100 Years of American Lafrance: An Illustrated History
A practical manual written with the home restorer in mind. Well illustrated and with clear instructions, this manual guides the amateur through dismantling, cleaning, repair, and rebuilding.
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100 Years of Grand Prix: Celebrating a Century of Grand Prix Racing 1906-2006
The first motor race to use the title "Grand Prix" took place in France in 1906 and was won by Ferenc Szisz driving a Renault. This profusely illustrated book celebrates the first 100 years of Grand Prix racing with a unique photographic record from that first race in France to the hi-tech computer designed cars of today. The early chain-driven cars from manufacturers such as Fiat, Benz, Renault, and Peugeot were later joined by entries from Italian, British, German, and French manufacturers. The famous Italian marques, Alfa Romeo and Maserati, helped advance automobile design and were joined by cars from the British companies, Bentley and Sunbeam, while the French responded with entries from Bugatti, Delahaye, and Talbot. By the mid-1930s, the German teams of Mercedes-Benz and Audi made huge advances in terms of power and reliability and came to dominate Grand Prix racing until 1939. A new generation of talented drivers such as Caracciola and Nuvolari became household names. From 1945, the arrival of Formula 1 cars saw Grand Prix racing become better organized and a new Italian team, Ferrari, saw the emergence of one of the most successful race teams of all time. The cars raced at closed circuits such as the Nurburgring, Silverstone, Monza, and Indianapolis in the US, although the unique annual race around the streets of Monaco retained its status as a one-off Grand Prix circuit. Eventually Mercedes-Benz returned to the sport with its famous "Silver Arrows" cars driven by such luminaries as Stirling Moss and Juan Manuel Fangio. Some great battles took place before the British teams such as Vanwall, BRM, and Cooper emerged to develop new rear-engined monocoque Grand Prix cars and innovative engineers like Colin Chapman of Lotus showed the way forward. By the 1980s, drivers such as Nikki Lauda, Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, and Nigel Mansell fought for the coveted World Championship, often driving hugely powerful turbocharged cars, before the emergence of Michael Schumacher heralded a new era of racing and revived the fortunes of Ferrari. By now a number of large automobile manufacturing companies (Honda, Toyota, BMW, and Renault) had replaced several smaller "garagista" teams such as Tyrrell and Lotus as the sport became more professional, designed to appeal to television audiences worldwide. In the centenary year it was Renault that won the World Championship, a fitting testament to the team that won the very first race. This book illustrates this colourful and controversial sport having been allowed access to a large private collection of motoring images collected from the beginning of the 20th century. Whether your interest is centered around the early pioneers of motoring or the computer-aided cars of today, this book has something for every enthusiast who has followed Grand Prix racing.
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100 Years of the American Auto
Comprehensive book features 4,000 photographs, most in full color--every make and nearly every model chronicled year by year with a bonus timeline of industry-related events and annual sales figures.
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1001 Drag Racing Facts: The Golden Age of Top Fuel, Funny Cars, Door Slammers & More
Spanning the 1950s through the 1970s, 1001 Drag Racing Facts is packed with well-researched drag racing facts that even some of the most hard-core drag racing fans might be surprised to learn. Covered are all the popular classes of racing of the era, including Top Fuelers, Funny Cars, Pro Stocks, Eliminators such as Gassers and Altereds, Stocks, Super Stocks, and more. There is even a chapter on racetrack facts! Fans of these legendary cars will appreciate the technical and entertaining information shared on every page about all of the great cars, teams, drivers, and classes. Author Doug Boyce is well known for his encyclopedia-like knowledge of drag racing facts. The detail in his previous books, such as Grumpy’s Toys, Junior Stock and Drag Racing's Quarter Mile Warriors: Then and Now, proves he is up to the task of sharing everything you never knew about drag racing in the golden era. Whether you’re an avid fan of nostalgia drags, a trivia buff who wants to stump friends, or simply a fan of the big and powerful drag cars of the 1950s through the 1970s, this book is an informative and entertaining collection of facts from one of the industry’s most respected sources
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1001 High Performance Tech Tips (Volume 1) (1st Edition)
A collection of brief, informative, how-to tips from performance experts designed for the enthusiast or racer, this book offers helpful secrets, suggestions, techniques, and hints to help solve common problems and generally enhance all areas of a car's performance.
