1001 NASCAR Facts: Cars, Tracks, Milestones, Personalities
For nearly 70 years, NASCAR has been the premier sanctioning body for organized Stock Car Racing in the United States. During that time, the sport has grown from a Southern, regional series to a global brand with its races telecast in more than 100 countries around the world.

Author John Close details the earliest races of the 20th Century that laid the groundwork for the formation of NASCAR through today's modern events at mega-race stadiums across the country. Presented in an easy-to-read decade-by-decade "Fact Format," this books allows you to spend a couple of minutes or hours at a time learning about the Cars (and Trucks), Personalities, Tracks, and Milestones of NASCAR, America's most popular and attended form of motorsports. Close, a longtime NASCAR journalist, author, team member, and race-day Spotter, also includes dozens of rare and informative photos that take you from the famed "Beach Course" at Daytona to the high banks of today's NASCAR tracks. A must read for any NASCAR, Stock Car Racing, and American Motorsports fan, the book will provide hours of interesting entertainment as it uncovers rare information and statistical anomalies.

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Andretti is the stunning photographic look at auto racing superstar Mario Andretti. With an introduction by Paul Newman, this book is an exciting, lavishly illustrated tribute to one of the greatest racers of all time.
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Chevy Stock Cars
GM has been involved with NASCAR from the get-go, and this colorful history details the NASCAR involvement of Chevy from 1949 to present. Modern and period color photography depicts cars from bygone eras and present -- Impalas, Chevelles, Luminas, Monte Carlos, and the Monte Carlo SS Aero Coupe are shown close up and at speed. Also highlighted are all the famous drivers and mechanics who have climbed behind the wheel or under the hood of Chevy stock cars, including Junior Johnson, Smokey Yunick, Dale Earnhardt, and Darrell Waltrip.
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Dale Earnhardt: The Life Story of a NASCAR Legend
To imagine the steel-blue eyes behind the trademark shades, to see the mischevious grin accentuated by the bristly mustache was to realize this man truly loved what he did, no regrets. In words and full color photographs, this book celebrates the man and the champion.
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Dale Vs. Daytona: The Intimidator’s Quest to Win the Great American Race
Dale Earnhardt and Daytona International Speedway remain two of the most iconic names in the history of NASCAR, and are inevitably connected when either name is mentioned. Earnhardt's failed attempts to win the race have become folklore; each year brought its own unique set of circumstances for why he hadn't yet raised the Harley J. Earl Trophy. Dale Earnhardt’s résumé heading into the 1998 Daytona 500 read as follows: 7 NASCAR Championships, 70 Winston Cup wins, and 30 wins at Daytona International Speedway. So what was left for Dale to accomplish at Daytona? Win the Daytona 500! Author Rick Houston examines every Daytona 500 in which Dale competed from 1979 to 2001 with fresh interviews from crew chiefs Doug Richert, Kirk Shelmerdine, Andy Petree, Bobby Hutchens, Larry McReynolds, and Kevin Hamlin. Competitors, rivals, crewmembers, and friends (including Bill Elliott, Sterling Marlin, Ken Schrader, Geoff Bodine, Darrell Waltrip, Danny "Chocolate" Myers, Greg Moore, Derrike Cope, and Junior Johnson) also offer their thoughts and recollections in this thrilling year-by-year recap of the Intimidator’s efforts to win the Great American Race. Never before have Dale's attempts to win the Daytona 500 been chronicled in one publication with this amount of detail and under such intense scrutiny. From the Dale and Dale show, to the seagull, to the last-lap heartaches, you ride shotgun with Rick Houston as he takes you around-and-around in Dale vs Daytona: The Intimidator's Quest to Conquer the Great American Race.
