possible lines of future development. Hawker's P.1127 'Jump Jet' technology demonstrator first left the ground in 1960, and successfully completed transitions between jetborne and wingborne flight in the following year. After Britain had abandoned supersonic V/STOL fighter development in 1965, the subsonic Harrier entered service with the RAF in 1969, and (as the AV-8A) with the USMC in 1971. It is arguable that V/STOL was the most important technological development in military aerospace since the advent of the supersonic fighter in the 1950s. In essence, V/STOL made combat aircraft immune not only from NBC attacks on airfields but also from any degree of runway damage. In the naval sphere, it made high performance fixed-wing operations practical from relatively small ships. It was also the only major post-war aspect of aerospace technology in which Britain achieved a world lead. Despite the importance of V/STOL, support for the concept has been half-hearted, even in the UK. The RAF's ground attack element has employed greater numbers of CTOL Jaguars than V/STOL Harriers. The opportunity to pioneer a second generation subsonic V/STOL attack aircraft with vastly improved warload-radius performance was left to America, and Britain thus abandoned the V/STOL lead. The best that Britain can now hope for is a junior partnership in a supersonic naval V/STOL fighter development that will hopefully take place around the turn of the century.
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Valiant Air Command
This is a photographic history of aircraft of the Valiant Air Command. Contents cover: T-28 Trojan T-34 Mentor Texan variations 'Bad Guys' 'Seabirds' Electra Bomber Stream VAC transports From Recruit to Pursuit VAC people
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Vietnam Helicopter Handbook
A reference book for all aviation enthusiasts and historians of war describing every type of helicopter used in the numerous stages of the Vietnam conflict giving full particulars for each variant and combat adaptation.
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Vietnam MiG Killers: Deadly Duel Over Vietnam
Discusses the role of aerial combat in the Vietnam War and depicts the aircraft that fought there.
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Vimana Aircraft of Ancient India & Atlantis
In this incredible volume on ancient India, authentic Indian texts such as the Ramayana and the Mahabhata are used to prove that ancient aircraft were in use more than 4000 years ago. Included is the entire 4th century BC manuscript Vimaanika Shastra plus chapters on Atlantean technology and the incredible Rama Empire of India and the devastating wars that destroyed it. Also an entire chapter on mercury vortex propulsion and mercury gyros, the power source described in the ancient Indian texts.
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Vintage Aircraft of the World

Gordon Riley Hardcover 192 pages

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VTOL: Military Research Aircraft
A comprehensive history of vertical take-off and landing aircraft examines VTOL experimentation, development, and deployment, as well as the different types of VTOL aircraft from tailsitters to vectored jets.
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War Paint: Fighter Nose Art from WWII & Korea
This book provides reveals the themes and patterns used by American airmen to individualize their planes during World War II and the Korean War. NOS, OP,  but publisher has printed pages 49 to 60 upside down.  Still a relevant book for modelers and other interested persons

