Strike Command: At NATO’s Front Line
This is the story of Strike Command that was the military formation which controlled the majority of the United Kingdom's bomber and fighter aircraft from 1968 until 2007.
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Stuka Ju-87
This is a pictoral and photographic history of one of the most famous dive-bomber aircraft, the Stuka Ju-87. Content covers: The Stuka Concept Role, Tactics and techniques Development and Production Stuka Formations at War The Night Harassment Wings Rudel: the Stuka Ace
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This book is a photo album of the famous German WWII dive-bomber in action from the outbreak of war to the final surrender in 1945. The book contains B&W photographs, line drawings, data and detailed captions.
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Stukas, Jagdbomber, Schlachtflieger: Bildchronik der deutschen Nahkampfflugzeuge bis 1945
English: This is a German-language text that covers all dive bombers, fighter-bombers and attack aircraft used by the German airforce up to 1945. More than 40 types of aircraft and numerous sub-versions from World War II are covered. The book also looks at interesting weapon developments and aircraft projects. German: Dieses Buch deckt alle bis 1945 von der deutschen Luftwaffe eingesetzten Tauchbomber, Jagdbomber und Angriffsflugzeuge ab. Es werden uber 40 Flugzeugtypen und zahlreiche Unterversionen aus dem 2. Weltkrieg behandelt. Das Buch befasst sich auch mit interessanten Waffenentwicklungen und Flugzeugprojekten.
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Super Carriers: U.S. Naval Air Power Today
This is a photographic history of American naval aircraft carriers. This book covers: Top cats; SLUF: the magic war weapon; High-tech, low level aircraft: Prowlers and Intruders; Phantoms; Hawkeyes and Vikings; the personnel and the ships in port.
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Supermarine Spitfire Restoration Manual: An Insight into Building, Restoring and Returning Spitfires to the Skies
The Spitfire remains one of the most iconic combat aircraft and to own an airworthy example is the Holy Grail for Warbird collectors. For an aircraft that first flew more than 70 years ago it may seem incongruous that there is a flourishing industry centred on this aircraft in the 21st century. Whether scratch-building or restoring an original Spitfire to airworthy condition, this is big business where aircraft change hands for several million pounds. Paul and Louise Blackah reveal what it takes to build or restore a Spitfire and return it to the skies.
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Supermarine Spitfire: 1936 onwards (all marks) Owners’ Workshop Manual
The legendary Supermarine Spitfire receives the famous Haynes manual treatment with the full co-operation and authorization of the Royal Air Force. This is a unique guide for anyone wishing to own and operate a Spitfire, as well as a wonderful insight into the engineering and construction of this remarkable airplane; includes a developmental history of the aircraft, cutaway drawings, and the restoration and repair process . Presented mainly in color, this highly detailed and attractively designed manual is based around the restoration of the Spitfire Mk XVI at RAF Coningsby.
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The Age of Invincible: The Ship that defined the modern Royal Navy
The story of HMS Invincible, a ship whose eventful life story, it is argued, embodies that of the Royal Navy itself during the second half of the 20th century and into the 21st. From her conception and design, through her various deployments (including the Falklands) and her evolving role and technical adaptation to meet changing strategic requirements, her fluctuating fortunes have been intertwined with those of the Royal Navy as a whole. Now, as a new breed of carriers is being commissioned to replace her, this thoroughly researched analysis of her career is the perfect platform from which to ask the important questions regarding the future role of the Royal Navy and Britain's place in the world.
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The Air Combat Paintings of Robert Taylor
Volume One, first published in 1987, has sold more copies than any other aviation art book. Highlights include Return of the Few -- spitfires returning low over the English coast; Dambusters -- raids destroying the dams in Germany's Ruhr industrial heartland; and Last Moral Support -- a Hurricane fighter pilot accompanying a badly damaged comrade to safety.
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The Airship VC
Ray Rimell's acclaimed biography of Lt. William Leefe Robinson who brought down the first German airship on British soil in WWI. Profusely illustrated, the life and career of the modest young airman is meticulously recorded with material and rare photos from the family archives.
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The Arrow Scrapbook: Rebuilding a Dream and a Nation
Through rare photographs and previously unpublished government documents, this scrapbook recreates a story that shook the aviation world and forever changed a nation. In the chill of the Cold War, the RCAF and aircraft giant A. V. Roe developed and built a new generation of jet fighter, one that could intercept Soviet bombers flying over the North Pole, a fighter that would stand as the first line of defense for North America. This important collection is vital to understanding the plan, the dream, the technological victories, and how it all went wrong. A must for aviation enthusiasts!
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The B-1 Bomber (2nd Edition)
Traces the history and development of the B-1 bomber, describes its weapons, controls, and design features, and discusses the future role of the aircraft.
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The C-130 Hercules: Tactical Airlift Missions, 1956-1975
Traces the history of the C-130 cargo plane and recounts its use in special airlift missions.