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Daytona 500: The Men & Machines of Speed Week ’93
“The best ever” Daytona 500, featuring a spine-tingling last lap pass of leader “Intimidator” Dale Earnhardt by eventual winner Dale Jarrett, is covered in color and in depth. So are all the key events leading up to the 500, practice and qualifying, the Gatorade Twin 125-mile qualifying races, and the Busch Clash. Every driver to qualify for the Daytona 500, including polesitter Kyle Petty, second fastest qualifier Jarrett, the Twin 125 winners, Earnhardt and rookie Jeff Gordon, receive color photographic coverage. 500 winner Jarrett and his father, two-time Winston Cup winner Ned Jarrett, who rooted his son home from the CBS television announcer’s booth, get feature coverage. So does rookie Gordon, who actually led the first lap of his first Daytona 500 and finished fifth. Color coverage of all the supporting events starts with the Rolex 24 at Daytona, North America’s premiere endurance race, which features IMSA GT cars. It was won by a Dan Gurney Toyota entry, an honor which had previously eluded the popular and highly successful team owner. Included are the Goody’s 300 for Busch Grand National cars, in which Dale Earnhardt prevailed for a fourth consecutive time, the ARCA 200, and the Gatorade NASCAR Dash. Official results for every Speedweeks event are presented in detail. A photographic feature zeroes in on the top Winston Cup Team owners, key players in the Daytona 500 drama. Driver’s families, friends, and racing luminaries are pictured in the relaxed “off-duty” moments at Daytona. Of special interest is photo coverage of Richard Petty in a new role, Honorary Starter for the Daytona 500. He got the 41-car field off to a clean, fast start, the only Daytona 500 (save one) he’s missed as a driver since he started in 1959.
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Earnhardt Nation: The Full-Throttle Saga of NASCAR’s First Family
A colorful, fearless portrait of the larger-than-life first family of NASCAR, the Earnhardts, and the rise of the world's fastest stock car racing organization. More than sixty years ago, Ralph Earnhardt toiled in a cotton mill in his native North Carolina to support his growing family. Weekends he could be found going pedal to the metal at the dirt tracks, taking on the competition in the early days of box car racing and becoming one of the best short-track drivers in the state. His son, Dale Earnhardt Sr., would become one of the greatest drivers of all time, and his grandson Dale Jr, would become NASCAR's most popular driver of the 2000s. From a simple backyard garage, the Earnhardts reached the highest echelons of professional stock car racing and became the stuff of myth for fans. Earnhardt Nation is the story of this car racing dynasty and the business that would make them rich and famous --- and nearly tear them apart. Covering all the white-knuckle races, including the final lap at the Daytona 500 that claimed the life of the Intimidator, Earnhardt Nation goes deep into the fast-paced world of NASCAR, its royal family's obsession with speed, and their struggle with celebrity. Jay Busbee takes us deep inside the lives of these men and women who shaped NASCAR. He delves into their personal and professional lives, from failed marriages to rivalries large and small to complex and competitive father-son relationships that have reverberated through generations, and explores the legacy the Earnhardts struggle to uphold.
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Ford, Lincoln & Mercury Stock Cars
From 1949 through 1998, many of NASCAR's most memorable cars have come from Dearborn. Modern and archival color photos feature legendary cars like the Talladega, Torino, Galaxie and Thunderbird, as well as the men who have driven them, such as Bobby Unser, Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt. Also highlighted is Ford's role in the 1960s Aero-Wars, when the Big Three developed groundbreaking aerodynamic effects specifically for NASCAR. Includes the Taurus that debuted on the NASCAR circuit in 1998.
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Greg Biffle (The Reedy Series)
The Reedy Series 2006 commemorates the top drivers annually on the NASCAR Nextel Cup circuit. This limited edition, collectible series comprises 5 individual foldout books that depict 5 Chase drivers and their special years. The 4-fold format enhances the book's lavish illustrations, provided by stellar Cup photographers Nigel Kinrade and Brian Czobat, and helps deliver a unique form of storytelling (by Josh Stevens) to the world of NASCAR. No other NASCAR collectible features rich, high-action illustrations displayed in this format, and no series offers exciting capsules of the top drivers and their special years.
