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CAN-AM Speed Odyssey DVD











AUTOCOURSE 2008-2009:

The World's Leading Formula One GP Annual. HB

336pp $69.95


Can-Am: The Speed Odyssey. Robert Nevison (50 Years of F1 On-Board) Narrated by Sam Posey & Jim Hall. 95 min. DVD. Greatest racing series ever! Excellent! $39.95

A road racing counterculture of pure evolution Conceived in the USA and ratified by the FIA in Paris, the Group 7 Can-Am rule book had virtually no technical restrictions. Faster than Formula One, Indy and Le Mans race cars. Experience first hand the ground breaking innovations, escalating speeds and spectacle of McLaren, Hulme, Surtees, Donohue, Follmer, Hall, Revson, Stewart, Gurney, Oliver, Andretti, Amon, Posey, Scheckter and others racing the powerful Group 7 Can-Am road racing machines of McLaren, Chaparral, Porsche, Ferrari, Shadow, Lola and others. The never seen before archive film footage includes how the Can-Am car sometimes took an unplanned airborne flight at 160 mph and Can-Am IN-CAR on-board archive film footage of Bruce McLaren and Mark Donahue. This critically acclaimed DVD is crafted exclusively from rare 1964 to 1973 archive COLOR motion-picture film and audio. Audio is digitally re-mastered 5.1 Surround Sound.

Car Nation: An Illustrated History of Canada's Transformation Behind the Wheel. Dimitry Anastakis. SB 96pp. Over a Century, Car & Nation have grown up together. The fascinating story of the car in Canada from the early days, when cars and horses shared the road, to the multi-lane freeways of today - a social, cultural, industrial and economic history. $24.95


CATALOGUE OF CANADIAN CAR I.D. NUMBERS, by Bill Watson. Soft cover, 81/2 x 11, 856 pages. $59.95

Author Bill Watson spent the last 20 years searching for, and consolidating, the information contained in this massive Catalogue of Canadian Car I.D. Numbers. To ensure accuracy, the data presented in the book's 856 pages was gleaned from original sources and not compiled from any secondary publications. For anyone interested in Canadian-produced or Canadian-sold vehicles, this book is THE essential reference work. Watson provides a brief history of each Canadian manufacturer; guides to deciphering VIN tags; vehicles identified by model year, model number, series name, sub-series name and body style; assembly plant information; VIN and engine numbers; locations of engine and serial numbers; weights and prices of the vehicles; and paint codes and colors. 

MOTOCOURSE 2009-2010: World's

Leading MotoGP & Superbike Annual. HB

Oversize 288pp . Full colour $60.00


FOR THE LOVE OF FLYING:  The Story of Laurentian Air Services.


Sixty years of bush flying adventures from Captains of the Clouds to the Arctic tundra.


Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail


SB 224pp 220+ colour and b&w photos



WHILE THEY LAST! A few copies autographed by both the author and LAS CEO John Bogie at the book launch in Gatineau, May 2009

The outstanding 60 year history of one of Canada's most important and successful aviation companies. Heavily illustrated and filled with enjoyable anecdotes, this is a unique Canadian history: the challenges of flying the frontiers and pioneering the use of purpose-built aircraft. 

"This book will delight any fan of our rich aviation heritage. Solidly researched, here is the story of bush flying in a nutshell -from biplanes to modern times. You'll especially enjoy the author's attention to the 'people side' of daily life at a small airline." Larry Milberry, Aviation author and member of canada's aviation hall of fame.


By Rod Clarke
Discover Baldwin Moguls and Consolidations, Avonside Americans and Tenwheelers, on two of the earliest pioneer narrow gauge railways in North America. This important new history book details the building, operation and equipment of Ontario's Toronto Grey & Bruce and Toronto & Nippissing Railways. Hardbound Limited Edition. Large 11 x 12 format, 392 pages. More than 300 photos and illustrations including 8 pages of colour and 30 finescale drawings.



PASSCHENDAELE: Canada's Triumph and Tragedy on the Fields of Flanders.

Norman Leach.

HB 48pp. Colour illustration.











This fully-illustrated, easily-accessible, account of the battle of Passchendaele presents the background and details of Canada's coming of age in The Great War.


During WWI, the battle for the tiny Belgium town Passchendaele was one of the most significant tests of Canadian courage and expertise. British Commander-in-Chief General Douglas Haig had devised one of the most controversial stratagems of the entire war: Allied forces would attack headlong into the heavily fortified German entrenchments, capture the town of Passchendaele and its highlands, and drive toward the coast to destroy German submarine bases.

General Arthur Currie's Canadian Corps was called to the front for this attack. After their victories at Vimy Ridge and Hill 70, the Canadians had earned the nickname "storm troopers" for, like a storm, they could not be stopped. Even for the battle-hardened Canadians, Passchendaele was a living hell. Many drowned in the mud before ever seeing the enemy. Others died from deadly chlorine gas, and others from artillery shells that rained down in numbers over 175 per square metre.

The Canadians seized Passchendaele, succeeding where all others had failed, and displaying high standards of leadership, staff work and training. The Corps had suffered 16,000 casualties; nine Victoria Crosses were awarded to acknowledge the extraordinary heroism. Though the actual value of the campaign is debated to this day, one thing is certain: Canadians had been tested against the worst horrors of the Great War, and they had proven their valour.






SPITFIRE Mk. IX & XVI: Engineered.

Paul H. Monforton.

HB oversize 432pp 890ill 133 pages of full colour scale drawings + photos galore!

A massive technical & pictorial study of the Spitfire
Mk. 9 & 16 in extreme detail. Build one!
$139.95  $98

A pictorial study of the Spitfire Mk. 9 & 16 in extreme detail. 890 Full colour photographs, 133 Pages of dimensioned drawings in colour, 432 pages total. Page size: 10" x 12. The focus of this book is to provide the enthusiast with the information needed to super detail the legendary Spitfire Mk. IX and Mk. XVI to a high degree of accuracy. Aircraft illustrators, restorers and modelers will appreciate the thoroughness of the photographs and dimensioned drawings. Meticulous attention to engineering detail provides what is usually only obtained by visiting an actual aircraft. Extensive representation of panel lines and over 46,000 rivets. Formatted with large colour photos so that detail can be easily studied. Several images at differing angles of view serve to illustrate each area of the complete aircraft. Line drawings have been painstakingly drafted and dimensioned on CAD software using original Supermarine factory drawings. For those areas where no original drawings are available, measurements were taken from surviving Spitfires to complete the research material. Included are ordinate tables for all wing ribs, fuselage frames and stab. ribs. Sufficient information for those who wish to design and build their own model or perhaps make a start on a homebuilt.


Ian Wilson.

HB 192pp.

CNR operations from Canada's Steel City southward in the 1950s. Follow branchlines to Lakes Huron & Erie. $69.95


Until someone invents a time machine, the best way to visit the railway operations of yesteryear in Southern Ontario is through the pages of Ian Wilsonís books. Take a trip back to the past in the vicinity of Hamilton, Ontario, steel manufacturing centre of Canada. In addition to the variety of industrial switching and downtown operations, you will enjoy exploring the Hagersville Subdivision southward from Hamilton. Take a branchline train ride through Caledonia and Jarvis to the scenic north shore of Lake Erie. Watch the small engines and mixed trains amid the scenic surroundings of Simcoe, Port Rowan and Port Dover.