Stuka Ju-87
This is a pictoral and photographic history of one of the most famous dive-bomber aircraft, the Stuka Ju-87. Content covers: The Stuka Concept Role, Tactics and techniques Development and Production Stuka Formations at War The Night Harassment Wings Rudel: the Stuka Ace
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This book is a photo album of the famous German WWII dive-bomber in action from the outbreak of war to the final surrender in 1945. The book contains B&W photographs, line drawings, data and detailed captions.
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Stukas, Jagdbomber, Schlachtflieger: Bildchronik der deutschen Nahkampfflugzeuge bis 1945
English: This is a German-language text that covers all dive bombers, fighter-bombers and attack aircraft used by the German airforce up to 1945. More than 40 types of aircraft and numerous sub-versions from World War II are covered. The book also looks at interesting weapon developments and aircraft projects. German: Dieses Buch deckt alle bis 1945 von der deutschen Luftwaffe eingesetzten Tauchbomber, Jagdbomber und Angriffsflugzeuge ab. Es werden uber 40 Flugzeugtypen und zahlreiche Unterversionen aus dem 2. Weltkrieg behandelt. Das Buch befasst sich auch mit interessanten Waffenentwicklungen und Flugzeugprojekten.
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Sun ‘n Fun: Florida’s Aviation Extravaganza
First held in 1974 as a regional fly-in by the Lakeland, Florida Chapter the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) for sport aviation enthusiasts, it was named the Mid-Winter Sun 'n Fun the following year and by 1978 the event had become the second largest fly-in in the USA In 1980 the event was held in March instead of January and the grow of the week-long fly-in began to escalate to the proportions which are described and illustrated in this book. The 10th anniversary Sun n Fun 1984 saw 480 show aircraft register and a general attendance of over 100,000 people for the first time. Permanent facilities for the fly-in at Lakeland airport were then starting to appear or enter the planning stages. The year 1988 saw yet another date change, this time to mid-April to take advantage of slightly better weather and improved accommodation for the many thousands of visitors who were now converging on Lakeland each year from every US State and 37 other countries world- wide. Sun n Fun is big, but not too big. It's still fun and, blended with traditional Southern hospitality, the event has rapidly established itself one of the world's premier aviation 'happenings'.
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Super Carriers: U.S. Naval Air Power Today
This is a photographic history of American naval aircraft carriers. This book covers: Top cats; SLUF: the magic war weapon; High-tech, low level aircraft: Prowlers and Intruders; Phantoms; Hawkeyes and Vikings; the personnel and the ships in port.
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Supermarine Spitfire Restoration Manual: An Insight into Building, Restoring and Returning Spitfires to the Skies
The Spitfire remains one of the most iconic combat aircraft and to own an airworthy example is the Holy Grail for Warbird collectors. For an aircraft that first flew more than 70 years ago it may seem incongruous that there is a flourishing industry centred on this aircraft in the 21st century. Whether scratch-building or restoring an original Spitfire to airworthy condition, this is big business where aircraft change hands for several million pounds. Paul and Louise Blackah reveal what it takes to build or restore a Spitfire and return it to the skies.
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Supermarine Spitfire: 1936 onwards (all marks) Owners’ Workshop Manual
The legendary Supermarine Spitfire receives the famous Haynes manual treatment with the full co-operation and authorization of the Royal Air Force. This is a unique guide for anyone wishing to own and operate a Spitfire, as well as a wonderful insight into the engineering and construction of this remarkable airplane; includes a developmental history of the aircraft, cutaway drawings, and the restoration and repair process . Presented mainly in color, this highly detailed and attractively designed manual is based around the restoration of the Spitfire Mk XVI at RAF Coningsby.
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Superprops: Classic Flying Freighters

Osprey Publishing Hardcover 240 pages Out of Print. New old stock.

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The Age of Invincible: The Ship that defined the modern Royal Navy
The story of HMS Invincible, a ship whose eventful life story, it is argued, embodies that of the Royal Navy itself during the second half of the 20th century and into the 21st. From her conception and design, through her various deployments (including the Falklands) and her evolving role and technical adaptation to meet changing strategic requirements, her fluctuating fortunes have been intertwined with those of the Royal Navy as a whole. Now, as a new breed of carriers is being commissioned to replace her, this thoroughly researched analysis of her career is the perfect platform from which to ask the important questions regarding the future role of the Royal Navy and Britain's place in the world.