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In the Blink of an Eye: Dale, Daytona, and the Day that Changed Everything
There was one lap to go in the 2001 Daytona 500, NASCAR's most celebrated event. Michael Waltrip and Dale Earnhardt Jr. were running one-two. Junior's legendary dad, the driver race fans called "The Intimidator," was close behind in third, blocking anyone who might try to pass. Waltrip couldn't stop thinking about all the times he'd struggled to stay ahead--and the 462 NASCAR Cup races he'd lost without a single win. He'd been a race-car driver all his adult life, following in the footsteps of his brother Darrell, a three-time NASCAR champion. And his losing streak was getting more painful every race. But this day, he knew, could be different. He was driving for Dale Earnhardt now, racing as a team with his close friend and mentor. Yet as his car roared toward the finish line, ending that losing streak once and for all, Waltrip had no clue that the greatest triumph of his life could get mired in terrible tragedy. This is the story of that fateful afternoon in Daytona, a day whose echoes are still heard today. But the story begins years earlier in a small town in Kentucky, with a boy who dreamed of racing cars, a boy who was determined to go from go-karts to the highest levels of NASCAR. For the first time ever, Michael Waltrip tells the full, revealing story of how he got to Daytona, what happened there, and the huge impact it had on so many in the racing world. He reveals for the first time how his own life changed as he dealt with guilt, faced his grief, and searched for the fortitude to climb into a race car again. It's an inspiring and powerful story, told with Michael's trademark humor, honesty, and irreverence. It's a story of family, fulfillment, and redemption--and well-earned victory in the end.
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Jimmie Johnson (The Reedy Series)
To commemorate the top drivers annually, the Reedy Series introduced the first edition of its foldout book series in 2005. This limited edition, collectible series comprises 5 individual foldout books that depict 5 Chase drivers and their special years. The 4-fold format enhances the book's lavish illustrations, provided by stellar Cup photographers Nigel Kinrade and Brian Czobat, and helps deliver a unique form of storytelling (by Josh Stevens) to the world of NASCAR. No other NASCAR collectible features rich, high-action illustrations displayed in this format, and no series offers exciting capsules of the top drivers and their special years.
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Kurt Busch (The Reedy Series)
Filled with striking images and presented in a unique foldout format, Kurt Busch recounts #97’s thrilling Chase for the Championship. The story captures Kurt’s meteoric rise as a driver, his controversial but compelling personality, and the key races that put him into position for the Cup. Relive the exciting moments of his season right down to the final race at Homestead—when the championship was on the line. Kurt Busch is a part of the inaugural Reedy Series. The series commemorates the elite drivers who competed in the dramatic Chase for the Championship. This limited edition, collectible series comprises 5 individual foldout books that depict the Chase drivers and their special years. Each book contains 7 Dramatic Full-Color Foldouts.
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Kyle at 200 M.P.H.: A Sizzling Season in the Petty/Nascar Dynasty
A behind-the-scenes look at the stock car racing circuit through the eyes of a NASCAR racer interweaves descriptions of the daily goings-on in the pit and on the track with a history of the Petty racing dynasty.
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Mark Martin (The Reedy Series)
Filled with striking images and presented in a unique foldout format, Mark Martin recounts #6’s thrilling Chase for the Championship. The story captures Mark’s roller coaster season, including his wholehearted push to make the first Chase for the Championship playoff format. Relive the exciting moments of Mark’s season right down to the final race at Homestead—when the championship was still in sight. Mark Martin is a part of the inaugural Reedy Series. The series commemorates the elite drivers who competed in the dramatic Chase for the Championship. This limited edition, collectible series comprises 5 individual foldout books that depict the Chase drivers and their special years. Each book includes 7 Full-Color Dramatic Foldouts. The 5 drivers in the 2004 Reedy Series include: Kurt Busch Jimmie Johnson Jeff Gordon Mark Martin Dale Earnhardt, Jr. This publication is not licensed or endorsed by NASCAR or Roush Racing
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NASCAR Ford Taurus
NASCAR is more popular in America than any racing series has ever been, and leading the way within the NASCAR ranks is the Ford Taurus.The Taurus is one of the best-selling cars in the U.S., but the street version bears little resemblance to the Taurus that races on Sundays. The racing Taurus is the result of Ford and NASCAR working together to create a two-door version that would comply with NASCAR rules. It is campaigned by legendary drivers such as Dale Jarrett, Mark Martin, Ricky Rudd, Jeff Burton, and 2003 series champion Matt Kenseth.This book explains in technical detail all the nuances and differences between the street version and race version, including the chassis and roll cage, the suspension, steering and brakes, the engine and drive train, engine support systems, and the interior and body. The new RaceCarTech Series of books features a level of very useful technical detail sought not only by the enthusiast, but also by the model car builder. Detailed photos and accurately scaled shots provide a resource not found anywhere else. 70 percent of plastic model kit sales in the US are cars, and the majority of those are race car models. The RaceCarTech series is a long-awaited resource for model car builders.
