1968 Shelby Mustang GT350, GT500 and GT500KR: Muscle Cars In Detail No. 3
There were Mustangs, and then there were Mustangs. Ford wanted its new little Pony Car to appeal to the masses, and in executing that plan, the Mustang could be had in anything from a plain-Jane version with an economical 6-cylinder engine (often referred to as a "secretary’s car"), all the way up to the sporty GT models with optional 271-hp V-8s. Unfortunately, although road-going Mustangs were considered sporty, they were not officially sports cars, at least according to the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA). And Lee Iacocca knew that on-track performance led to showroom performance, so he needed to go racing. Enter Carroll Shelby. Shelby worked with the SCCA to modify the Mustang to meet the SCCA's requirements and enter the racing arena. The result was the now-legendary Shelby Mustang. This volume of CarTech's In Detail series covers the 1968 Shelby GT350, GT500, and GT500KR. In 1968, Ford sought to take over much of the process of producing Shelby Mustangs and increased that production dramatically to meet anticipated sales demand, so it was a bit of a transition year. In an effort to appeal to muscle car fans rather than race fans, the cars were losing their edgy race car feel and were becoming more high-end performance road cars with a long list of performance and comfort options including 428 Cobra Jet Engines, automatic transmissions, and air conditioning. They may have no longer been sports cars, but they were now fantastic muscle cars. As in all In Detail Series books, you get an introduction and historical overview, an explanation of the design and concepts involved in creating the car, a look at marketing and promotion, and an in-depth study of all hardware and available options, as well as an examination of where the car is on the market today. Also included is an appendix of paint and option codes, VIN and build tag decoders, as well as production numbers.
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AC & Cobra 1962-2011: A Brooklands Portfolio
The Cobra was Carroll Shelby's brainchild. He contacted AC in 1961 and secured promises of the Ford V8s and finance for racing. AC, Shelby and Ford were soon in business. The Cobra's development was rapid, but there were teething problems and international success did not come easily. Much later, AC cars were bought by Alan Lubinsky and many changes were introduced, aimed at making the business profitable. The 55 articles in this portfolio give a full and comprehensive picture of the history of AC and Cobra cars.
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Beyond “Barn Finds”…The Baroness and the Mercedes: and 49 Other Entertaining True Tales from the World of Rare and Exotic Car Collecting
BARN FIND! There are no two more exciting words for car collectors the world over! And there's an incredible hunt going on for valuable cars that were at one time forgotten, abandoned, or cast aside, but which are now regarded as valuable and historical treasures. Author Wallace Wyss, a Motor Trend veteran, recounts stories that are almost beyond belief. Here are a few examples: • a pre-war Mercedes 540K that was simply abandoned by a German baroness at a Connecticut resort and later sold for over $11 million • the rubber-bodied Cobra that Ford built to assuage the ego of their top design exec • the jet-powered Fiat prototype that an American fell in love with and spent almost $1 million to make into a running driving car • and the Corvette that Carroll Shelby and pals had bodied in Italy as part of a plan to create Italian-bodied Corvettes, a plan that failed after three cars were made. One thing's certain once you've poured through these inspiring stories, and absorbed the tips in the final chapter, you will know more about how barn finds are unearthed and how you yourself can become a successful barn finder!
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Carroll Shelby: A Collection of My Favorite Racing Photos
Art Evans was a sports car racer in the 1950s on the West Coast who raced against, and became close friends with, Carroll Shelby. Their intense competition on the track became a lifelong friendship off the track. He and Shelby collaborated on many business projects over the years, including books, marketing projects, projects for the Shelby Foundation, and so on. In his later years, Shelby loved the books about his cars and similar topics, but his eyesight was failing to the point where he had difficulty reading, and really preferred the books that were heavy with photos. It was from that realization that Shelby and Evans decided to work on one last book together. They both combed through the Shelby archives and selected Shelby's favorite images from his racing career. That is almost the entirety of this book. It is packed with photos selected by Shelby himself, and the captions are quotes from Shelby's commentary on the action in the photo, as well as his memories. Unfortunately, Carroll Shelby passed away before the book was fully completed, but Evans, following Shelby's instructions, carried this final project through to completion. Filled with images that have never been seen in print, as well as images not published since the 1950s and 1960s, this final work from Shelby is a personally curated collection by the legend himself. If you are a sports car racing fan, Ford fan, Shelby fan, or any combination of the three, this book is a perfect addition to your automotive library.