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101 Performance Projects for Your Pickup and SUV
"Pickup" and "sports utility vehicle" seem like quaint names for these workhorses. More and more, theyre what people tune up, trick out, and take on the road (or off). This book aims to help drivers make the most of their machines. With 101 projects running the gamut from installing light bars and brush guards to gearing up for hard-core horsepower and high-performance feats, this book will show truck and SUV owners of all stripes how to personalize their rides. 101 Performance Projects for Your Pickup and SUV offers easy-to-follow, clearly illustrated how-to information on everything from appearance modifications to more extensive upgrades, with plenty of instructions for the many bolt-on solutions that are available in the marketplace. Planning, tools, expenses, pros, and cons: its all here. The author walks owners through the nuts and bolts of lowering and lift kits, running boards and in-car entertainment systems, winches, wheels and tires, and the full range of installations and accessories that will take a truck or an SUV to the next level.
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101 Projects for Your Porsche 911, 996 and 997 1998-2008
Since its introduction in 1998, the water-cooled Porsche 911 has earned a reputation as one of the world's greatest sports cars - equal to, if not better than, the legendary air-cooled 911 it replaced. The 911 is a true driver's car, and it offers its greatest driving rewards when properly maintained, tuned, and modified. One of the principal drawbacks to owning a Porsche is the relatively high cost of maintaining it. You can literally save thousands of dollars in mechanic's costs simply by performing some of the work yourself. With 101 Projects for Your Porsche 911, 996 and 997 1998-2008, written by renowned Porsche author Wayne Dempsey, you'll be able to get into the garage and work on your 911 with confidence. Created with the weekend mechanic in mind, this highly illustrated Motorbooks Workshop title offers 101 step-by-step projects designed to help you maintain, modify, and improve your late-model 911. Focusing on the water-cooled 996 and 997 models, this book presents all the necessary knowledge, associated costs, and pitfalls to avoid when performing an expansive array of projects. And besides the savings, when you personally complete a job on your Porsche, you get the added satisfaction of having done it yourself.
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101 Projects for Your Porsche Boxster
Straightforward illustrated instructions for modifying two of Porsche's most prized sports cars.
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1275cc A-Series High-Performance Manual
A completely reworked and much enlarged (by over 60 pages) book based on Des Hammill's much respected earlier work on how to get more power from the A-Series engine. The complete practical guide to modifying the 1275cc A-Series engine for high-performance with reliability, and without wasting money on parts or modifications that don't work. Explains how many original components - sometimes modified - can be used in high-performance applications. This book focuses on how to get more power from the A-Series engine. This book includes: cylinder blocks; crankshafts; con-rods; pistons; cylinder heads; clutches; camshafts and pushrods; engine assembly; ignition; carburation; and exhausts.
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1750 + 1930 = Una Vettura Un’Epoca
An Italian-language text. A photographic tribute to the most beautiful car ever produced: the Alfa 1750, the car which the entire world identifies as Alfa Romeo.
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1941 Chrysler Canada Shop Manual
1941 Chrysler Canada shop manual that covers: • Pymouth - P11-P12 • Dodge D19-D20-D21 • Chrysler C28-C30-C33 • DeSoto S8
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1955 Ford Car Shop Manual
This 1955 Ford Passenger Cars Including Thunderbird Shop Manual provides complete service information for all 1955 Ford Passenger Cars and the new Ford Thunderbird. Step-by-step procedures for trouble shooting, cleaning and inspecting, repairing, and replacing the various parts, assemblies, and systems on these vehicles are presented here. This manual also contains maintenance and lubrication data as well as a tabulation of service specifications. Detailed illustrations of many of the service operations are given here. Disassembled views of the principal units show the various parts in the order of their disassembly or assembly. In many cases, a glance at these illustrations will tell you all you need to know about how the parts go together. The material presented in this manual is arranged in five main parts as listed in the Table of Contents on the following pages. Under each part, chapter headings covering the major subjects in each part are given. The section headings under each chapter title indicate the subjects covered in the chapter. Part ONE—POWER PLANT—has to do with the 6 and 8-cylinder engines and the various systems that are necessary to their operation. These include the fuel, ignition, and cooling systems. Part TWO —ELECTRICAL AND ACCESSORIES—covers all of the electrical systems and units (except the ignition system) and all of the accessories (except the Overdrive and Fordomatic). Part THREE — BODIES — contains information on the maintenance and repair of all body components, including adjustment and alignment of doors, hoods, and fenders. In addition, window glass adjustments are given in this part. Part FOUR—CHASSIS—contains information on the entire power train (clutch, conventional transmissions, Overdrive, drive lines, rear axles, etc.) and the running gear (frames, springs, suspension, brakes, wheels, tires, steering gear, steering linkages, etc.). Service procedures for the Fordomatic transmission are published in a separate manual. Part FIVE — MAINTENANCE AND SPECIFICATIONS—gives complete maintenance and lubrication information, and contains all the specifications necessary for the proper servicing of Ford Cars. Throughout this manual, the top of each left-hand, even-numbered page gives the name of the chapter, and the top of each right-hand, odd-numbered page gives the name of the section involved on the page. Thus, wherever you open the manual, a glance at the top of the two pages will tell you exactly what subject matter is discussed at that point. This manual has been prepared to help you in doing a good servicing job on Ford Cars. Keep your manual where it will be readily available for reference at all times – trust us you'll need it when you can't find it or don't have one. This 1955 Ford Passenger Cars Including Thunderbird Shop Manual is a high quality reproduction of the original out of print manual. Part number 7098-55
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1966 Ford Falcon Club Wagon Econoline and Recreational Vehicle Shop Manual
This shop manual provides complete information for the proper servicing for the 1966 Ford Falcon Club Wagon Econoline and Recreational Vehicles (to include Falcon Club Wagon, Econoline, Std Pickup, Display Van, Cargo Van, Panel and E10 thru E16 Series). It provides complete service information. Step-by-step procedures for trouble shooting, cleaning and inspecting, repairing, and re-placing the various parts, assemblies, and systems on these vehicles are presented in an easy to understand format. This manual also contains maintenance and lubrication data as well as a tabulation of service specifications. Detailed illustrations of many of the service operations are given here. Disassembled views of the principal units show the various parts in the order of their disassembly or assembly. In many cases, a glance at these illustrations will tell you all you need to know about how the parts go together. This is the Ford of Canada edition. Printed in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Part number SE-737-66
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1967: Chris Amon, Scuderia Ferrari and a Year of Living Dangerously
A fresh look at one of racing's most memorable years, through the eyes of Chris Amon, a young New Zealander who had just joined the Ferrari team. While Amon and Ferrari take centre stage, it also looks at the other drivers, teams and events that shaped the campaign for the championship.
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1968 Shelby Mustang GT350, GT500 and GT500KR: Muscle Cars In Detail No. 3
There were Mustangs, and then there were Mustangs. Ford wanted its new little Pony Car to appeal to the masses, and in executing that plan, the Mustang could be had in anything from a plain-Jane version with an economical 6-cylinder engine (often referred to as a "secretary’s car"), all the way up to the sporty GT models with optional 271-hp V-8s. Unfortunately, although road-going Mustangs were considered sporty, they were not officially sports cars, at least according to the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA). And Lee Iacocca knew that on-track performance led to showroom performance, so he needed to go racing. Enter Carroll Shelby. Shelby worked with the SCCA to modify the Mustang to meet the SCCA's requirements and enter the racing arena. The result was the now-legendary Shelby Mustang. This volume of CarTech's In Detail series covers the 1968 Shelby GT350, GT500, and GT500KR. In 1968, Ford sought to take over much of the process of producing Shelby Mustangs and increased that production dramatically to meet anticipated sales demand, so it was a bit of a transition year. In an effort to appeal to muscle car fans rather than race fans, the cars were losing their edgy race car feel and were becoming more high-end performance road cars with a long list of performance and comfort options including 428 Cobra Jet Engines, automatic transmissions, and air conditioning. They may have no longer been sports cars, but they were now fantastic muscle cars. As in all In Detail Series books, you get an introduction and historical overview, an explanation of the design and concepts involved in creating the car, a look at marketing and promotion, and an in-depth study of all hardware and available options, as well as an examination of where the car is on the market today. Also included is an appendix of paint and option codes, VIN and build tag decoders, as well as production numbers.