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Every year, NASCAR attracts more than six million spectators to racetracks nationwide. The televised races are viewed by millions more, making NASCAR second only to NFL football in American sports ratings. NASCAR Now! is the ultimate guide to the sport -- a high-octane ride from auto racing's humble roots to the present. This superb book for fans is like riding shotgun with the top 31 drivers on the Sprint Cup circuit, including Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Kyle Busch, Tony Stewart, Matt Kenseth and Clint Boyer. Readers will go into the garage with top teams and they'll get behind the wheel with former racecar driver Brett Bodine and Tonight Show host Jay Leno as they pilot the official pace car. Every aspect of NASCAR racing is covered in this photo-packed, fast-paced book, which includes: Profiles of today's top 31 drivers plus 13 legends A racing primer on scoring, officials, pit stops and the business of NASCAR Setting up a track for race day Tracks -- who owns them, and the events they host How to spend a day at the track A history of NASCAR internationally, featuring races in Canada, Mexico and Japan. NASCAR Now! is an informative, entertaining and action-packed guide that puts the reader in the driver seat.
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NASCAR Transporters (Enthusiast Color Series)
The lovely book is jam packed with colour photographs of the big-rig vehicles used to transport NASCAR vehicles and equipment.
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NASCAR Women: At the Heart of Racing
Now, for the first time, a new book from David Bull Publishing reveals the essential role that women play in NASCAR-both behind the scenes and in high-profile positions with racing teams, the media, and the NASCAR organization itself. The book is illustrated with over 100 color and black and white photographs, most provided from family photo albums.
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NASCAR’s Greatest Race: The 1992 Hooters 500
Few races have captured the imagination of racing fans as the 1992 Hooters 500 held at Atlanta Motor Speedway. On November 15, 1992, the entire NASCAR racing community tuned in to watch as six drivers strapped in for a chance to win the NASCAR Winston Cup. And what a race it was. Heading into Atlanta, Davey Allison, Bill Elliott, and Alan Kulwicki each had a real shot at winning the Championship. On the track, Allison was in and out of contention until trouble found him, which left Elliott and Kulwicki to race for the title in a nail-biting finale. And who could have imagined that a young Jeff Gordon would take the handoff from Richard Petty on this day. Author Rick Houston has gathered new interviews from Bill Elliott, Paul Andrews, Larry McReynolds, Ray Evernham, Rick Mast, Brett Bodine, Kyle Petty, and Tim Brewer. They all give fresh recollections and new information on the events leading up to and including the 1992 Hooters 500. With NASCAR’s Greatest Race: The 1992 Hooters 500, readers can relive the closest championship contest in NASCAR history to that point. All while learning new details on how the entire season culminated into a single lap to determine the title!
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Racing the IMCA Modified
A collection of a large number of ideas from IMCA modified racers all over the country on ways they have found to be successful, and how to do it on a budget. This book features everything you need to know to build, set-up, and race a modified style car competitively. Includes front suspension refinements, roll center, camber curve, bump steer, rear suspension, panard bar, shocks, brakes, ballast and weight, chassis tuning, handling problems, chassis set-up for dirt and asphalt and much more.
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Real Men Work in the Pits: A Life in NASCAR Racing
Jeff Hammond, one of NASCAR's all-time great crew chiefs, recalls the thrilling moments of his life in racing: starting out as a tire changer for Walter Ballard in 1974 and quickly becoming one of the best jackmen in the business; serving on all three of driver Cale Yarborough's championship seasons; and then taking over as crew chief during the glory days of legendary driver Darrell Waltrip. The stories Hammond tells about his life in NASCAR and the greats he has known are funny and— sometimes —tragic. He has strong opinions about the current state of the sport and pulls no punches as he offers his insights about the last 30 years when the sport grew so phenomenally from a regional obsession into a national pastime.
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Remember When: The Early Years of Stock Car Racing in Southern Ontario
Rick Sharples remembers when stock car racing was something special and exciting. Rick comes by his passion for stock car racing by being the son of Fred Sharples who twisted wrenches for Bernie Reddick on the #99 Scannell cars before leaving Canada to become a travelling NASCAR official. Rick has been going to races since he was in diapers and was quite involved, as a Club official, for the Can Am Midget Racing Club. Rick's first book on the Early Years of Stock Car Racing in Southern Ontario is unique look at the history and excitement thatis Stock car racing.
