Triumph TR6: The Complete Story
Covering the design, development and manufacture of the car as well as its motorsport history, Triumph TR6 is dedicated to the last traditional open-topped TR sports car with a separate chassis. It shows how this last bastion of traditional British sports car motoring went against the grain of troubled automotive times, outstripping its predecessors in sales and popularity.
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Triumph TR7 Repair Operation Manual
This Factory Repair Operation Manual has been prepared to provide the service operator with the necessary information for maintenance and repairs. Covering the Triumph TR7, which came with the 1997cc engine, which was fitted with either a 4 speed, 5 speed or automatic gearbox. It also covers UK & Europe, USA & Canada versions fitted with carburetters or fuel injection. The TR7 was manufactured from September 1974 to October 1981. It also serves as a reference book for service supervision and covers items of procedure for the guidance of both the fully qualified and the less experienced mechanic. It covers in great detail the general specification data, engine tuning data, torque wrench settings, lubricants and anti-freeze solutions, maintenance and fault finding diagnosis, engine, emission and evaporative loss control, fuel system. Plus UK & Europe, USA & Canada carburetters and fuel injection, cooling system, manifolds and exhaust system, clutch, gearbox 4 speed, 5 speed and automatic, propeller shaft, rear axle for 4 & 5 speed gearbox, steering, front suspension, rear suspension, brakes, body, body panel repairs, heating and ventilation, air conditioning, windscreen wipers and washers, electrical system, instruments and service tools. Publication No. AKM 3079B including supplement AKM 3079/1.
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Triumph TR7: The Untold Story
By the mid 1970s the two popular sports cars produced by the new British Leyland were showing their age. What the company needed was a smart, modern sports car. The TR7, designed to replace both the MGB and the Triumph TR6, was the result. Its wedge-shaped design was modern enough but much of the rest of the car was, for some, disappointingly conventional and press reaction was not universally warm. Initially available as a two-seat coupe, the car went on sale in Britain in 1974.
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Triumph Vitesse 6 Owners Handbook (5th Edition)
Switches, instruments and controls, driving from new, routine care and maintenance.
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Tune Up Your MGA MG-TD MG-TF Sports Car

S. Russell Hawe Softcover 58 pages Out of Print. Used.

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Tuning & Preparation of “E” Type Cars for Competition Use
Official Jaguar booklet on how to improve performance for racing.
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Tuning ACCEL/DFI 6.0 Programmable Fuel Injection
A guide to understanding, modifying, programming, and tuning Accel's programmable digital fuel injection system, this book includes sections on Basic Management Theory and Components, Fuel Flow Dynamics, the ECU and Emissions Compliance, Matching Intake Manifold to Engine, Choosing the Proper Accel/DFI ECU, and more.
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Tuning: New Generation Engines for Power and Economy
This is a detailed and well illustrated technical book on tuning modern engines.
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Tuning: New Generation Engines for Power and Economy
This is a detailed and well illustrated technical book on tuning modern engines.
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TV Cars: Star Cars from the World of Television
Now available in paperback, this lively book takes a behind-the-scenes look at four-wheeled stars from television. It covers classic programs of the past, such as The Avengers and Starsky and Hutch, recent series such as Mr. Bean and Only Fools and Horses, and modern shows such as Life on Mars and The Apprentice, with a few surprises along the way. Packed with facts, anecdotes and photographs, TV Cars is a great read for all car and TV buffs.
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TVR Performance Portfolio 1995-2000
This detailed book includes 25 articles describe the attractive and distinctive TVR models of the second half of the nineties. Models, such as the Chimaera, Cerbera, Griffith and the race-bred Tuscan brought a final break with the kit-car ethos. They sold well and bore comparison with the likes of Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, etc.
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TVR S-Series: S1, S2, S3/S3C, S4C & V8S: 1966 to 1994
Purchasing a TVR S-Series needn't be a daunting proposition. Led by a voice of experience - someone who works on these cars on a daily basis - this guide is the perfect accompaniment when viewing and buying one of these hand-built sports cars. A TVR S-Series could be a potential bargain and, having this guide in your pocket will greatly improve your odds of finding a good one! Packed with good advice, including a comprehensive evaluation system, this book considers running costs, paperwork, vital statistics, valuation, the TVR community, and whether a TVR S-series will suit you and your lifestyle. This is THE COMPLETE GUIDE to choosing, assessing and buying the car of your dreams.
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TVR: Cars of the Peter Wheeler Era
For nearly sixty years, TVR produced some of the most thrilling, spine-tingling, hand-built sports cars to emerge from any British motor manufacturer. Yet it was the period between 1981 and 2004, under the management of Peter Wheeler, when the company finally shook off its shed-built roots and proved that it could produce cars that could match anything from Maranello or Stuttgart in terms of performance, but at a fraction of their price. Illustrated with over 300 photographs, TVR - Cars of the Peter Wheeler Era tells the story of the design, development and engineering of some of some of TVR's fastest, outrageous and most successful cars, from the retro-styled S1, to the racing Tuscan, 1000bhp Speed Twelve and the brutal Sagaris.
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Twenty Years of Crewe Bentleys (1946-1965)
This book covers the models from the Mk VI to the S3 produced at Crewe from 1946 to 1965. It includes summaries of specification, chassis numbers and delivery dates, body builders and a summary of road tests amongst other interesting information.
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Twin-Cam Italia: Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo
Offers vital advice for anyone seeking or owning any of these classic Italian cars: highlights the cars to buy and how to look after them. A huge variety of Italian cars have one important thing in common - the famous Twin Cam engine designed by Aurelio Lampredi. One of the most successful passenger car power units of all time, with a production lifespan of 32 years, it has also powered drivers to many victories on race tracks and rally stages, from minor club events to world championships. Owners and enthusiasts of these and all the other cars powered by the Lampredi Twin Cam engine will find much to delight them in this major expansion of Phil Ward's earlier book, Fiat and Lancia Twin-Cams.
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