• Wheels of CPR Locomotive No. 694. (Photo credit: Tom Crossman)
  • A 4-6-0 Ten-Wheeler class D10 No. 722, similar to No. 694..
  • Pilot wheels of CPR Locomotive No. 694.
  • Wheels of CPR Locomotive No. 694 (photo credit: Pete Mesley)

IN THE NEWS: Locomotive found in Lake Superior

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A Canadian Pacific Railway locomotive has been found 106 years after plunging into the depths of Lake Superior.


On June 9th, 1910 a Canadian Pacific Railway Locomotive No. 694 collided with a rock-slide that had covered the railway tracks just outside of Marathon, Ontario.  The collision caused the D10 steam locomotive, a tender car and several boxcars to fall off a 65-foot cliff, hitting the water and plunging an additional 230 feet into Lake Superior’s depths. Sadly, three men from Schreiber, Ontario, engineer Frank Wheatley, fireman E. Clark, and brakeman J. McMillan were on-board the train all perished.


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For full stories on the tragedy of Locomotive No. 694 and its recent discovery, check out articles by The Bemidji PioneerThe CBCand mLive’s Garret Ellison.

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