Wide-Open Muscle: The Rarest Muscle Car Convertibles
The fully illustrated book Wide-Open Muscle celebrates the muscle-car convertibles--the most expensive muscle cars from the classic era of the 60s and 70s.
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Williams 1969-1998 Photo Album: 30 Years of Grand Prix Racing
Today, Williams GP Engineering is one of the most successful teams in GP racing, but it wasnt always this way. It took "wheeler-dealer" Frank Williams several years to move his team from the back of the pack to winner of several World Championship titles. This dynamic volume features the story of Williams Grand Prix Engineering through fascinating photographs of all the Williams models, from the back-of-the-grid cars to the World Championship winners of modern times. Filled with photographs of the most famous Williams drivers including Piquet, Mansell, Prost, Senna and Villeneuve.
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Willys: The Complete Illustrated History 1903-1963
Although there have been many Jeep books, this is the first complete history of the Willys-Overland passenger cars, civilian trucks (as well as civilian and military Jeeps) along with the corporation's history. Illustrated with rare and unusual factory photos and period ads, the Willys-Overland saga begins in 1903 when the Standard Wheel Company began making Overland cars. Soon after, auto dealer John North Willys was forced by circumstances to rescue the failing Overland company. By 1916 Willys had become the second-best selling car in the world. Prospering in the '20s but then bankrupt a decade later, the firm crawled back from the edge in time to win the all-important Jeep contract that ensured Willys would survive. Even after Kaiser Motors bought Willys in 1953 its products were still branded Willys until 1963 when the name was phased out. The final new Willys Jeep introduced - the Wagoneer - became a legend in its own right. Also covered are the pre-war coupes modified into high-powered racers.
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Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman
Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman is also the title of the 2015 documentary about Paul Newman from director Adam Carolla. Read the book that inspired the film! Though he is famous as one of Hollywood's greatest actors, a world-class humanitarian, and the founder of the Newman's Own natural food empire, the late Paul Newman had another intriguing and lesser-known passion: he was an avid, successful, and well-respected car racer and team owner. In Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman, Matt Stone of Motor Trend teams up with Preston Lerner of Automobile magazine to bring you the incredible racing biography of a man whose serious racing days began at an age when many race car drivers contemplate retirement. It is the story of someone who entered the 24 Hours of Daytona at the age of 70 and made his last professional race outing at 82; whose roster of Newman Haas drivers reads like a who's-who of open-wheel racing; and whose interest in cars extended from the likely suspects to old trucks and new hybrids. Newman is also the charming pal who, when a miserably wrecked Ferrari was dropped at his door by the incorrigible prankster Robert Redford, returned the favor by having the car, crushed into a cube, delivered to Redford's living room. The anecdotes, the races, the cars... Winning contains them all, adding up to an award-winning and unprecedented look at Paul Newman's racing talent, unwavering conviction, endearing charm, and enduring spirit.
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Wolseley 6/99 Driver’s Handbook (AKD1240B0001)

British Motor Corporation Ltd. Softcover 68 pages Out of Print. Used. Good/poor condition. Please ask for details.