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Stock Car Dirt Track Technology
A guide to building, setup and tuning dirt track stock cars. Includes basic chassis design and fabrication, suspension setups/adjusting to track conditions, rear suspension systems, scaling, tuning with shock absorbers, tips and advice.
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Stockcar Toons #2: More Spins and Grins on the Winston Cup Circuit
StockcarToons II is the second collection of cartoons on NASCAR Winston Cup Racing by editorial cartoonist Mike Smith. This new body of work includes Mike's weekly work from the Las Vegas Sun and Winston Cup Scene. StockcarToons II takes a humorous look at the personalities, controversies and major news events from the past year in Winston Cup racing. Kevin Harvick, Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, NASCAR president Mike Helton and many other prominent figures from the sport are caricatured in the cartoons. In addition, the collection also comments on the controversies surrounding restrictor plate racing, safety issues in racing, and the battle between veteran race car drivers and the up-and-coming generation of new drivers. The cartoons examine all these subjects with an eye that reflects a fan's perspective.
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Stockcar Toons: Grins and Spins on the Winston Cup Circuit
StockcarToons is a collection of the weekly cartoons produced by Mike Smith, editorial cartoonist for the Las Vegas Sun. Since its start two and a half years ago, the StockcarToons have proven to be popular with NASCAR fans, crew members, sponsors and newspaper readers from across the country. StockcarToons appear in The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Nashville Tennessean, The St. Petersburg Times, The Detroit News, The Daytona Beach Morning Journal, The Orlando Sentinel, and The Washington Times.
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The 200-MPH Billboard: The Inside Story of How Big Money Changed NASCAR
What began on the dusty racetracks of the rural South is now a world-class enterprise, as closely watched by Wall Street as by hometown racing fans. How NASCAR grew from its provincial roots to become a big business of international proportions is the story Mark Yost tells in The 200-MPH Billboard. A seasoned sports and business reporter for the Wall Street Journal and contributor to the New York Times and the Sports Business Journal, Yost demystifies the economics and politics behind NASCAR sponsorship. His book takes us behind the scenes of some of the head-turning corporate deals that altered the way NASCAR does business. From Junior Johnson s contract with Darrell Waltrip and Mountain Dew, which announced a significant change, to deals between the likes of Dale Jr. and Budweiser, Tony Stewart and Home Depot, NASCAR and Fox Television, this book clearly tracks the subtle and not-so-subtle transformations that corporate sponsorship has wrought in recent years. And it offers a rare insider s look at what these changes have meant for NASCAR and its devoted fans.
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The History of AMC Motorsports: Trans-Am, Drag, NASCAR, Land Speed and Off-Road Racing
When thinking of a manufacturer's racing involvement, AMC is not a manufacturer that immediately comes to mind. Yet even from the very beginning of American motorsports, the companies that became AMC had some serious involvement in motorsport. From the early Nash and Hudson models all the way through the muscle car era, AMC had direct involvement in racing. The success of Nash and Hudson in early NASCAR racing, AMC Javelins in Trans-Am racing, and AMC's involvement with Mark Donahue and Roger Penske in both their Trans-Am and 1970s NASCAR teams prove that AMC was "in it to win it." The History of AMC Motorsports from veteran racing journalist Bob McClurg covers it all, from a Nash–American Motors corporate history, the first years of NASCAR, the 1960s efforts that included Trans-Am and drag racing Super Stock programs, to the Craig Breedlove land speed record efforts when 106 world records were shattered and covered by Hot Rod magazine. And let's not forget the 1970s Trans-Am championships with Donahue and Penske, and finally the NASCAR success with Bobby Allison in the always-curious looking Matador, which is also covered here. Never before has a single volume chronicled the events that encompass AMC racing history. Whether a hardcore racing history fan or a casual enthusiast of the AMC street offerings, The History of AMC Motorsports provides a unique showcase vital to every enthusiast's library.
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Tony Stewart (The Reedy Series)
With dynamic storytelling, breathtaking images, and unique foldouts the Reedy Series captures Tony Stewart’s 2005 championship season. Relive Stewart’s dominance from his scorching summer victories right down to the final race at Homestead. Tony Stewart is part of the limited-edition, collectible Reedy Series, which commemorates the top five drivers of each season.
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