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1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda: Muscle Cars In Detail No. 2
When the Barracuda arrived in the Plymouth lineup in mid-1964, it was given an unbearable task: compete against the new Ford Mustang. Out the gate, it was outsold by a 6 to 1 margin. Barracuda could always compete with Mustang in the performance category, but aesthetically it just wasn't accepted like its Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro counterparts. That was until 1970, when a complete re-design in the E-Body platform turned the tide. In terms of performance, the 1970-1974 Barracudas and Challengers were every bit the measure of the Ford and GM offerings. By 1971, the handsome Barracuda had established itself as one of the best-performing cars in the marketplace. Ordering the 'Cuda, owners could lay waste to Mustang and Camaro owners with such stout engine packages as the 440-6 and 426 Hemi. Sales numbers never did match that of its cross-town rivals, but in the end, the 1971 'Cuda won the war. No other mass-production Pony Car can consistently claim asking prices of $2,000,000 for its top model (in today's prices). Each volume in the In Detail Series provides an introduction and historical overview, an explanation of the design and concepts involved in creating the car, a look at marketing and promotion, an in-depth study of all hardware and available options, as well as an examination of where the car is on the market today. Also included are paint and option codes, VIN and build tag decoders, as well as production numbers.
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1973 Chevrolet Owner’s Manual (PT 328892)
An owner's manual that provides important operating, safety and maintenance instructions for the 1973 Chevrolet.
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1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass and Vista Cruiser Owner’s Manual (PT 556396 B)
An owner's manual that provides important operating, safety and maintenance instructions for the 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass and Vista Cruiser.
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1983 Alfa Romeo GTV-6 2.5 Owners Operational Manual
This is an English-language Alfa Romeo owner's manual that covers the 1983 model, 49 state version. The manual includes fuel requirements; how yo use car; consumer information; maintenance, electricals, & general data. A comprehensive wiring diagram is also included. Publication No. 3148-00000000-11/82-1300
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1988 Lincoln Town Car Electrical & Vacuum Trouble Shooting Manual
Written for Lincoln dealership mechanics, this book will help you troubleshoot or diagnose electrical and vacuum problems. You will find electrical and vacuum diagrams broken down so that you can perform specific tests. Look for troubleshooting maps and/or diagnostic trees designed to take you through the process of finding your problem(s) step by step. The specifications in this book will help you to understand connector configurations, and locate & identify harnesses, circuits, relays, and grounds. The vacuum diagrams indicate flow, valve & sensor locations, hose colors, and vacuum distribution. In many cases, this type of book can be used in place of a wiring and/or vacuum diagram. However, you will need a separate book for emissions related vacuum repair instructions and diagrams. Covers the 1988 Lincoln Town Car including Signature & Designer Series.
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2017 Collector Car Price Guide: From the Editors of Old Cars Report Price Guide
The ONE-OF-A-KIND RESOURCE for antique and hobby vehicles is packed with pricing information not found anywhere else. From Curved Dash Oldsmobiles, to big-finned cruisers of the 1950s, to 1960s muscle, we show you what people are paying for cars in the collector vehicle market.
  • More than 280,000 pricing listings from 1901 to 2009
  • Exclusive 1 through 6 Condition Grading scales places values on all conditions, from perfect show car to parts car
  • Domestic cars, light trucks and select U.S. import cars and trucks
  • Covers every mass-produced U.S. car and truck
  • From the publishers of Old Cars Report Price Guide and Old Cars Weekly
The only resource with pricing back to 1901!
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356 Porsche Technical and Restoration Guide
This book is a compilation of technical and restoration articles, columns, and tips that originally appeared in the 356 Registry magazine during its first 25 years of publication. Information has been carefully reviewed and updated to guide enthusiasts in their Porsche restoration.
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4 Cycle Kart Engines
A guide to four cycle kart engines that includes black and white diagrams.
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4×4 Offroad Racing Trucks
Four-wheel-drive trucks compete in many types of motorsports where no car would dare show its face. To realize the ultimate potential of a competitive truck, many off-road activities are fitted to four-wheel-drive trucks to race on mud, rock and sand. Monster Trucks, Tough Trucks, drag racing trucks, truck pulls, obstacle courses, rock-climbing, Trail Riding trucks and the daredevils who drive them fill this colorful action-packed book about the most entertaining off-road vehicles in motorsports.
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4×4 Suspension Handbook
Author Trenton McGee, 4x4 suspension expert and former host of Outdoor Channel's Off-Road Adventures, explains 4x4 suspension systems in an easy-to-understand manner. He gets specific on types of suspensions available from all the major manufacturers including Jeep, Toyota, Ford, GM, and Dodge. He goes into a great level of detail on every different model, including early and modern systems. The book covers front and rear solid axle, twin-traction beam, and independent suspension systems, as well as coil springs, leaf springs, shocks, and more. This book has it all. If it's not covered in here, it doesn't exist. Also included is a glossary of suspension terms and a comprehensive source guide.