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Wolseley: A Very British Car
Whether you love old vehicles, are interested in the history, or are simply enamored by very British cars, Wolseley - A Very British Car fires on all cylinders. This complete history of Wolseley starts at the turn of the century when they were producing some of the first automobiles ever. You will see the highs and lows of the company’s nearly 75-year history with interesting text, and hundreds of rare photographs, many of which have never been published before. This is truly the definitive work on this classic marque.
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Woodward Avenue: Cruising the Legendary Strip
Detroit's Woodward Avenue was America's center of gravity for cruising and street racing in the '50s and '60s. Its widely paved surfaces with long sections of arrow-straight road between traffic signals provided the ideal location for stoplight street racing and cruising action. Woodward even became the unofficial test track for the profusion of hot factory iron churned out by Detroit's engineers. If you lived in the Detroit area in the '60s and wanted to drag race, Woodward Avenue was the place to go. Woodward Avenue: Cruising the Legendary Strip is filled with stories from the people who cruised and raced Woodward in that wonderful era. Also featured are the clandestine and not-so-clandestine efforts by the factories to build cars that the Woodward crowd would buy and race. Woodward Avenue includes everything that surrounded Woodward's action, including Detroit's legendary DJs who provided the cruisers' musical soundtrack, the hang-outs and drive-ins, the new car dealerships that provided the high-performance cars, and the legendary speed shops that provided the hot rod parts. If you are into muscle cars, great street racing stories, or just want to remember or learn how it was back in the day, Woodward Avenue: Cruising the Legendary Strip is a great trip down memory lane.
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Working in the Wild: Land Rover’s Manual for Africa
Planning a Summer vacation with the family? Looking to make a trip to the grocery store during the Winter? This book will equip Land Rover owners with the practical know-how to make the most of the vehicle's capacity for hard work in hostile conditions. The selection and purchasing of vehicles is also covered.
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Works Triumphs In Detail: Standard-Triumph’s Works Competition Entrants, Car-by-Car
Between 1953 and 1980 the Triumph competitions department produced more than 150 'works' competition cars for race and rally. These included TR2, TR3 and TR3A, the TR3S, TRS and Conrero race cars, Herald and Vitesse, TR4, 2000, Spitfire and GT6R, 2.5 PI, Dolomite and Sprint, TR7 and TR7 V8. In addition they prepared Standard Eight, Ten, Pennant, and Phase III Vanguard for competition. Viewed overall, what stands out as the remarkable feature of the work of the department was that they achieved such a degree of success with relatively ordinary production cars, from 803cc saloons upwards. Author Graham Robson was manager of the Standard-Triumph competitions department in the early 1960s and himself supervised the development and management of the works TR4s, Spitfires and 2000s. Here he provides information on each and every one of the works cars of the whole 1953-80 period, with details of their specifications, entries, drivers and careers, accompanied in nearly all cases by archive photographs. In addition there is specially commissioned colour photography of important surviving examples.
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World Formula 1 Records 2017
The sixth edition of the BBC's popular record book, now fully revised and updated to include the spectacular 2015 season! Focusing exclusively on the world of Formula 1, the biggest and most glamorous of all racing competitions, this fan favorite highlights the great battles for the World Drivers' Championship and the Constructors' Cup since they began in the 1950s. Along with fantastic action photography, there are hundreds of stories and statistics on the legendary drivers, teams, and tracks.
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Yenko: The Man, The Machines, The Legend
There is no question the collectible muscle car market is hot, and there are few cars hotter than those sold with the distinctive YENKO stripes and badges. A wide range of Chevrolet cars received the YENKO treatment, starting with the Stinger Corvairs and finishing with turbocharged Camaros and even Vegas. In between these two projects, Don Yenko would work his magic on Novas, Chevelles, and of course the legendary first-generation Camaros.
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Young Henry Ford: A Picture History of the First Forty Years
Young Henry Ford is a visual and textual presentation of the first forty years of Henry Ford—an American farm boy who became one of the greatest manufacturers of modern times and profoundly impacted the habits of American life. In Young Henry Ford, Sidney Olson dispels some of the myths attached to this automobile legend, going beyond the Henry Ford of mass production and the five-dollar day, and offers a more intimate understanding of Henry Ford and the time he lived in. Through hundreds of restored photographs, including some of Ford's own taken with his first camera, Young Henry Ford revisits an America now gone—of long days on the farm, travel by horse and buggy, and one-room schoolhouses. Some of the rare illustrations include the first picture of Henry Ford, photos from Edsel's childhood, snapshots of the interior and exterior of the Ford homestead, Clara and Henry's wedding invitation, and photos of the early stages of the first automobile.
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Your 1957 Packard Clipper
This manual contains extensive commentary on the operation, service and care of your 1957 Packard Clipper.
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Your 1958 Packard
This manual contains extensive commentary on the operation, service and care of your 1958 Packard Clipper.
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Zenith Stromberg CD Carburetors: Owners Workshop Manual

Haynes (300) Hardcover 76 pages Out of Print. New old stock.

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Zoom: The Global Race to Fuel the Car of the Future
If oil is a problem, it seems that cars are the solution. Working on innovative, environmental technologies and entirely new business models, the car industry could be launching society's greatest leap forward in a hundred years. Zoom visits the boardrooms of oil executives and shows how some are fearlessly exploring new energy sources and designs. Elsewhere, Carson and Vaitheeswaran examine the alliances that are being formed to end our addiction to oil in both the West and the growing markets of China, India and Russia, as well as what Toyota and the Prius can teach us, economically and ecologically. Zoom also introduces the Thomas Edison of the twenty-first century, a legendary inventor whose revolutionary work with hydrogen-powered vehicles on a pure water loop is already having a positive impact on the environment and the marketplace. The global race to discover cleaner energy sources is on - and Zoom demonstrates just how cars could be the driving force to a better and cleaner future.
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