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The Air Combat Paintings of Robert Taylor
Volume One, first published in 1987, has sold more copies than any other aviation art book. Highlights include Return of the Few -- spitfires returning low over the English coast; Dambusters -- raids destroying the dams in Germany's Ruhr industrial heartland; and Last Moral Support -- a Hurricane fighter pilot accompanying a badly damaged comrade to safety.
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The Airship VC
Ray Rimell's acclaimed biography of Lt. William Leefe Robinson who brought down the first German airship on British soil in WWI. Profusely illustrated, the life and career of the modest young airman is meticulously recorded with material and rare photos from the family archives.
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The American Aircraft Factory in World War II
Few industrial phenomena have been as dramatic as the United States’ mid-20th-century shift from peacetime to wartime production. The American Aircraft Factory in World War II documents the production of legendary warbirds by companies like Boeing, North American, Curtiss, Consolidated, Douglas, Grumman, and Lockheed. It was a production unmatched by any other country and a crucial part of why the allies won the war. Author Bill Yenne considers the prewar governmental acts that got the plants rolling, as well as the gender shift that occurred as women entered the work force like never before. He also describes the construction of mega-factories like Willow Run, factory design considerations, and the postwar conversion back to peacetime production. Illustrated with 175 period photographs—including 50 rare color photos never before seen in print.
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The Arrow Scrapbook: Rebuilding a Dream and a Nation
Through rare photographs and previously unpublished government documents, this scrapbook recreates a story that shook the aviation world and forever changed a nation. In the chill of the Cold War, the RCAF and aircraft giant A. V. Roe developed and built a new generation of jet fighter, one that could intercept Soviet bombers flying over the North Pole, a fighter that would stand as the first line of defense for North America. This important collection is vital to understanding the plan, the dream, the technological victories, and how it all went wrong. A must for aviation enthusiasts!
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The Art of Instrument Flying (2nd Edition)
This highly praised, award-winning classic takes the pilot through the "hands-on" flying of an aircraft, from the basics to actual instrument approaches, using only radios and instrumentation.
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The Aviation/Space Dictionary (7th Edition)
This book provides information on a decade (1980s) of changes and advances in aerospace and its associated technologies.
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The Aviator’s Guide to Flight Planning
The Aviator’s Guide to Flight Planning is a noteworthy resource for pilots of all levels. The student pilot will find a step-by-step course in cross-country flight planning under visual flight rules. The private pilot will find a complete guide to modern flight planning techniques. Instrument-rate pilots will find coverage of every aspect of flight planning under instrument flight rules. Professional and business pilots will find a complete review of routine flight planning procedures. Encompassing all types of fixed-wing, general aviation flying, this book will show you how to develop a complete flight plan; not just filling out an FAA Flight Plan Form. For whatever types of flying you are doing now, or may encounter later in your career as a pilot, let this book be your planning partner. Topics include: Adverse vs. unsafe weather conditions; weather briefing and analysis tips; selection of route, altitude, destination, alternates, cruise power; flight logs (VFR and IFR); high-altitude flying; weight and balance calculations; ground speed estimation vs calculation fuel planning; an field performance (takeoff, landing, obstacle clearance, rate of climb, etc.)
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The B-1 Bomber (2nd Edition)
Traces the history and development of the B-1 bomber, describes its weapons, controls, and design features, and discusses the future role of the aircraft.
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The Balloonists: The History of the First Aeronauts
First published in 1966 as The Aeronauts: A History of Ballooning 1783-1903, this book is a complete history of balloons and the intrepid men who flew in them. Beginning in 1783, the year in which balloons first took flight, it ends in 1903, the year in which the Wright Brothers first heavier-than-air flight at Kittyhawk changed the history of aviation for ever. The exploits of balloonists attracted the attention and admiration of the masses like nothing before: within weeks of the first flights, its form featured in designs of wallpaper and fabrics, in jewels and on snuff boxes, and as balloon clocks and chandeliers. The aeronauts themselves became heroes of their time. From the first flight, by the Montgolfier brothers in a balloon of paper and cloth, through the first Channel crossing by air, showman aeronauts, female aeronauts, efforts to cross the Atlantic and the use of balloons in war, this is a wholly fascinating and riveting book. Lightly and entertainingly written, it includes lively extracts from journals and contemporary accounts, as well as engravings of the period. This new edition has a foreword by one of the foremost aeronauts of today, Don Cameron.