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Cobra and Shelby Mustang 1962-2007 Photo Archive: Including Prototypes and Clones
In recent years, interest in the cars created by Shelby-American has increased dramatically. Good Shelbys are getting harder to find each year, and their values continue to rise dramatically. The result is that clones of these cars have appeared. This book shows not only the originals but to also show the creativity shown by replica Shelby and Cobra owners in modifying their cars in an attempt to capture the spirit of the originals.
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Ford Mustang Red Book 1964 1/2-2015: Specifications, Options, Production Numbers, Data Codes, and More
Complete data on over 50 years of America's original pony car. Ford's Mustang is America's most popular pony car. Whether you're a collector, historian, or armchair enthusiast, you need all the specs and details that in sum define each Mustang year and model. Ford Mustang Red Book is your one-stop information shop--a key companion for shows, auctions or any venue where you need to quickly and easily access accurate reference data. From the first six-cylindered Mustang of the 1964-1/2 model year, through fire-breathing, world-beating Boss and Shelby models, to 2015's all-new Mustang, Ford Mustang Red Book offers all the data and detail Mustang fans lust after. This is an in-depth look at all the Mustang models, including the anniversary and pace cars, and the specialty packages for street and competition driving that have made the Mustang an automotive legend. Don't miss out on the ultimate reference resource on America's best-loved pony car!
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Ford: Yesterday & Today
From Model T to Mustang, high-performance muscle cars to high-efficiency hybrids, Ford: Yesterday & Today is a captivating chronicle of what many regard as the most significant name in automotive history. Concise text and hundreds of compelling color photos tell the "Blue Oval" saga through more than 100 eventful years. The book was compiled by the auto editors of Consumer Guide. The story begins with company founder Henry Ford, who literally put the world on wheels with the first mass-produced automobile, the simple and rugged Tin Lizzie. This Model T, then the Model A and then the first low-priced V-8 car with the versatile flathead engine--these were the foundation of a juggernaut. Ups and downs followed for the next seven decades, as Ford vied with another colossus--Chevrolet--and many competitors in the United States and abroad. The entire story is told through the lens of key car categories. Read about: ? Family Haulers. The sedans and station wagons that generations grew up with, like the Ranch Wagon, the Fairlane, the Granada, the Crown Victoria, the Taurus and many more, including today's leading-edge hybrid cars.? Sunshine Specials. Ford's long and impressive history of open-tops and convertibles, ranging from the compact Model N through the DeLuxe, Sunliner, and rag-top versions of Torinos, Mustangs, and LTDs.? Stylish Cruisers. Including the Crown Victoria, Galaxie 500, LTD Landau, and Granada.? Dozens of other history-making models, from Ford's compact cars through generations of Mustangs and Shelbys, Thunderbirds, race cars and muscle cars, F-line pickups, SUVs, and even Ford's stellar history of police vehicles
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Fords of the Sixties
Continuing his classic series on Ford Motor Company Michael Parris gives us the inside stories of Ford during the total performance sixties. This decade brought us the Falcon, the Mustang, Shelby Cobras and motorsports wins from Indy and NASCAR to Trans Am and LeMans. Nothing was beyond the grasp of Henry Ford II and his great company. Style and auto racing were playing an important role in Ford's growth. Henry still called the shots, Iacocca brought on the Mustang and Carroll Shelby gave Ford the international respect in racing it sought. Henry wanted to buy, but Ferrari wasn't selling. So he turned Shelby loose with his Cobras and then the GT40s. And LeMans belonged to Ford. And in NASCAR, drivers like Fireball Roberts, Freddie Lorenzen and Cale Yarborough were lighting the southern speedways on fire. But Ford during the sixties was about more than just auto racing. The company had stylish, hot-selling models like Falcon and Mustang. Profits were big and money was being spent on beautiful body designs, high-performance engines and new muscle cars. When the horsepower challenge came from GM, Ford was ready. Fairlane and Mustang GT models came charging off the assembly line by the thousands and they all had thunder under their hoods. Engines ranging from the semi-hemi 429, high-rise 427 and Boss 302 were facing off with GTO on every street in America. Fords of the Sixties is full of beautiful photography and inside stories from the men that brought Ford its design and performance success throughout the decade. Stories never before heard are drawn from first-hand interviews and in depth research from the archives of Ford Motor Company Archives, Henry Ford Museum and the Detroit Library National Automotive Collection. If you want the inside story of Ford this all-color classic is a must for your library.