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Wellington: Mainstay of Bomber Command
Peter Cooksley, an expert aviation author, presents the story of a "reliable old work horse," a second World War aircraft. A comprehensive biography of the Wellington Bomber (otherwise known as the Wimpy) in its various forms, compiled by Peter Cooksley from the recollections of Aircraftmen, Wing Commanders, Lieutenant-Generals and Mechanics involved in its flights; with memories spanning from the 1936 birth of Barnes Wallace's invention to the 1950s, and including bombing raids, aerial battles, ditchings in hostile terrains, near misses, tragic losses, post-war activities of famine relief flights and peacetime training exercises; and the all important tasks of maintenance and repair.
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Winged Peace: The Story of the Air Age
First published in 1944, Winged Peace is the story of aviation, and its future as seen through the eyes of Canada's leading fighter pilot ace in World War I. From Kitty Hawk to B-29 Superfortresses, Bishop shows us how the world had changed geographically, socially, economically, and politically. Bishop wrote Winged Peace during the darkest years of World War II, when Germany had perfected flight for conquest. He examines air power as an instrument for death, as well as the advances in peace and betterment for all that flight is capable of making. There is no greater testament to the imagination and resourcefulness of people than the incredible development and growth of aviation technology in this century. Bishop recognizes this and also the need for international control of air power: 'holding under closest control the means to destruction inherent in aviation and developing our aviation for the good of all mean and the peace of world.
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Winged Warfare: The Illustrared Classic Autobiography of Canadian World War I Ace Billy Bishop
Billy Bishop enlisted as an infantryman at the outbreak of World War I. He soon transferred to the Royal Flying Corps where flying came as naturally to him as breathing. In this classic autobiography, Billy Bishop vividly recreates the early days when the 'airborne jalopy' was getting its trial run. He describes the tiny Nieuport Scout, armed with a single Lewis gun, in which he had to dodge the 'Archies' (anti-aircraft batteries) and fight the scarlet tri-winged Fokkers flown by the formidable Baron von Richthofen and his squadron. The heroic memoir that portrays a real Canadian hero facing a skilled and determined enemy - Winged Warfare gets more exciting with every take off.
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Shows and describes American military aircraft, including fighters, bombers, transport aircraft, and reconaissance planes, and shares the comments of pilots.
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Wings Across Canada: An Illustrated History of Canadian Aviation
From the eccentric Fairey Battle to the lethal-looking CF-18, from modern airliners that have no defects (and no character) to the classic North Star (which had both), here is the ultimate line-up of the aircraft that have served Canadians in the last century. With over one hundred photographs of fifty historic planes, Wings Across Canada is a retrospective of Canada’s aeronautical technology. This book does not compare the planes, nor claim that all are "classics" in the traditional sense of the word. Instead, it is a celebration of a love affair with aircraft that all served a purpose in their own time.
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Wings of Yesteryear: The Golden Age of Private Aircraft
A nostalgic look at the golden age of personal flight, when the incredible aircraft of the 1920s, '30s, and '40s were pushing every known limit, and doing it with flair. The impeccable style and ever-increasing performance of stunning open-cockpit and cabin-class monoplanes and biplanes such as the Curtiss Jenny, Beech Staggerwing, Stinson Reliant, Luscombe Phantom, and Spartan Executive are all captured here. A detailed text traces the evolution of the airplanes and society. An exceptional collection of the most beautiful aircraft of the era-a feast of pure nostalgia!
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Wings Over the West: Russ Baker and the Rise of Pacific Western Airlines
Wings Over the West is the history of Pacific Western Airlines, founded by one of the greatest bush pilots in the world, Russ Baker. Pacific Western Airlines was a pioneer in the aviation history and known for its ability to profitably operate short haul air routes. The company raised profits and reserves and eventually formed Canadian Airlines in 1987. In 2001, Air Canada took over the entities that Pacific Western Airlines had created.
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Wings Over the Yukon: A Photographic History of Yukon Aviation
In his sixth aviation history book, author Bruce McAllister takes the reader on a photographic journey, tracing the development of aviation in the Yukon Territory. There are chapters on the very first aircraft to operate in the Yukon, how aviation linked communities, the construction of the Alaska Highway, the role of the RCMP Air section, epic search and rescue missions, the air tankers role in firefighting, the opening up of the Arctic, the glacier pilots, and aerials of the old airstrips.
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Wolfpack: Hunting Migs Over Vietnam
Here is the true story of the daring aerial combat adventures in Vietnam performed by the U.S. Air Force's MiG hunter-killer squadrons: the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing.
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World War II Nose Art in Color
Presents original World War II era color photographs of the sometimes comic, sometimes bawdy original paintings with which American flyers decorated their aircraft.
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Yesterday We Were in America
The author sets the background to the flight against the birth of manned powered flight and Britain in the aftermath of the First World War. He goes on to describe the record breaking flight in detail, drawing on Alcock and Brown’s written records and their flying log book, and concludes with a round-up of the fates of all the pioneers who are mentioned in the narrative, and the flight’s legacy for Everyman. Now published as a paperback, Yesterday We Were in America is the first accurate and atmospheric account of one of the most significant and dramatic flights in history.
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Zemke’s Wolf Pack: The True Story of Hub Zemke and the 56th Fighter Group
One of America's most effective and charismatic World War II fighter squadron leaders tells his whole dramatic, little-known story of how he contributed so much to victory in Europe. Four 8-page black-and-white photo inserts.
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