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The Doolittle Raid: America’s Daring First Strike Against Japan
In April, 1942, President Roosevelt urged the military high command to prepare a devastating carrier-launch raid against the Japanese home islands. And the only person who dared to lead the mission was the best-known risk-taker in the U.S. Air Force, Lieutenant Colonel James H. Doolittle. This book recaptures the World War II bombing raid over Tokyo under the command of Lt. Col. "Jimmy" Doolittle and the incredible seek-and-destroy mission that he and other American pilots endured after the bombing.
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The Douglas DC-3
Traces the development of the Douglas DC-3, known as the most successful civil airplane in history, and describes its impact on air transportation
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The Fokker Dr.1 & D VII in World War I
These early fighters used by Germany are considered by many to be the best of World War I.
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The Hardest Day: Battle of Britain: 18 August 1940
This is the story of one single day in the Battle of Britain. Sunday 18 August 1940 saw the Luftwaffe launch three major air assaults on Britain and the events of that day changed the destiny of the war. Alfred Price gives a compelling minute-by-minute account of that hardest day as experienced by those involved – RAF and Luftwaffe aircrew, behind-the-scenes planners and strategists, and members of the public above whose towns and villages the battle was waged. The author’s exhaustive research was indeed timely because many of those he interviewed during the 1970s are no longer alive.
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The Illustrated Directory of Fighting Aircraft of WWII
This hefty international directory profiles every aircraft ever to have fought in WWII. This amazing volume contains detailed color illustrations especially useful to modelers and artists. More than 450 historical black and white, plus dozens of color photos, deliver amazing value and detail for every WWII enthusiast.
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The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Aircraft Armament
Today's generation of high-performance combat aircraft is among the most potent and awe-inspiring of man's technological creations. The millions of people who flock to airshows, build model kits, and buy aviation books and magazines testify to the enduring fascination. It should not be forgotten, however, that all this glamorous hardware exists to flight--most combat aircraft are weapons platforms, and their mission is to carry and deliver ordnance to a specific target. However simplistic it may sound, it is worth stressing that without aircraft armament, the fighting aircraft would not exist. This book provides the reader with a fully illustrated directory of all the airborne weapon systems that are currently in service, or being actively developed, worldwide. It falls into 2 distinct sections. The first 50 pages are devoted to examining the evolution of aircraft armament from the earliest days to the present. This historical survey is split into 3 segments: pre-1920, pre-1950, and post-1950. It takes the reader from the dawn of fighting in the air and the initial problems of fitting weapons onto aircraft, through World War II and the proliferation of guns, turrets, rockets, and bombs, to the conflicts in Korea, Israel, Vietnam, and Afghanistan, a period that has witnessed very rapid development of a wide range of guided missiles, torpedoes, "smart" bombs, mines, and so on. The 2nd and largest part of the book consists of the directory of weapons currently in the military arsenal that can be fitted either to fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters. This again is divided according to weapon type, with separate sections devoted to air-to-air missiles, unguided ordnance; air-to-surface missiles and torpedoes, and guns and installations. The text provides comprehensive specification and data for each entry, while the narrative text describes the weapon's design history, combat use, and in-service status. Illustrated with color and black and white photos.
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The Jolly Rogers: The Story of Tom Blackburn and Navy Fighting Squadron VF-17
In an action-packed war memoir and squadron history, ace fighter pilot Tom Blackburn describes exactly how he shaped a crew of over-eager hotshots into one of the highest scoring fighter squadrons of World War II and U.S. Navy history. In only 76 days of combat, Blackburn's Jolly Rogers downed a record 154 enemy warplanes, and Blackburn himself emerged as one of VF-17's leading aces with eleven aerial combat victories to his credit. A complete history of the squadron from its commissioning in January 1943 to its disbanding in April 1944 -- including a harrowing account of the squadron's intense, winning campaign against the Japanese over the northern Solomon Islands and Fortress Rabaul -- this book offers a fascinating look at Blackburn's approach to organizing, training, and leading his pilots -- thirteen of whom, the author included, became air aces.
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The Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain
The Battle of Britain has always been seen as one of the major turning points of the war: the might of the Luftwaffe, devastator of half of Europe, turned towards the beleaguered British Isles to stamp out the RAF and prepare the way for Operation Sea Lion, the first proper invasion of Great Britain since 1066. So much pride and national spirit is tied up in this crucial battle that it has spawned numerous films and its anniversaries are greeted by television and newspaper coverage year after year. Hundreds of books have been written on the subject, its stories retold time and time again and one would think a new approach to the subject well nigh impossible.
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The McDonnell Douglas OH-6A Helicopter: Aero Series 38
While greatly eclipsed in the annals of military aviation by the Huey and Cobra helicopters with which it served in the Vietnam War, the OH-6A earned a reputation of strength and reliability unmatched by its contemporaries. The first modern turbine-powered light observation helicopter, the OH-6A served as the U. S. Army's main scout for search and rescue missions in combat zones.
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The Messerschmitt BF110: Over All Fronts 1939-1945
Over 6000 made for a variety of uses including assault and night-fighter.
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