Duels in the Sky: World War II Naval Aircraft in Combat
In this book the Royal Navy's famed test pilot Captain Eric Brown pits various Allied and Axis aircraft against one another in theoretical combat and determines which deserve to be called the greatest.
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EAA Oshkosh: The World’s Biggest Aviation Event
EAA Oshkosh is an annual gathering of aviation enthusiasts held each summer at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, United States. The airshow is the largest of its kind in the world and lasts a week. During the gathering, the airport's control tower is the busiest in the world. This pictorial highlights the show's origins and the aircraft (antiques and modern warbirds) that have made the show so famous.
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Eagle’s Wings: The Autobiography of a Luftwaffe Pilot
Eagle's Wings is the autobiography of Hajo Herrmann, one of the best known Luftwaffe pilots of World War II. With well over three hundred perational missions and with a tally of nine RAF bombers destroyed during mass attacks on Germany the author was one of the most successful Luftwaffe pilots of World War II. The author writes about his career from the early days when he was an officer cadet in the German army, through his experiences as a founder member of the Condor Legion in Spain, to the part he played in the war. Herrmann was an acknowledged expert in anti-shipping operations, a divisional commander and creator of the 'Wild Boar' Wilde Sau method of night fighting. He was a close confidant of Hermann Goring, who promoted him to high office in the fighter defence of the Third Reich. Ten years as a prisoner of war in Russia, questions from historians and institutions, and his passion for flying encouraged him to write this account. Hajo Herrmann is a gifted writer and a dedicated historian making Eagle's Wings more than the biography of an outstanding airman: it is also a unique contribution to the history of a turbulent era.
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Electronic Wizards: Crows, Zappers & Weasels
This volume examines the clandestine world of aerial intelligence gathering and radar suppression, and considers the importance of electronic surveillance to today's forces, notably the USAF and the US Navy.
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Encyclopaedia of Modern Aircraft Armament
Lists all aircraft in current military use with the weapons they carry, their capabilities, and the combinations of weapon load that can be carried in bomb bays or on hardpoints.
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F-111: Success in Action
This book examines the development and employment of the General Dynamics F-111. It includes all the variants such as the USAF version, the Navy F-111B, the Strategic Air Command FB-111, the EF-111, and the Australian F-111. There is a lot of great information about how the aircraft was flown, tactics, weapons, and technology. The authors discuss the employment of the F-111 in Vietnam, its activities in various exercises, and the raid on Libya in 1986. The only sad thing is that the book was published in 1989, and therefore it does not examine the employment of the F-111 in Desert Storm in 1991. That said, it is an excellent history that covers 1962-89, and it remains worth reading 30 years later.
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F-86 Sabre: Rebuilding & Flying the North American F-86 in the 1990’s
The North American F-86 Sabre was a post-war jet fighter that entered service with the United States Air Force in 1949 and was retired from active duty by Bolivia in 1994. What is even more exciting is the mount of activity surrounding the rebuilding of the type as a war bird worldwide. There are literally tons of spares, and a significant number of airframes in a varying conditions and a growing number of companies offering Sabre Jet related services. The myths surrounding the Sacramento accident does nothing to enhance the image of the Sabre jet but those myths are cleared up here. Here are some of the article features. Flying the F-86A and CAC Sabre, Sabre Aerobatic Team. Rebuilding the NAA FJ-4B Fury. China Lake the Sabre's last stand. Fort Wayne's Saber Five. Airworthy & Project Sabers listing History of the F-86A G-SABR/48-178. Rebuilding and F-86H. CAC Sabres today. Surviving Sabre airframes worldwide. Exclusive F-86A Cutaway.
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F-86 Sabre: The Operational Record
In this book, Robert Jackson charts the operational career of the F-86, from its inception through the embattled skies of Korea to its role as NATO's guardian and after, when it became the fighter workhorse of many Third World nations.
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Fall of an Arrow
On February 20, 1959, Prime Minister John Diefenbaker announced to the House of Commons the cancellation of the CF-105 Arrow. Its development costs to that time were $340 million. The Arrow was to be the world's unsurpassed interceptor aircraft. Yet within two months of the Prime Minister's announcement, six completed aircraft were dismantled and all papers and documents associated with the project were destroyed. Here is the history and development of the Arrow - the plane that would make Canada the leader in supersonic flight technology. The Arrow was designed to fly at twice the speed of sound and carry the most advanced missile weapons system. Here are the stories of the men and women who were in the vanguard of the new technology - who had come from England, Poland, and the United States to make aviation history.
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Fast Jets 2
Captioned colour photographs depict the pilot's eye view and include many air-to -air photographs of fighter planes.
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Fast Jets: A Pilot’s Eye View
Captioned colour photographs depict the pilot's eye view and include many air-to -air photographs of fighter planes.
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Fighter (Military Missions)
This highly informative and beautifully illustrated volume presents you not only with an overview of a century of powered flight and the key technical developments, but also with an explanation of fundamental aerodynamic principles. Setting events in their historical context, it examines each of the most important fighters in turn and tells of the individuals whose ingenuity and courage gave military aviation its extraordinary momentum.