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How to Build Cobra Kit Cars + Buying Used
The original Shelby Cobra left an indelible imprint on the automotive landscape. This nimble English roadster, powered by a raucous Ford V-8, set new performance standards, won countless races, and became an iconic supercar. The Shelby Cobra was only in production for six short years and only about 1,000 cars were ever made, but Cobra aficionados yearned for and revered these cars. Then, beginning in the late 1970s, companies manufactured and sold Cobra replicas as a kit car, so enthusiasts could build one in their garage, and other companies eventually offered complete rolling chassis as well as complete new cars. Author D. Brian Smith, former editor-in-chief of Kit Carmagazine, shows you each crucial step for assembling a modern Cobra replica, and in particular, he profiles assembling the most popular Cobra kit car: the Factory Five Cobra Mk4. He guides you through selecting the right Cobra kit car for a particular budget and performance goals, and then shows how to plan, budget, and use the necessary tools. Detailed step-by-step captions and photos show you how to assemble each major component group of the car so you assemble a strong running, reliable, and safe Cobra replica. Also included in this informative guide is how to buy a pre-owned Cobra replica. It shows you how to inspect, evaluate, and test drive used Cobra kit cars for those who prefer to purchase one already assembled.
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Inside Shelby American: Wrenching and Racing with Carroll Shelby in the 1960s
In the late 1950s, a young John Morton was transfixed with sports car racing. By 1962, his dreams had led him to enrolling in the Shelby School of High Performance Driving. In a bold moment after the last class, Morton asked Carroll Shelby if he might come to work for the newly formed Shelby American. The answer was “Yes, here's a broom.” Thus, ended Morton's college career and began his long racing career. Inside Shelby American is his personal account of a company overflowing with talent, from designer Pete Brock, to fabricator extraordinaire Phil Remington, to drivers like Dan Gurney, Ken Miles, Bob Bondurant, and Phil Hill. Their rides are equally captivating: AC Cobra, Mustang GT350, Ford GT, Daytona Coupe. More than just a historical account, Morton’s story is intertwined with the memories of other Shelby staffers of the period, revealing through historic photography and an untold perspective the rousing story of America’s most legendary racer and car builder.
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Lost Muscle Cars: 45 Stories of Hunting the Most Elusive and Valuable Muscle Cars
In the world of archeology nothing compares to the discovery. Whether it’s related to King Tut’s tomb, the Titanic, or Amelia Earhart, the uncovering of an artifact outdoes all the research; work; and blood, sweat, and tears into a singular rush of adrenaline. In the world of the muscle car, some of the greatest creations are still waiting to be discovered. This book is a collection of stories written by enthusiasts about their quest to find these extremely rare and valuable muscle cars. You find four categories (Celebrity, Rare, Race Cars, and Concept/Prototype/Show Cars) within three genres (Missing, Lost History, Recently Discovered) that take you through the search for some of the most sought after muscle cars with names such as Shelby, Yenko, Hurst, and Hemi. Along the way, success stories including finding the first Z/28 Camaro, the 1971 Boss 302, and the 1971 Hemi 'Cuda convertible will make you wonder if you could uncover the next great muscle car find. Lost Muscle Cars includes 45 intriguing stories involving some of the most significant American iron ever created during the celebrated muscle car era. Readers will be armed with the tools to begin the quest to make the next great discovery in automotive archaeology!
