100 Years of Grand Prix: Celebrating a Century of Grand Prix Racing 1906-2006
The first motor race to use the title "Grand Prix" took place in France in 1906 and was won by Ferenc Szisz driving a Renault. This profusely illustrated book celebrates the first 100 years of Grand Prix racing with a unique photographic record from that first race in France to the hi-tech computer designed cars of today. The early chain-driven cars from manufacturers such as Fiat, Benz, Renault, and Peugeot were later joined by entries from Italian, British, German, and French manufacturers. The famous Italian marques, Alfa Romeo and Maserati, helped advance automobile design and were joined by cars from the British companies, Bentley and Sunbeam, while the French responded with entries from Bugatti, Delahaye, and Talbot. By the mid-1930s, the German teams of Mercedes-Benz and Audi made huge advances in terms of power and reliability and came to dominate Grand Prix racing until 1939. A new generation of talented drivers such as Caracciola and Nuvolari became household names. From 1945, the arrival of Formula 1 cars saw Grand Prix racing become better organized and a new Italian team, Ferrari, saw the emergence of one of the most successful race teams of all time. The cars raced at closed circuits such as the Nurburgring, Silverstone, Monza, and Indianapolis in the US, although the unique annual race around the streets of Monaco retained its status as a one-off Grand Prix circuit. Eventually Mercedes-Benz returned to the sport with its famous "Silver Arrows" cars driven by such luminaries as Stirling Moss and Juan Manuel Fangio. Some great battles took place before the British teams such as Vanwall, BRM, and Cooper emerged to develop new rear-engined monocoque Grand Prix cars and innovative engineers like Colin Chapman of Lotus showed the way forward. By the 1980s, drivers such as Nikki Lauda, Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, and Nigel Mansell fought for the coveted World Championship, often driving hugely powerful turbocharged cars, before the emergence of Michael Schumacher heralded a new era of racing and revived the fortunes of Ferrari. By now a number of large automobile manufacturing companies (Honda, Toyota, BMW, and Renault) had replaced several smaller "garagista" teams such as Tyrrell and Lotus as the sport became more professional, designed to appeal to television audiences worldwide. In the centenary year it was Renault that won the World Championship, a fitting testament to the team that won the very first race. This book illustrates this colourful and controversial sport having been allowed access to a large private collection of motoring images collected from the beginning of the 20th century. Whether your interest is centered around the early pioneers of motoring or the computer-aided cars of today, this book has something for every enthusiast who has followed Grand Prix racing.
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100 Years of the American Auto
Comprehensive book features 4,000 photographs, most in full color--every make and nearly every model chronicled year by year with a bonus timeline of industry-related events and annual sales figures.
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100 Years of Worlds Automobiles 1862-1962

Floyd Clymer Softcover Out of Print. Used.

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1001 Drag Racing Facts: The Golden Age of Top Fuel, Funny Cars, Door Slammers & More
Spanning the 1950s through the 1970s, 1001 Drag Racing Facts is packed with well-researched drag racing facts that even some of the most hard-core drag racing fans might be surprised to learn. Covered are all the popular classes of racing of the era, including Top Fuelers, Funny Cars, Pro Stocks, Eliminators such as Gassers and Altereds, Stocks, Super Stocks, and more. There is even a chapter on racetrack facts! Fans of these legendary cars will appreciate the technical and entertaining information shared on every page about all of the great cars, teams, drivers, and classes. Author Doug Boyce is well known for his encyclopedia-like knowledge of drag racing facts. The detail in his previous books, such as Grumpy’s Toys, Junior Stock and Drag Racing's Quarter Mile Warriors: Then and Now, proves he is up to the task of sharing everything you never knew about drag racing in the golden era. Whether you’re an avid fan of nostalgia drags, a trivia buff who wants to stump friends, or simply a fan of the big and powerful drag cars of the 1950s through the 1970s, this book is an informative and entertaining collection of facts from one of the industry’s most respected sources
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1001 High Performance Tech Tips
A collection of brief, informative, how-to tips from performance experts designed for the enthusiast or racer, this book offers helpful secrets, suggestions, techniques, and hints to help solve common problems and generally enhance all areas of a car's performance.
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1001 More High Performance Tech Tips
Short, useful, easy-to-apply performance tips for any hot rod or race car. A follow-up to the successful first volume, this handy reference tool contains brief, informative how-to tips to enhance the performance and appearance of the reader's car. It covers many aspects of the car that are necessary to monitor like the engine, chassis, driveline, brakes, tires, wheels, body, paint, and interior. All tips can be easily performed in a single weekend, and offer quick solutions to fixing nagging problems in order to extract maximum performance.
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1001 NASCAR Facts: Cars, Tracks, Milestones, Personalities
For nearly 70 years, NASCAR has been the premier sanctioning body for organized Stock Car Racing in the United States. During that time, the sport has grown from a Southern, regional series to a global brand with its races telecast in more than 100 countries around the world.