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The C-130 Hercules: Tactical Airlift Missions, 1956-1975
Traces the history of the C-130 cargo plane and recounts its use in special airlift missions.
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The Cessna 172
The Cessna 172, by Bill Clarke, contains a wealth of information on the most-produced aircraft in the world. Unless you're an owner though, or are looking to buy a Skyhawk -- sad to say, I am neither -- only the first two chapters are likely to be of great interest. These chapters cover a history of the 172 and its development, including year-by-year changes in the model; and specifications and 'book numbers' for performance figures for each year up to 1985. The performance numbers appear to be taken directly from the Pilots Operating Handbook for each model. The third chapter is all about engines, and is of interest to the general reader as well as the owner/buyer. The first three chapters make up almost half of the book. Other chapters provide information on how to go about determining which 172 to buy and what to look for, care and maintenance of your new ride, Airworthiness Directives (ADs) to 1984, available Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) available for modifications and changes to that date, instruments and options, and more. This book is an excellent resource for Skyhawk owners. For owners and non-owners, the illustrations are quite satisfying. Another book that is currently available has colour photos of each model of 172, but most of the examples had been repainted in non-original paint schemes. 'The Cessna 172' contains period photos that depict how the aircraft were painted upon leaving the factory, though all photos are in black-and-white except for the one on the cover of the book. As someone who is interested in originality, I appreciate seeing the aircraft as they were. There are photos of engines, instruments, interiors, options, and modifications -- including a chapter on 172 floatplanes. 'The Cessna 172' also has profile and planform drawings from the POH, and exploded views of components and systems from shop manuals. In summary, the non-owner Cessna 172 fan will find plenty in this book to keep him or her entertained and informed. The owner, who one must assume is a really dedicated 172 fan, gets all of the historical information everyone will enjoy, AND great advice on ownership of the 172. This book belongs on the shelf of every Cessna 172/Skyhawk aficionado. Heck, it belongs in the library of anyone interested in General Aviation.
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The DEC Schneider Trophy Race
The Coupe d'Aviation Maritime Jacques Schneider (commonly called the Schneider Trophy, Schneider Prize or Schneider Cup) was awarded annually to the winner of a race for seaplanes. The race was held eleven times between 1913 and 1931. In 1981 the race was revived by the Royal Aero Club of Great Britain to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Britain's ultimate retention of the Trophy. Following that event, the computer company Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) independently decided to sponsor a long-term revival of the Schneider Trophy race series from 1984 until 1991. This book highlights these modern races and the aircraft that competed. Handicap air racing is unique to Britain: piston-engined aircraft up to a maximum weight, flown by pilots with a minimum number of hours as pilot in command, compete on an equal footing courtesy of the handicap system. When the event in this book was raced (1987) air racing in Britain was organized by a specialist section of the Royal Aero Club. These experts set the handicaps of the aircraft. This book contains pictures of a broad cross-section of private (and military) piston-engined aircraft, during practice, during preparation and racing the race itself. It's the only occasion when up to fifty aircraft can be legally in the same section of airspace at the same time. And, of course, the tighter the handicap the closer they all are to each other at the finish, as some of the photos in this book make clear. The book covers everything from a Stampe biplane to a Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk. There are Beagle Pups in formation with their RAF Bulldog cousins. There are light aircraft such as ubiquitous Cessnas alongside exotic homemade creations such as Rutan LongEzes. And there is the panoply of a unique event that only occurs in Britain. Aviation expert Mike Jerram and his then -publisher at Osprey, Dennis Baldry, do the honours with the camera and the narrative.
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The Doolittle Raid: America’s Daring First Strike Against Japan
In April, 1942, President Roosevelt urged the military high command to prepare a devastating carrier-launch raid against the Japanese home islands. And the only person who dared to lead the mission was the best-known risk-taker in the U.S. Air Force, Lieutenant Colonel James H. Doolittle. This book recaptures the World War II bombing raid over Tokyo under the command of Lt. Col. "Jimmy" Doolittle and the incredible seek-and-destroy mission that he and other American pilots endured after the bombing.
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The Douglas DC-3
Traces the development of the Douglas DC-3, known as the most successful civil airplane in history, and describes its impact on air transportation
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