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My First Car: Recollections of First Cars from Jay Leno, Tony Stewart, Carroll Shelby, Dan Ackroyd, Tom Wolfe and Many More
Everyone has a story about that first car. Whether it was new, a hand-me-down, or a junker, it was freedom on four wheels, independence, responsibility, and something that would always hold a special place in your heart. Well, you're not alone. My First Car captures those wonderful moments of automotive initiation as they were lived by such luminaries as Jay Leno, Mario Andretti, Patrick Dempsey, Danica Patrick, Sir Stirling Moss, Gregg Allman, and more. Accompanying many of these stories are photographs of the neophyte drivers with their first cars. For anyone who ever slid behind the wheel and tooled down the road for the first time, this wonderful book awakens memories of what it was like.
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In Portraits, Jesse Alexander offers an intimate and emotional view of the people he has met in his remarkable 50-year career as a passionate motorsports photographer. Alexander captures the essence of his subjects in shots taken during the heat of action on the track, after the race on the podium, or in the pits. Great personalties represented include Phil Hill, Stirling Moss, Jack Brabham, Mario Andretti, Dan Gurney, John Surtees, Enzo Ferrari, Bruce McLaren, Peter Revson, and Carroll Shelby. As in his previous books, Porsche Moments and Ferrari Grand Prix Moments, Alexander's portraits are rich with evocative details of a bygone era in racing. They also extend beyond drivers and team principals to present the mechanics, crewmen, friends, and family who all contributed to the atmosphere and color of the sport.
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Road & Track on Cobra, Shelby & Ford GT40: 1962-1992
Road tests, racing, new model reports, and more on the legends. 25 great articles from past issues of Road & Track tell it like it was and recreate the glory days of Shelby's great racing career. Technical analysis, comparisons, and more on the Lone Star Cobra, 260, 289, 427, replicas, GT40, Mark II, Mustang, GT350 and GT500.
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Shelby Cobra Gold Portfolio 1962-1969
Gold Portfolio signifies a premium edition in the Brooklands series. Packed with even more articles, photos, technical information, road tests, buying information and other great features on your favorite car. Shelby Cobra Gold Portfolio 1962-1969 includes: Road and Track Tests, Specifications, New Model Reports, Performance Data, Racing History, Autokraft AC Mk. IV, 260, Daytona, Mk.II 289, & Mk.III 427.
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Shelby Mustang: Racer for the Street
When Ford wanted to add some spice to its new Mustang pony car in the mid-1960s, it turned to the talented, colorful, and opinionated Texan Carroll Shelby, who was then building the high-performance, Ford-powered Cobra racing sports car . The result: the Shelby Mustang GT350, perhaps the definitive performance Mustang of the muscle car era. Ford released its newest Mustang in 2005, the first truly all-new Mustang since 1979, returning the model to the spotlight. The most-talked-about versions of the new Mustang have been those with the Shelby name. Shelby himself was directly involved in defining what is the most powerful factory-produced Mustang ever. This up-to-the-minute history from award-winning authors Randy Leffingwell and David Newhardt traces the Shelby Mustang story from the early Shelby American cars built in a converted airplane hangar in Southern California to the 2010 version of the new Shelby Mustang.
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Shelby Mustang: The Total Performance Pony Car
Shelby Mustang details the entire story of these fantastic cars, from the early prototypes built in Shelby's Los Angeles shop to today's Ford-engineered high-tech performers. Written by one of the world's foremost authorities on Shelby automobiles, critically acclaimed author Colin Comer, and with a foreword by Lee Iacocca, the American automobile executive credited with the successful development of the Mustang, this is the definitive account of the Shelby. When Ford wanted to toughen up its super-successful new Mustang, they approached Carroll Shelby to give it the performance image it so sorely lacked. Beginning with a 1965 "K-Code" 289-cubic-inch-powered Mustang fastback, Shelby applied the same formula that had made his Cobra sports cars such devastating performers both on and off the track: more horsepower, less weight, balanced handling. The GT350 quickly established itself as a bonafide force in SCCA B-Production racing, twisting back roads, and boulevards alike---setting the course for future Shelby Mustangs, like the big-block GT500. Though those original Shelby Mustangs were done by 1970, Ford dusted off its Shelby relationship in 2006 and has been producing high-performance Ford Mustang Shelbys ever since. This is a must-have read for any fan of American performance cars, whether you're a
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The Complete Book of American Muscle Supercars: Yenko, Shelby, Baldwin Motion, Grand Spaulding, and More
Uncover the captivating history of the highest-performace cars in America, illustrated with beautiful photography. The American muscle car began not in the factories of the big three automakers, but in the garages and dealerships of a hot-rod subculture bent on making the hottest, highest-performance cars on the street. The Complete Book of American Muscle Supercars catalogs these amazing cars, along with the builders who unleashed them on the American scene. From Michigan's Royal Pontiac dealership and the souped-up Royal Pontiac Bobcats they built and sold, to the new cars from such fabled names as Carroll Shelby, Mr. Norm's Grand Spaulding Dodge, Nickey Chevrolet, Don Yenko, George Hurst, Baldwin-Motion, Calloway, SLP, and Steve Saleen. This gorgeously illustrated book chronicles the outstanding contribution of the tuner/builder to American automotive history through the amazing machines they created. From the oldest of these muscle tuners commanding top dollar at today's classic-car auctions, to the latest vehicles by Ford and Chrysler, with their SVT and SRT divisions, this book gives readers a full and fascinating look at American high-performance in its purest form.