Author John Close details the earliest races of the 20th Century that laid the groundwork for the formation of NASCAR through today's modern events at mega-race stadiums across the country. Presented in an easy-to-read decade-by-decade "Fact Format," this books allows you to spend a couple of minutes or hours at a time learning about the Cars (and Trucks), Personalities, Tracks, and Milestones of NASCAR, America's most popular and attended form of motorsports. Close, a longtime NASCAR journalist, author, team member, and race-day Spotter, also includes dozens of rare and informative photos that take you from the famed "Beach Course" at Daytona to the high banks of today's NASCAR tracks. A must read for any NASCAR, Stock Car Racing, and American Motorsports fan, the book will provide hours of interesting entertainment as it uncovers rare information and statistical anomalies.

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101 Jeep Performance Projects
Routine maintenance. Easy bolt-on projects. Complicated engine swaps. If you’re driving a Jeep--commuting to work or venturing off-road--you want to get the maximum performance, and this book shows you how. Aftermarket accessories and upgrades, suspension adjustments, engine and transmission swaps--101 Jeep Performance Projects walks you through these projects and many more. With detailed text, full color photos, spec boxes describing the difficulty level, estimated cost and time, and tools needed for each project, this is the book any Jeep enthusiast needs--to keep a Jeep a peak performance, on or off-road.
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101 Performance Projects for Your Pickup and SUV
"Pickup" and "sports utility vehicle" seem like quaint names for these workhorses. More and more, theyre what people tune up, trick out, and take on the road (or off). This book aims to help drivers make the most of their machines. With 101 projects running the gamut from installing light bars and brush guards to gearing up for hard-core horsepower and high-performance feats, this book will show truck and SUV owners of all stripes how to personalize their rides. 101 Performance Projects for Your Pickup and SUV offers easy-to-follow, clearly illustrated how-to information on everything from appearance modifications to more extensive upgrades, with plenty of instructions for the many bolt-on solutions that are available in the marketplace. Planning, tools, expenses, pros, and cons: its all here. The author walks owners through the nuts and bolts of lowering and lift kits, running boards and in-car entertainment systems, winches, wheels and tires, and the full range of installations and accessories that will take a truck or an SUV to the next level.
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1275cc A-Series High-Performance Manual
A completely reworked and much enlarged (by over 60 pages) book based on Des Hammill's much respected earlier work on how to get more power from the A-Series engine. The complete practical guide to modifying the 1275cc A-Series engine for high-performance with reliability, and without wasting money on parts or modifications that don't work. Explains how many original components - sometimes modified - can be used in high-performance applications. This book focuses on how to get more power from the A-Series engine. This book includes: cylinder blocks; crankshafts; con-rods; pistons; cylinder heads; clutches; camshafts and pushrods; engine assembly; ignition; carburation; and exhausts.
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1750 + 1930 = Una Vettura Un’Epoca
An Italian-language text. A photographic tribute to the most beautiful car ever produced: the Alfa 1750, the car which the entire world identifies as Alfa Romeo.
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1940 Chrysler Canada Shop Manual
1940 Chrysler Canada shop manual that covers: • Plymouth P9-P10 • Dodge D14-D15-D16 • Chrysler C25-C26-C27 • DeSoto S7
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1940 McLaughlin-Buick National Training Program

General Motors Softcover Out of Print. Used. Stain on cover (grease). Tear in upper left cprner of front cover. Please ask for details.

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1941 Chrysler Canada Shop Manual
1941 Chrysler Canada shop manual that covers: • Pymouth - P11-P12 • Dodge D19-D20-D21 • Chrysler C28-C30-C33 • DeSoto S8
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1958 Chevrolet Passenger Car Shop Manual (Part No. RS-62-S&M)
This huge, softbound shop manual covers a variety of topics including: serial numbers, load capacity and lubrication, body, frame, shocks, front suspension, rear axle, U-joints, rear springs, brakes, engine, fuel system, clutch and transmission, cooling systems, fuel and exhaust, steering, wheels and tires, chassis sheet metal, chassis electrical and much more. With clear pictures, exploded view illustrations, wiring diagrams, schematics and specifications. These are what the service department mechanics used to work on these cars when brought in for servicing. There is nothing more comprehensive or complete than one of these.
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1962 Chevy II Passenger Car Shop Manual
Before you begin that major restoration of a Chevy II passenger car, make sure you have this original factory shop manual reprint at your side. This 1962 Chevy II Passenger Car Shop Manual from Chevrolet (Part. No. ST-7) is the actual book that mechanics at the dealerships would use to repair and service these vehicles. It contains valuable information about all the key components and systems, including manufacturer suggested servicing operations, detailed instructions and many illustrations with exploded views. Whether you're just looking for information about basic servicing or you need to chase down an electrical short, this comprehensive manual will give you the guidance you need to do the job right. This Chevy II shop manual is broken down into sections for your convenience, such as general information, lubrication, body, frame, brakes, engine, engine cooling, transmission, chassis sheet metal, electrical and accessories.
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1964 Chevelle Shop Manual (PSD 53-96)
1964 Chevelle Shop Manual (PSD 53-96) provides detailed service procedures for lubrication, suspension, power train, brakes, engine, clutch, transmission (manual and automatic), fuel and exhaust, steering, body, accessories, and the electrical system. With the step-by-step illustrated instructions, specifications. You will have the information you need to get your project on the road and keep it there. You can use the information on this manual to restore all 1964 Chevelles, including Series 300, Malibu, El Camino, Super Sport SS, and station wagon. Loaded with body, chassis, engine, drivetrain and electrical wiring diagrams and illustrations to help disassemble, repair and reassemble various components.
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