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Fighter Interceptors: America’s Cold War Defenders
This book is not a history of air defence forces in the United States; it is merely a collection of photographs of some of the NORAD aircraft and units from the late 1960s to the present.
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Fighter: From Wood and Canvas to Supersonic Flight
Traces the development of the fighter plane, describes and evaluates various models from biplanes to experimental jets, and explains the aircraft's role in combat.
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Fighters Defending the Reich: A Selection of German Wartime Photographs from the Bundesarchin, Koblenz
This book depicts the German pilots and crews in preparation to ward off Allied bombers.
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Fighting Colors: Glory Days of U.S. Aircraft Markings
Shows and describes standard military aircraft markings, as well as nose art, squadron colors, Bicentennial flagships, and high visibility trainers.
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Flying Aces: Aviation Art of World War II
The "Ace" had become a new kind of hero by the time the skies became a primary battlefield during World War II--and the dogfights that ensued became more deeply personal than those on the ground below. These inspired paintings capture both the courage and tenacity of these men and their machines in more than 70 works, painstakingly recreated by artists in vivid detail. They tell harrowing stories of wounded Robert S. Johnson, tailed by a Luftwaffe full of deadly purpose--but without ammunition--or Germany's legendary Erich Hartmann, the first fighter pilot to down 300 enemy aircraft. All painted by respected aviation art masters, including Stan Stokes, Robert Taylor, and Roy Grinnell, they are enhanced with archival photographs of legendary Aces and their planes and battles. It's an authoritative tribute to the men of the skies--and a great gift for any aficionado of aviation or military history.
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Flying Boats and Amphibians Since 1945
It may come as a surprise to learn that some 1,700 multi-engined military and commercial flying boats and amphibians have been built since 1945. The development of compact, reliable and economical turbo-prop engines in recent years has given the flying boat and amphibian a new lease of life, not only by extending the lives of some types by replacing existing piston engines, but also by encouraging new designs that are able to compete favourably with landplanes in terms of economy while retaining their unique ability to land on water if and when necessary. There are currently more than 350 multi-engined types operating worldwide in the search and rescue (SAR) and inshore maritime reconnaissance (MR) roles with the military, the commercial transport of people and supplies in remote areas, and fighting fires. This book describes 12 major multi-engined flying boats and amphibians that have been produced, albeit in small numbers in some cases, in 7 different countries since 1945. All have either served with operational military units or have been sold to commercial operators, with which many of them continue to serve to this day.
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Flying Tankers: Gas Stations in the Sky
This little paperback photo book is worthwhile for tanker veterans, and anyone interested in aerial refueling. Published in 1989, so some of it is of historic interest now. Good photos and decent color reproduction for a 25 year old book. Recommended if this is in your area of interest -- certainly brought back memories for me. Note that the "perfect" binding is somewhat fragile.
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Flying under Fire, Volume Two: More Aviation Tales from the Second World War
Building on the success of the previous volume, Flying Under Fire, Volume Two, features nine more personal accounts from Canadian pilots who flew in the Second World War. From training camps to posting across Canada, Britain, Europe, and North Africa, these stories capture the excitement, fear, hope, and dread of war-time service, and are all told with the vivid detail of first-hand experience. The contributors to this volume are a distinguished group: two are Air Commodores, three are Hall of Fame members, one has an Order of Canada and a McKee Trophy, and five have Distinguished Flying Crosses. Some, including Art Wahlroth and Bob Fowler, flew bombing missions in the war, many were fighters, and others, like Bill Carr and Jack Winship, performed reconnaissance duties, but all brought back tales of incredible resourcefulness and courage in the face of danger. And central to all their stories are the planes - Mosquitoes, Spitfires, Wellingtons, Meteors, Mitchells, and Kittyhawks fill the pages, each exhibiting the special quirks and personalities the pilots came to know and trust. Flying Under Fire, Volume Two, pays tribute to the roughly 35,000 Canadian airmen involved in the Second World War, honouring their contributions and preserving their stories for generations to come.
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Flying Under Fire: Canadian Fliers Recall the Second World War
Thousands of young Canadians volunteered for service in the RCAF, RAF, and other air services during WWII, risking their lives to protect others. The airforce played a critical part in the Allied victory and the stories of those brave men and women are as powerful and gripping as they were sixty years ago. The stories collected in Flying Under Fire were originally published in the Canadian Aviation Historical Society Journal and are the first-hand accounts of pilots, trainees, and ground crew who recall the danger, excitement, tragedy, and victory of serving their country. They bring an immediacy and a special brand of grim humour to their tales, capturing the hopes, fears, and spirit of the times. This book, made possible by the survivors of a long and difficult war, is dedicated to the memory of the 14,541 air personnel who did not return.
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Frank Wootton: 50 Years of Aviation Art
This magnificent volume celebrates Frank Wootton's career as an aviation artist. He traveled the world as an official war artist to the Royal Air Force for much of WWII. In 1944, he joined the Allied forces and painted the events and aircraft around him as he moved with the troops through newly liberated France and into Belgium He was then moved to Southeast Asia where he saw out the end of the war in Japan. This collection encompasses the range of Wootton's aviation art, from those early intense years right through to the present day -- including his impressions of the Concorde and modern high-tech fighter planes.
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