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The Essential Muscle Car
Essential Muscle Cars pays tribute to the legend and is lavishly illustrated with large format, full-color photographs of all the major models, along with a comprehensive technical specification of each. It is the perfect reference book for everyone interested in America's most interesting performance cars.Essential Muscle Cars tells the full story of America's most exciting cars from their early days, covering the developments in style, and details of the increases in power. Knudsen's Pontiac Division probably deserves to be credited with introducing the first bona fide Muscle Car, the mighty and magnificent GTO. Based on the Tempest, the Pontiac GTO was as fast, if nor faster, in a straight line than the Italian stallion whose initials it had cheekily usurped. The motorists of America simply revelled in it combination of style and potency. Soon everyone was in on the act, furiously pumping iron - and a lot of gas. The Oldsmobile 4-4-2 and the Chevrolet Impala Super Sport were followed in '67 by the Camaro. Ford soon added the splendid Shelby Mustangs to its celebrated 'Pony Car' line and Chrysler rounded out the decade with their incredible Dodge Daytona Charger and Plymouth Superbird. For a brief, glorious, uninhibited, period before the arrival of the oil crisis and restrictive legislation of the nineteen-seventies, American enjoyed the thrill of unfettered automotive power and every stop light became the start line of a drag strip.Essential Muscle Cars pays tribute to the legend and is lavishly illustrated with large format, full-colour, cut-out photographs of all the major models, along with a comprehensive technical specification of each. It will be the perfect reference book for everyone interested in America's most interesting performance cars.
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The Shelby American Story
The Shelby American Story is about the decade of the sixties. Carroll Shelby is world-renowned for developing the Shelby Cobras and Mustangs as well as the Ford GT racing program. Prior to this, however, Shelby was a championship race driver, culminating in 1959, when he and his co-driver, Roy Salvadori, won Le Mans, the World's premier road racing event. Forced to retire from racing due to ill health, Carroll got the idea of installing small-block American V-8 engines in a light-weight sports car. The English AC had a beautiful body and good-handling characteristics, but a somewhat anemic power plant. Shelby discussed the idea with Charles Hurlock of AC and a roller was shipped to Shelby who installed a 260 cid Ford V8. The first car was finished in early 1962. Renamed the Cobra, Shelby's creations were beginning to appear at race courses by the end of 1962. A sufficient number of cars were built for the FIA to recognize the Cobra as a production (GT) car. Cobras dominated the GT Class in racing for much of the decade, winning Le Mans and Sebring in 1964. In 1965, Cobra Daytona Coupes won the World Manufacturers' Championship. After some success installing Ford V-8s in Cooper Mona-cos (the King Cobra), Shelby teamed with Ford to pursue the triple crown of sports car racing: Le Mans, Sebring and Daytona. Success finally came with the Ford GT in 1966 and then again in 1967. This book tells the entire story including accounts of the most significant races, the engineering and development of the cars as well as something about the outstanding individuals involved with Shelby during the era. It is a must have for all autosports enthusiasts as well as those interested in the history of cars and racing. But most of all, it is essential for the many Shelby fans throughout the world.
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