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50 Shades of Rust: Barn Finds You Wish You’d Discovered
Best-selling author Tom Cotter takes readers on 101 exciting automotive adventures of forgotten and discovered gems. Car lovers and treasure hunters alike will love these—true—adventures!
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60 Years Behind the Wheel: The Cars We Drove in Canada, 1900-1960
From rumble seats and running broads to power tops and tailfins, 60 Years Behind the Wheel captures the thrill of motoring in Canada from the dawn of the twentieth century to 1960. There are intriguing stories of cars with no steering wheels, and fascinating photographs of historic vehicles from across the country. From the Studebaker to the Lincoln-Zephyr, from the showroom to the scrapyard, here are over 150 vehicles owned and driven by Canadians. This book is the winner of the 2004 International Gallery of Superb Printing Bronze Award for Superb Craftsmanship in Production, and the Ontario Printing and Imaging Association Excellence in Print Awards, commended for the 2004 Honourable Mention for Superb Craftsmanship in Production
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A Chequered Life: Graham Warner and The Chequered Flag
This is the first and only account of the Chequered Flag race team and its charismatic founder, Graham Warner. It charts the highs and lows, the victories and losses, and features interviews with the man himself and and several star drivers of the 1960s and ’70s. Accompanied by 150 photographs, many previously unpublished, plus a look at Graham’s subsequent career as a fighter aircraft expert and restorer, this is a unique story of a fascinating life in motorsport.
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A Guide to Turbos and Superchargers: A Comprehensive Guide to Forced Induction
This clear, concise and amply illustrated guide to forced induction steers enthusiasts through the technology that allows drivers to experience the thrill blower and turbo power. Case studies describe the turbo- and supercharging of several cars and their improved performance.
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A History of Electric Cars
One hundred years ago electric cars were the most popular automobiles in the world. In the late nineteenth century and at the start of the twentieth century, they outsold every other type of car. And yet, within a couple of decades of the start of the twentieth century, the electric car had vanished. Thousands of battery-powered cars disappeared from the streets, replaced by the internal combustion engine, and their place in the history of the automobile was quietly erased. A century later, electric cars are making a comeback. Fears over pollution and global warming have forced manufacturers to reconsider the electric concept. A History of Electric Cars presents for the first time the full story of electric cars and their hybrid cousins. It examines how and why electric cars failed the first time - and why today's car manufacterers must learn the lessons of the past if they are to avoid repeating previous mistakes all over again. The book examines in detail: Early vehicles such as the Lohner-Porsche petrol-electric hybrid of 1901; Key figures in the history of the electric car development such as Henry Ford; Sir Clive Sinclair's plans to build a number of electric vehicles, designed to sit alongside the Sinclair C5; The return of the electric technology to vehicles as diverse as the NASA Lunar Rover, commuting vehicles and supercars; Future developments in electric cars. For the first time the full story of electric cars and their hybrids are examined.The hidden past of the electric automobile is uncovered and its future developments are discussed. Superbly illustrated with 300 colour photographs, many of which are rare and original sketch designs. Nigel Burton has written and lectured on cars and automotive history for more than twenty years.
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A History of the Turbocharged Racing Car
Illustrated with colour and B&W photographs, this is the detailed account of the era from 1964-1989, known as the Turbo Age in motor racing.
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A Life with HWM: From Aston to Facel Vega
This book covers HW Motors, an its exotic and high performance racing motorcars during the 1940s and 1950s.
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A Pocket Guide to Cars
A complete guide to the exciting performance cars of the post-war era. Illustrated throughout with superb colour photographs. Arranged alphabetically.
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A-Z Japanese Performance Cars
Since the late 1980s Japanese motor manufacturers have been producing a line of high-performance cars that has found a ready market around the world. The combination of their abilities on the road, their traditional Japanese build quality and their reasonable pricing has captivated enthusiasts. Yet there has never been a single source in which to read and find out about these giants of the motoring world. Now, this exciting book profiles all Japan's greatest performance models, detailing their history, technical make-up and potential for speed. Each car is also rated for its desirability, tuneability and availability. At last, here is a book that fills a yawning gap: a reliable source of information about all the most significant and fascinating Japanese performance cars, many of which have never been written about in English before.
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